Thank God It’s Friday!

Talking about favorite days of the week, I love Friday the most because after Friday are Saturday and Sunday. In fact, I love Saturday too because Sunday will follow right behind. I don’t really fond with Sunday because there will be Monday on the tomorrow of the day. Hehe what a lame reason. But that’s the best reason I could give and I just love the days because of the days themselves.

Before getting married, I would visualize my weekend by sleeping late after midnight, watching tv, imagining going to date with Mr. Bf (ouh I could only imagine all the time, so pity me) and dating with Mr. Bf through phone calls and messenger (LDR, so that’s why =P). Besides, on the night of Friday was the time to be wacky, doing silly things and wasting the time foolishly without feeling guilt with friends, going to the malls, shopping, gossiping, lepak-ing and so on. Ahhh~~~ heaven, considered myself as having break after all the hard works during the weekdays.

After getting married and now being here, particularly I don’t have the ‘compulsory’ hard works to attend to except the ones under my own control. Because now I am the boss of my own, in our little nest opsss office; my office hahaha! Not that everything is easy actually. In fact, still much harder and full of commitment to carry on the shoulder but since I am the one who responsible to in charge, everything always could be more flexible lor right? =D Yelah terlampau flexible la kadang-kadang sampai ada yang tak terbuat muahaha!

So, I keep visualizing my weekend as having more relax time with hubby without worrying about have to get sleep early or rushing in the morning to prepare his breakfast and help him make himself. I’m imagining watching movies together, getting up late on the tomorrow of the day and of course the most important one is to have him next to me all the time yeah! (this is also the major reason why I love Friday). I always sleep back or at least lie in the bed right after hubby went to work (yer saya tahu buruknyer perangai kan? ;P). But the feeling was different when I was alone. I felt unsecured for not having huggable human tummy shield to protect me ehehehe ;P

Well, honestly there will be nothing so special on this coming weekend. We haven’t planned anything yet but of course we will go out to the supa at least. There will be a picnic held beside the river or waterfall near to our place by the company. But I’m not sure whether to follow or not. The reason is because well obviously because most probably I will be the only person that has nothing to do with the company. I don’t think others will bring their family members too and of course there will be nobody that I knew. Hubby’s friends are also only guys, I will be surrounded by them (plus all the cigarettes smokes duh~~~ ), and there will be no girls. I mean, there will be a few girls from other departments but I don’t think they even want to talk with me la (well, so do I =P).

Arghhh boring okay, but yeah; thinking about the scenery and foods must be nice huh? The truth is, one of the boss urged him to bring me because he hasn’t seen me yet and he always worry about me staying alone at home. Ouh you are so nice Mr. Boss =D But, hmmm I feel bad for not will be able to converse with you in J*p. Ouh I’m sucks, I knew. Anyway even if you can speak Engl*sh, I hope you will understand mine and won’t ask my hubby, “What language can she speaks?” after the moment I answer your question. Because that will make me thinks who is clever and who is actually not hmmm, that pissed me. Okay, okay that’s only because of accent problem. I knew some of you are so good. I hope you are the good one =D Well, should I go or not?

Sometimes I come to realize that I have lost passion in blogging. Why? First is because I feel like I can’t express everything I want to especially when I knew everybody is reading my blog and majority of them knew me. Honestly it’s not going to be a problem for me if the people I knew read my blog but at the same time they don’t actually know who I really am. So now, I’m regretting over the revelations I have done. How to correct this? Make a new blog? Secondly, I want to change the look of my blog. I have been saying this many times already but I have no guts to play with the codings yet. I found thousands of interesting backgrounds and pictures in ist*ckph*t* but now I am troubled not knowing which one to choose from! Thirdly, I kinda really wish to write in M*l*y but I set up this blog some times ago with the objective of to brush up my not-so-good Engl*sh and keep my mind working more than usual. At least now my vocabulary is getting better. Fourth is because, err okay the rest are not important. So, that’s all. Somehow, I will change the template which only God knows when hohoh!

Instead of getting infected once in a while with Syndrome M or it also can be Syndrome L, (saper teka betul dapat hadiah meluangkan masa sehari bersama koala, panda dan singa laut di Zoo Ta*p*ng) I found myself lying heavenly in the bed overwhelmed by the smell of papers from new books all around me ahaha!. Yeah I have got all the books I have ordered before including the H*lal G*latine I ordered from M*laysi*. I knew most people have read the books that I have ordered and I am a bit outdated (biasala aku mmg suka tangguh-tangguh kalau bab membeli buku ni). But hey what the heck, better late than never right ;P I have started to read the books and I always got too excited and now I don’t know which want to concentrate on first sheeeeesh!

Here is the picture of the book. All of them are thick and I love thick books regardless of how many ‘years’ I’m going to finally finish them up. The best thing is I got them much cheaper from the Am*z* All of the books were sent all the way from the Stat*s.

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Yeah I knew most of you would get your eyes glued at the book at the bottom. Or at least you might feel weird or something after reading the title of the thickest book. Well, that’s the one I got hooked the most ;P Hmmm as a warning, no wild guess and assumption is allowed okay hehehe. No, there is no bun in the oven yet in fact we are still on planning. But somehow soon or later, in time to come; insyaAllah we would love to have our own baby which is only God knows when. I’m a perfectionist, and I love getting ready first in everything I do. So, full-stop. I’m not going to discuss about my uterus here.

Last but not least, here is the picture of the Peach Cheesecake that I made last week. The recipe, I will put later when I’m not lazy ;D Till then!

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Baked Peach Cheesecake


250 g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
45 g flour
100 g sugar
2 tablespoons honey
200 ml fresh cream
2 eggs
2 tablespoons Peach Yogurt or Plain Yogurt
Juice of 1 lemon
1 can of Yellow Peach


  1. Beat cheese and sugar till light and fluffy.
  2. Add in eggs, one at a time and continue beating.
  3. Add in yogurt, lemon juice, honey and flour. Continue beating.
  4. Finally, pour in the fresh cream and mix well.
  5. Cut grease paper and place them in the cake tin.
  6. Pour half of the batter into the cake tin, then arrange the slices of peaches in the middle layer as you like.
  7. Pour the remaining batter into the cake tin and again, arrange the remaining slices of peaches onto the batter.
  8. Bake in a preheated oven at 160 degrees C for 50 – 60 minutes.

Note: This is actually the alteration of this recipe (MamaFaMi) which I made previously. Most of the cheesecake recipe I have found, required juice of 1 lemon to be added into the batter. I have read somewhere that said, the taste of the lemon juice that goes with the taste of the cream cheese that create the taste of how cheesecake should be. However after the first attempt which I added in juice of 1 lemon, the cake turned out quite sour for us so I just added 2 tablespoons of lemon juice for this one and previous one and the cakes tasted much delicious and suited our liking. Somehow I used plain yogurt and mashed a few slices of peach while making this cake to be replaced with peach yogurt. Might be because of this, we concluded that the previous cheesecake I made was tastier than this one but still the taste of this one was splendid too. In fact, I couldn’t stop eating my portion and even ‘stole’ a ‘big’ bit of hubby’s portion, yummy! ;D In order for the cake to be marvelous, it is actually depends on how you do it in order to satisfy your taste buds. For better taste, I let the cake cooled down in the oven with the pane slightly open for at least an hour. Then I kept the cake in the fridge for about 12 hours before eating.

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