What A Boring Day

It is so boring for today…..and the past few days. There were nothing interesting happened that I can share here. We didn’t go anywhere during the Golden Week holidays. Well, me actually. I didn’t go anywhere except on the last day of holiday I dragged hubby out to go find R’s house. It was raining for the whole day, from the day before that until midnight. Actually, I planned to go out to the town after kept delaying my plans from a day to another but it was fated, that I wouldn’t be going out during the past holidays. So that’s why, still I determined to go out even though it was raining on the Sunday’s evening. Well, so little for a long holidays huh? At least not for hubby. He pretty occupied for the whole week and got a few deep rests in betweens too. No, I’m not blaming him. He asked me join him but because of a few circumstances, I didn’t want to. Being fussy, I was just being me.

Anyway, we found R’s house. Not so hard actually and not that far. Only due to language barrier that made the information didn’t clear enough for us to find her house. Well, she speaks English not very well and very broken Malay. I speak Malay and a little bit of English with her. May be next time I should speak fully English with her so that she will not need to force herself speaking Malay with me. It’s not that my English is so good but at least I can understand her English more than I understand her Malay hehehe.

We just stopped for a while and didn’t enter her house since it was already late. We just had a warm wrapped up of updates about ourselves. I brought her a box of candies and a pack of cookies. Actually we got the candies from hubby’s colleague as temiyage. However we couldn’t confirm with a few of the ingredients of the candies so that’s why I gave it to her. The tin box of the candies looked beautiful though and it didn’t look like a cheap one. Hope her children liked it. She showed me her gardening area beside the house. I also got to see her dog which was so cute except the part that it kept barking at us. It looked like the Japanese dog which is in cartoon version in N*HK. I thought only snake changes their skin but now I knew dog also changes fur from a season to season. Her dog named P, is having its’ long fur falling and been growing by new short fur. How fast time flies and without I realize it now it is going to be summer very soon.

It was still raining but we headed to the supa after that using other non-familiar roads. At least we got to know well about our neighborhood area. Along the way, we found school, a few more apartments which we took a look, a park, alternative routes, short cuts and so on. It was still fun and refreshing for me, after a long period being in the house (not healthy isn’t it?). It brought me down to the memory lane of my childhood years. I really enjoyed sight-seeing at the parks, riding around the neighborhood by car or bicycle, or having a walk around the neighborhood with friends or with mom who always found the evening as time for having chats or gossips oppps! How nice to have an evening breeze sapping to the face. * * *Sigh* * *.

Anyway, what I found amazing (at least for me) in the neighborhood is, it is like the neighborhood is consisted of a few mazes. Each roads have a few smaller roads or routes on its’ left and right side. If I took turned to a route, it would lead me to a new area and I would see buildings which I couldn’t find if I chose other route earlier. I always thought that the neighborhood or the valley is small but it is not when I took a walk one day and found a wide, big and high apartment area consisted of a few blocks in the neighborhood not far away from home. Sometimes, I felt puzzled and thought, “How I can be here?” or “Why this building is here, isn’t it supposed to be at bla bla bla?” or “Ehhh is it this near?” or “How come it can be this far?” and so on. Somehow, I think, it is how the place would be in every part of Japan. I enjoyed having a walk despite of I am a stubborn couch potato myself =P

Ouh not to forget, I’ve received one of the book I ordered before from Amaz*on dot jp. Honestly, I didn’t expect at all I was gonna get this book first. Somehow, I was excited and surprised when I took the first look at the book, “Wow, is it actually this thick???”. Yeap the book got 614 pages and it kinda reminded me of my C++ programming text-book. I’ve started to read it and only after a few pages, I already love the book. Enough about the book since I think I better keep the rest details to myself first.

Last but not least, I’ve been tagged by Kak Yani for the past few weeks. After doing some research and thinking finally now I’m going to answer the tag (ini pun nak kene pikir lama2 hehehe ;P). Here is the list of “10 Things I Want For My Kitchen”:

  1. Modern Western Kitchen With Island, Cabinet and Stove: My dapur mesti luas dan besar. The island and cabinet tu mesti warna hitam, putih, cream or kuning dan mesti boleh ditransform begitu-begini serta diubah-ubah kedudukan. Lantai mesti warna putih. Even warna cepat kotor tapi takpe sebab haku rajin mengemas n menyental. Tak suka kotor2 ni. Sink basin plak mesti ada dua, besar n dalam.
  2. Countertop: Mesti attached dengan kitchen island if not pun tepi dinding bersebelahan dengan dining room or isolated. Kerusi mesti tinggi sket ala2 bar gitu. Boleh buat sebagai small dining area tak rasmi.
  3. Huge Refrigerator: Now peti ais pun dah besar. Tapi nak yang besar lagi ada 2 pintu. color mesti match dengan dapur. Pastu ada water and ice dispenser.
  4. Complete Kitchen Utensils & Meal Sets: Segala baking utensils, periuk, belanga, senduk, chopstick, cutleries, piring, pinggan, mangkuk drpd yang kecik, besar, halus, gedabak dan segala acuan kuih-muih moden n traditional mesti mesti lengkap. Selain tu meal sets mesti ada byk sets tersiri drpd mcm2 warna, saiz dan bentuk. Yang paling penting jenama n kualiti mesti bagus. Murah pun takpe asalkan cantik dan unik ehehe.
  5. Deep Fryer: Haku sebenarnya paling tak suka kerja menggoreng. Alangkah bagusnya ada sebiji deep fryer. Boleh main lebur je. Plus, jimat banyakkk masa.
  6. Bread Maker: Alangkah bagusnya ada 1. Tetiap hari boleh makan roti dan tak payah nak bersusah payah di dapur berjam-jam.
  7. Food Processor: If tetiap hari aku terasa nak makan apple pie dan segala apa jenis pastry pun aku tak kisah asalkan ada food processor ni. Again, senangnyer hidup.
  8. Kitchen Aid Mixer: Kalau boleh nak Kenwood punya. Senang nak buat segala kek bagai. Takde la malas je. Even skrg dh ada 1 sebenarnya, tapi still kurang practical kot.
  9. Dishwasher: Consists of dishwasher and dishdrawer so 2 tingkat la.
  10. Wet Kitchen & Dry Kitchen: Mesti ada 2 bahagian ni. Wet kitchen built sebelah dry kitchen. Semi-open concept untuk menggalakkan pengaliran udara. Senang nak siang ikan ke daging ke banyak2. Selain tak mengotorkan dry kitchen. Pastuh senang nak basuh. Sembur je air.
Hmmm that’s all lah. Boleh je kalau nak senaraikan lagi mmg banyak ni keinginan. Tapi cukup2 lah tu. Ini pun entah dapat ke tak ek. Harap2 ada la rezeki hehehe 😀 Papepun kena la ada rumah sendiri dulu yang kitchen nyer besar. Kalau rumah sekarang ni, nak beli periuk besar 1 biji lagi je pun nak kena pikir 10 kali mana nak simpan hahaha. Anyway ada sesapa nak sponsor? ;D

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