Above is the sound of the strong wind blowing every now and then since last night until now. Actually it is pretty gloomy and dark outside, and there are slow thunders in the cloud too. Yesterday’s morning it was thundering very loudly and inside the house was bright once in a while when the lightning striking. Hubby is at work today because he volunteered to work when the boss asked. Funnily in the morning just now at about 7.30 a.m already in a husky voice he asked me back, “Nak gi keje ke tak aaa?”. Of course I answered back, “Pegi la. Dah janji nak keje tanak pegi pulak. Nanti petang rehat kay (rubbing his back)”. Haa tu lah semalam rajin sangat volunteered nak keje hari cuti hehehe ;P

Actually I’m feeling quite scared now when the wind blowing very strongly. Once in a while I hear the sound of tin, aluminum or whatever things being blown and clanging to the walls. I’m scared when imagining if me or hubby is actually outside and being banged on the head by something heavy or sharp when the wind blowing aggressively, na’uzubillah amin. Whoa I hate being alone in the house when the weather is being crazy outside! Hmmm the atmosphere is quite chilly because of the wind too.

Anyway yesterday I was soo determined and being proactive too that I did many things without delaying to get on them later ehehe! In other words, I was being super busy on yesterday compared to any other day. Usually my busyness would only be at the moderate mode ;P So proud of myself! ;P Well, what did I do? Ouh, I searched and studied about basal body temperature (I’m not going to explain more but I studied everything related to this) and I’m satisfied because I already understood everything clearly. Besides, I wrote notes in my planner, I cooked dinner earlier, I washed the plates earlier long before the sun set (sebab saya suka basuh pinggan-mangkuk selepas lunch lambat2 ehehe), I consumed vitamins and supplements which I always skipped, I took out the Japanese Language Book and browsed it (at least yesterday I browsed it rather than looked at it only lah kan ahaha) and ouh the important part was finally I did the slight exercise and tried yoga for the first time! Woot-woot!

I am so delighted that at last I did the exercise and I’m going to try to make it again this evening. Ouh I’m not sure whether to follow hubby playing badminton this evening or not hurm. What I did yesterday were the abs workouts, calf workouts, thighs workouts, arms workouts, back workouts and basic yoga positions. They all looked very easy to do but surprisedly NOT while physically practicing them huh! Honestly, I woke up this morning with all my joints especially the upper body parts aching. I knew I shouldn’t force myself yesterday since all the joints had been hibernated for months or might be years for all the while before this hohoh. I think jogging is much more farrr easier than the looked easier simple workouts okay. I’m growing concern with my body shape and health so I better work them out before I turned bad and too late already. Moreover I noticed that I have been growing some fats on a few parts of me, ouh no!

As for tomorrow, ermmm I don’t have any plan yet. But I have been thinking of making chiffon cake once after I lured over Mama FaMi’s chiffon cake nyum-nyum. The cake looked soo soft and spongy. I wonder when was the last time I devoured the real taste and texture of a slice of a chiffon cake. Uhuhu I’m craving for chiffon cake and I want to make one! Moreover the cake is quite easy to do and doesn’t require so many ingredients only that I’m not sure whether I can substitute the self-rising flour with the plain flour? I don’t have self-rising flour. I have tried to search at the supa but I wasn’t so sure of it. Or maybe I can add in extra baking powder into the plain flour, can’t I? Never mind, I’ll find the solution later. Or if anyone knows about this, don’t hesitate to share with me okay; thanks a lot muahhh! =D

Hmmm okay I don’t have anything else to babble about. Oh by the way, the workouts and the chiffon cake are seemed not compatible for each other, aren’t they? Hehehe never mind, I’ll eat all I want and workout a lot too later after that. But I doubt the latter, ahaha camner lorrr haku nih! =P

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