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Wow, what happened? I can see full of cobweb in here. Hmmm what a pity to you, bloggie. I just have left you for only more than a week but now you have got uninvited friends of spiders already settling in here huh. Okay, let’s get rid of them now, fuhhh-fuhhh! ;P

Honestly, I don’t feel like blogging today, as well as like the other passed few days. Not that I didn’t have anything to story about but, I didn’t have the courage to do some typing; that’s all. Actually I don’t have the exact reasons why so let’s just said it already that, might be I was lazy; yeah right.

Hmmm my throat is still feeling weird. I have a tall mug which was full with hot Nescafe just now but already left with some more 1 cm to be finished up. Besides, I have 2 packets of my favorite plain dried seaweed in front of me too which I have only eaten 2 slices of them. I couldn’t go on to chew more when I felt like eating-fresh-grass-in-the-wide-green-field once they reached my tongue. I have just brushed up my teeth and also my tongue again just now but I still can feel there are somewhat an extraordinary weird bitter taste and smell in my mouth and throat.

To add more, now at the moment of me typing here; my stomach is making weird noise somewhat like groaning, wrenching and it is bloating a bit too. I’m sure I will be making a visit to the toilet right after this hohoh! No, I’m not sick. It is just this taste in my mouth that makes me feeling uncomfortable. *****10 minutes later. I did go to the toilet :P*****

Now the story starts like this, I last had a bowl of Soto Ayam or Chicken Soto during my last stayed in Vista Angkasa, Kerinchi with my housemates. I used to buy my favorite Meehun Sup Soto at night market Kerinchi. Suddenly one day, I found out I couldn’t find my favorite meehun sup abang or sometimes I would say my favorite abang meehun sup (because the ones selling the meehun sup were used to be the pakcik or the abang-abang hohoh) anymore. I thought, might be they were selling somewhere else or stopped selling for a while. However I kept looking for the stall every time I made the visit to the night market. When I moved to my PIL’s house, I even told my ex-roommate to tell me if she noticed the presence of the meehun sup abang. I kept asking about the meehun sup abang to my ex-roommate every time I called her and told my worries for not getting the chance to eat the meehun sup abang before I moved to Japan with hubby.

Other favorite food that I would always buy from the night market was the Yong Tau Fu or I also used to call Yong Tau Foo Abang, the Putu Bambu and also some other foods. But the foods that I would always craved about were the three of them. Sometimes I would even tell to my ex-roommates about my craving during in the middle of the night, in the bed, when we were about to sleep. Well, they just laughed, so was I. Sometimes, I noticed my mouth would even be watering when I just remembered or talked about the foods. I have had an experience of not seeing my favorite abang meehun sup stall for about 2 months. However, I didn’t hesitate to keep checking every time I made a visit to the night market. I was sad and disappointed but I kept waiting patiently and faithfully. One day, I saw the stall presence and made my purchased with so much relieved. I even said to the pakcik, “Pakcik, lama saya tunggu pakcik tapi asyik takde je”. He replied, “Maaflah. Pakcik amik cuti 1 bulan sempena bulan puasa buat umrah. I don’t really remember how the conversation took place because it happened on 2005.

Honestly the soto ayam wasn’t that super delicious and soto ayam isn’t really my all time favorite food but somehow it really suited my taste and I really liked it. My ex-housemates kept asking whether I did feel boring eating the same thing every week or not. My answer was always a big ‘NO’. Might be the abang or the pakcik put in drugs in their soup so that I could be addictive to it. But why I was always the one who became so addictive and my other friends weren’t? I liked the meehun sup abang (the one beside abang yong tau foo), the yong tau foo and the putu bambu because they were simply delicious. The preparation of them also were quite acceptable by me except for the yong tau foo usually I would washed and boiled them back once I reached home ;P Well, the major one of course because I couldn’t find any other foods that were more delicious there and cleanly prepared at the same time. Even the foods from the restaurants available there, just by looking at the condition of their premises would be enough to make me throw up =P

I kept bugging my ex-roommate about the foods and after that to hubby. Hubby even asked me, “Nak meehun sup ke nak abang meehun sup?“, because I could repeat about that for like forever especially every time I remembered about the time was running out and we were about to board soon. To make the story short, I left KL with hard feelings; disappointed and sad. Okay, it wasn’t THAT bad actually since there were more HUGE things to be SAD about especially regarding families and mom’s cooking right ;P

So, last night I cooked sup soto ayam to be eaten with nasi impit. I used 1 packet of the instant ready to use soto ayam mixed spices and made it exactly according to the instruction. Except that I put in 3 inches ginger instead of 3 cm into the soup which was the only mistake I made. I tasted the soup and it made me shocked that it tasted weird. I put in salt, still it didn’t taste pleasant at all. I tossed in more salt, then the taste became a bit okay but too salty already. I couldn’t add in more salt, could I? I also prepared nasi impit, boiled eggs, bean sprout, chives, green chilies with soy sauce sambal, a few lemon juice and fried onions. I thought that, might be when I added everything in one bowl, the combination would complete the soto ayam taste. Disappointedly, it still wasn’t.

I don’t think the extra ginger I put would change the taste so much. There must be something wrong with the instant spices mixed itself. Or might be I should add in more fresh ingredients to go with the mixed spices. Honestly, I still don’t know what I have done wrong. I looked at the packet brand, something that I haven’t heard before. I used instant Adabi tomyam paste sometimes and even if I only cooked using the tomyam paste solely without other fresh ingredients, the taste of the soup would always still be delicious. I have tried to make soto ayam before this using all fresh ingredients especially the spices according to the reliable recipe I got. The soup turned out not delicious at all but still edible. Realizing that I really didn’t know how to cook soto ayam that made me to order the instant mixed soto spices from my MIL. She posted me more than a dozen of it. So now what should I do with the rest of the packets?

I have had enough of soto ayam. It killed the cravings that I had been bearing for months! Somehow things happened for a reason right? So, as to think positively, this is actually so good for me. I no longer have the appetite for any soto ayam at least during in times to come. Somehow, I finished up a bowl of it last night. As for hubby, he finished it clean and clear on last night’s dinner and today’s lunch. I wasn’t sure whether the soup was indeed acceptable by his throat or he simply starving, I bet both. As for my lunch just now, I no longer could swallow them. Still, I finished the shredded chicken in the soup and the vegetables. I just munched them as fast as I could. For the rice, I ate them with the soup but couldn’t go on so I added some soy sauce. Still, the taste was so bad, so I tossed some dried seaweed. I only ate a few more than I gave up. I just tossed the a few more nasi impit remained into he thrash. For the eggs I ate them with the so sweet soy sauce, both were cold from the fridge =P Huh, what an agony. Straightly that reminded me of the Fear Factor food challenge even the foods I have to swallow were way much better and cleaner. The Fear Factor ones’ were much gross and worst to be compared with mine anyway.

Hmmm okay, another thing to tell is I’m craving for chocolate cake that have banana slices in the middle layer of the cake. On last Monday night I have been craving for one when I suddenly remembered the one I had in Secret Recipe before. Of course I forgot what the name of it is. So, I sighed and whined towards hubby with the looking of poor-kitten-face on me. I was lying in the bed at that time and he was starting to eat when I bugged him to come near to me. I did drop a few tears after telling him about the craving for the cake that apparently made me sad. I knew, I was being non-sense, silly, fussy and all. I knew he was tired and didn’t know what to do every time when I be like that. To cut the story short, he just gazed at me for a while, sat onto the sofa, ate and watched the tv. I was like, huh, confused okay. But still I waited for him to at least say something and I stayed under the futon feeling so hot and uneasy to breath. He finished eating, went to the kitchen, bla bla bla, and still nothing. Nada!

I pissed off and I am angry with him until right now. I knew I was just being non-sense, super gedik and mengada-ngada lah kan. Might be he didn’t know what to do or he actually didn’t want to co-operate and tolerate with my silliness, and I’m sure he was =P

At least all he could give was a warm hug or soothing voices to comfort me then I would be okay instantly. He ignored me first, so I’m ignoring him back….

Duh, whatever….. =P =P =P

Now hmmm I better browse for some recipes to try later. I’m thinking of something soft, chewy, sweet and chocolaty; ouh how splendid the taste would be. That is so much more fun to be thought about huh ;D Aku nak makan semua sorang-sorang je huh! ;P

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