Happy Golden Week Holiday

Hmmm hmmm what to tell about? It is gloomy outside since it has been raining since the dawn. But it is only drizzling now. Hubby is out with the trainees to Iida City. The bosses brought them fishing in the morning and at 2.30 p.m when he called me they were playing bowling. Poor them it was raining, so it wasn’t so good to fishing outside. Somehow he told me, everybody got many fishes and there was still a bit luck for him that he finally got one during the last minute. Well, at least better got one than empty handed right? hahaha! ;P They cooked the fish and ate them there. Hmmm I wished I could be there too because I also wanted to eat the fish =P

Every time they had a plan, it must been raining on that particular day. It was raining when they planned for barbecue last week. So instead of picnicking under the tree, they held it in the open hall near an orchard. It was also raining when we went to the Mount Komagatake at Komagane. Last year, it was also raining when they held the barbecue and we were picnicking at the same place. Since the activities had been planned earlier, they couldn’t just cancel them or else they wouldn’t get the chance to make it happened later. The schedule is always fully booked and it is hard to delay or bring forward any plan.

On last Monday, he planned to go out with the trainees since they wanted to play bowling but I held him all to myself since he had been working non-stop for the whole week including Saturday and Sunday! Well, we slept only after Subuh prayer and ended waking up late at 2.30 p.m okay. Hahaha so good to be enjoying holiday together, snuggling in the bed huh? ;P Tomorrow hubby will be going out to Matsumoto with the trainees just for fun. I’m not sure whether to join them or not. But I think most probably I won’t be going. Anyway, I will have hubby all to myself from Thursday till Sunday. I plan to go to eat sushi since it has been a while since our last visit to the restaurant.

Last night, hubby helped ordered the books I have been wanting to buy. I’ll get them by tomorrow and I’ll show what books I have bought later okay muahaha! So excited and I’m sure you will be surprise with one of the book. Somehow, I believe that most people have read the books I have bought. I kept delaying to buy them since last year so might be I’m quite outdated already. Anyway, at least I finally bought the books. I have a dozen of books left in my list to buy including DVDs but I keep on hold of them first since I made so many purchases already since last month ;P

Furthermore we are also out of budget already when suddenly the CPU broken down. Hubby bought a new CPU with the price nearly reached 100 000 Yen. I could get myself a new Acer laptop with that price, you know hohoh. Well, he got no choice. To cut the story short, it was because of the rapid technology development that made his not so old CPU components he bought about nearly 2 years ago; couldn’t be used anymore. So he had to buy new components to install into his CPU. I asked him why he didn’t buy a one whole new CPU instead of changing the components? He told me, that would have cost him more money than that. I realized that, the more we want to save money, the more we have to spend them; so challenging huh? Dugaan, sabar je lah hohoh. Tak campur lagi bab nafsu nak membeli dan makan macam2 kan? ;P

Ouh yeah, I have a story to tell. On last Saturday, when hubby came back for lunch; I saw that he brought back a box of chocolate in his hand. I asked him where he got that chocolate from. He said that the boss visited Malaysia previously and bought the chocolate from KLIA. Everybody in his department eaten the chocolate already. Some liked it but some even felt like wanted to throw up. Might be they couldn’t go on with the Durian taste filling within the white Belgian chocolate. So, when he saw there was only one chocolate left in the box, he asked to the boss and others something like this in Japanese which I translated in Malay it sounded like this, “Boleh tak saya bawak balik coklat satu ni untuk isteri saya? Nak bagi isteri saya rasa. Dia mesti suka dapat makan coklat ni”. Others answered, “Boleh-boleh. Ambik jela tak kisah (since most of them didn’t like the taste of the chocolate)”.

Hohoho! I told hubby, “Abang ni buat malu je mintak coklat tu . Nanti diorg cakap apa plak. Dah lah cakap boleh tak bawak balik untuk isteri saya?”. Of course I felt very funny but honestly I also felt it was so sweet of him that he didn’t feel shy to say something like that in front of his boss and colleague. Especially seeing when there was only one chocolate left in the big chocolate box brought back specially for me by him. It were the thought and effort of him that counts for me. In fact, he could have just swallowed that one piece of chocolate into his mouth in a blink of an eye already. I ate the chocolate and called him when he was on the way back to the office and told him, “Sedap la coklat tu. Dah makan dah. Cakap kat boss ek Rinny cakap coklat tu sedap hehehe!”. He replied, “Uhh tak nak lah cakap hehehe!”. On Sunday night when I called my parents, I told them about that and they laughed at me ;P Well, my hunnie bucuk likes to do something so sweet and very cute sometimes lah. Mmmuahhh! So comelll la dia ;P

The chocolate was DANSON durian flavor and I told him the son of this DANSON entrepreneur is my friend and was a classmate of mine when I was in Asasi Sains UM. He also attended our wedding reception and apparently hubby remembered him. I also told hubby the chocolate with DANSON branding stands for Dahlan, Azah (his wife) and sons. His dad also produced the FIDANI chocolate which named after his daughter and other chocolate brands produced by him are KLOSE and FARELL’S. These brands usually can be found only at the airports, bring elegant identity and meant for international markets. So that’s why the chocolates are expensive and exclusive.

In a short word, this guy is a super rich ass. But somehow, this friend of mine (we are not close) is so very down to earth. I even knew about him and family from the mouth of other friends. It was hard to believe when especially sometimes he came to class wearing rubber slipper on his right foot which wasn’t similar with one on his left side! Well, boy, he was same like others, naughty, silly, talkative, non-sense sometimes, so selekeh sometimes, always got scolded by lecturers and all. There were also many other things he did that didn’t resemble at all himself as someone from the wealthy family. Hmmm apa yang pelik sangat? Dia pun manusia biasa gak kan? Tapi dia sgt humble. Ada lagi sorang girl kwn sekolah saya yang sgt2 humble and friendly dan saya suka cara dia. In fact, if saya sebut nama ayah dia, saya confirm satu Malaysia kenal. Okay, why am I talking about him and her in my blog anyway? Well, I hope they won’t and never read my blog at all ;P

Happy Golden Week holidays to those residing in Japan. Have a great one! =D

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