As I had mentioned a few times, at last we managed to make a visit to Inashi to enjoy the blooming Sakura scenery on yesterday, Sunday, April 15th, 2007. We thought of going out earlier but due to sleepiness we got up at 8.00 a.m and instead of around 9.00 a.m we found out the next train available would only be at 10.05 a.m. So, we were quite lately already. It was an hour journey from home to Inashi by train. Thank God we live in pretty laid back Nagano, there weren’t many people in the train and even the loud cringe sounds of the train produced every time it moved towards corner (I found the train in big and busy cities I went, the train didn’t cringe, at least not that I obviously could notice), as usual, still made us quite relaxed while enjoying the serene mountainous sights through out the window. The train ride was actually quite far that covered more than 50 km and we reached Inashi at about 11.05 a.m. We waited for about 15 minutes before we could hop into the bus. The line was already long once we reached there and we were so lucky that we got the last seats to ourselves at the very back of the bus.

Honestly I didn’t mind at all not to get the seats but when the supposedly 25 minutes ride by bus actually consumed nearly 2 hours to cover only about 9 km to the Inashi Sakura Park, we felt soo grateful fuhhh! It was the jam that brought the traffic to the worst. It was as far as my eyes could see, the line of the traffic was so long and obviously vice-versa with the opposite line beside. Not like the opposite which was smoothly moving, after 5 minutes the bus moving, it would halt for 5 minutes and then it moved again for 5 minutes and so that went on continuously. My stomach was singing when we were in the bus and I was pissed off already. I felt tired with the jam and felt that my energy was already drained down just for the going towards journey, especially in the bus, instead of enjoying the Sakura in the park! Okay, it wasn’t that bad. I was still okay and at last we reached the hill at about 1.00 p.m. Since the bus was moving so slow, we and most of the passengers got out of the bus earlier before it’s next stop and decided to walk to the park. Somehow we should have just stayed in the bus, since we actually reached the bus stop as same as the bus ;P Though it was damn slow still, the rolling bus’s tires were much faster than our pair of walking feet hahaha! ;P

We have to walk about 2 km more towards the hill foot and climbed about 800 m towards the top of the hill. As far as from the bus top, the small village was already thronged by whole lots of people. The traffic was jammed and there were lines of people moving back and forth at every side of the road. There were families, couples, individuals, groups and so on. We stopped at one of the shop beside the road and bought 2 bottles of green tea and a bar of chocolate. I thought of buying onigiri but there wasn’t any available, perhaps finished already. We climbed up the hill along the narrow path available. Ouh yes, there were 2 Japanese ladies who sat in front of us in the bus and we (read: hubby) had a nice chat with them since inside the bus until during climbing the hill stairs. Happened that the one who approached us is a volunteer and will be going to Pakistan soon. She was soo friendly and bubbly too. I wished I could have a warm chat with her instead of just listening and smiling. I asked hubby many things but he didn’t ask her back. Well, honestly hubby isn’t that talkative type as me and plus, he is a man! Man asks less than woman, am I right? hehehe ;D Anyway the lines of people going up and down didn’t last at all, in fact that was the peak time of number of people visiting. One we reached on top of the hill, we were so amazed with the Sakura trees there. It was so breath-taking since the view was beautiful but, that still wasn’t the main area yet! The park was soo big but the people visiting were so many too!

We continued walking and reached the main park area. After buying the tickets we got in and that was about to surprised us even more! How magnificent the view of God’s creation, we were surrounded by the falling Sakura-petals-snow blown by the gentle wind every now and then. Inside the main park, the view was much more beautiful and of course the place was packed by visitors too. At a few areas and points, we even needed to keep pushing and pulling each other right in front, beside or behind us. During that situation, I didn’t feel like being in Japan. I couldn’t forget the angry, tension, sour, wrinkled, controlled and serious faces of each people trying to make their own way forward, including us. Most of the people there were Japanese and we spotted a few other foreigners too like Chinese, Middle-Eastern, Indian, a few other untraced faces and of course they weren’t Japanese and if I wasn’t mistaken, Brazilians. I spotted the Brazilians the most because they kept looking at us and smiling. Might be they thought hubby is Brazilian too hahaha. Hmm also could be right? ;P

The place was somewhat like we were being inside of a huge house covered by the roof made of Sakura! There were many people picnicking under the trees at everywhere inside and outside the main park. As long as where the Sakura trees were available, there would be picnicking people under them, regardless whether it was under the bridge, beside the slopes, on top of the slopes, down the hill and so on. As for us, unfortunately we didn’t bring anything for picnicking. We found an empty sit inside the park, and sit for a while to quench our thirst and pang the hunger. Luckily I brought the dorayaki I made on the night before that. Though the looked of the dorayaki wasn’t complimenting at all but the 2 peaces of tasted quite good dorayaki for each were enough to make us energized. The happy birds chirping on top of the Sakura branches didn’t forget to shit which landed directly on my socks too. Fortunately it didn’t fell on my scarf huh! I guessed that the baby bird (from the small shit I think it was the baby bird’s) wanted to give me her special own-made souvenir. Thanks by the way, no need to hassle yourself next time okay ;P Okay, cut the crap already.

As same as most other people, we took many pictures while we were there. It was so hard to find or even to get the strategic area because we needed to compete and tolerate with the many other people too. The most important part was, we also grabbed the chance to snap a few pictures with the view of the bridge and Sakura at the back of us. Believe me that was the hardest place to snap a picture. What’s so special about the bridge? The bridge is the trademark of the Inashi Sakura Park since it got into tv many times already and the reporter or news reader would always stand on that bridge to report about Inashi Sakura Park. The reports were usually made during the night, and of course the view was much more beautiful with the colorful and various in shaped lamps and spot lights lighting the place. If we lived near to that park, we would love to enjoy the splendid scenery of the Sakura during the night. FYI, the Inashi Sakura Park is told to be the second or third beautiful Sakura sight-seeing places in Japan, after the first, Kyoto and I don’t remember where another place is. So, that was why with the dozens of visiting people!

Ouh yes not only that, I found out there were soo many people brought their dogs there too. We both scared, and of course hated dog but still the dogs were cute and looked cuddly okay! Some were hugging their dogs in the arms, some dogs wore cute accessories and shirts, most of them just tied them with the collar and I found a pair of dogs being pushed in a full-covered tramp hohoho! I spotted a few dogs pissing beside the rocks and under the tress. Hmm well, this should remind us even more not to sit or go near to the big rocks, under the trees or wherever strategic places for dog pissing, and to put a cover before actually sitting under any trees. After about more than 2 hours in there, we got out from the main park and walked down to the common park. We rested there for a while and hubby bought Yamame fish since he wanted to buy one. I tried it for the first time and it was yummy! After taking some more pictures, we walked down the hill towards the bus stop. We took a taxi since we needed to get home faster or else we would miss the prayers.

In the train, on the way home; I teased hubby many times not like when we were on the way going to Inashi. I was mad at him, as usual, hahaha but unfortunately there wasn’t any dramatic moment took place while we were in the park. We reached home at about 5.30 p.m, feeling worn out, both feet felt like broken and we were hungry. At night, we viewed the pictures we took and I felt satisfied. We changed the wedding picture screensaver with the picture of us surrounded by the white-pinkish-love-shaped-petals Sakura flowers.

……….I wished we could go there again, where the scenery was so spectacular, so refreshing, and filling the two hearts with more warm feelings towards each other….. =) …..and……….

I hope there would be no more incident of smudge makeup under my eyes or ugly mess resulted from applying eye-liner under my lower lashes and only realized the ugliness transformed on the way home arghhh! I should just used my old eye-liner. Or maybe I should avoid applying eye-liner under my lower lashes next time =P =P =P I swore that was gonna be the first and the last. Fortunately it wasn’t that obvious!

Here are only half of the pictures we took. I think these are so many already so no need to put all of them. Enjoy! 😉

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