I Can’t Look At It Anymore

It’s so green, black, too highlighting and I found that it is boring to look at it already. I’m planning to change my blog skin. I found this skin, rather sweeter compared to this current skin I’m using now. How do you guys think about the skin I’m planning to change to? Actually I like soft pink colored skin with sweet and nice flowery design but I couldn’t find any in soft pink skin that suit my liking. I liked the current one I’m using because of its’ design and I found it very cool and interesting, except for the color. I tried to be fond with the green but unluckily I found myself going far from liking it instead. Anyway, do you guys know any blog skin websites other than the blogskin? Do give me the link if you do okay. Thanks in advance =D

The weather is very pretty today, no more strong wind, no more cold atmosphere, no more snowing during this spring season and no more grey, white, dark and gloomy sights. At this time, the sun is shining very brightly, the wind blowing softly, I can see the sight of the far huge mountains very clearly from the balcony and I’m feeling so kimochi now, so comfortable ahhh~~~. I hope the weather won’t go nuts again. Unluckily, I’m not using this beautiful day beneficially; my bad. I was busy bloghopping and writing some comments when suddenly, “Alamak lupa nak basuh kain! Arghhh!”. It was already 2.00 p.m when I realized that. Guess, I was too concentrate in front of the pc and got myself forgot about everything else haih~. Still, I’m in front of the pc now updating this blog hahaha. Just never can’t get enough of it =P Never mind, I will brush some of the clothes this evening, soak them all for overnight, throw them all into the washing machine on the tomorrow morning and get them hanged outside earlier than usual so that they can be dried up faster. Less the hassle since I don’t have to hang them again in the house if they don’t fully dried up.

I don’t know what to update for today even though I have many things in mind. Many things happened lately regardless whether it happened to me, to us, to others who I knew or even to others who I don’t actually know in person. Of course the last one I knew the stories by reading their blogs. Overall, all the things happened made me thinking a lot more on the aspects which I rarely see before this and they also enable me to see how others see them. Well, somehow I feel… a little bit comfortable or relieve I guess, but…I think I better keep shut about this and stop the babbling already duh~ =P

On last Weekend, we went to eat sushi again! Remember about our last outing that I mentioned on which I was being sulked and silent with him? Okay this time, the latest outing was exactly just like before but only with us being happily smiling and kept teasing each other plus being bubbly all the times hahaha! It was fun. Really fun. Even he himself said, “Ini kirernyer semua ni ganti balik jalan-jalan yang haritu lah kan? (smiling)”. Then I replied, “Eleh…perli ke? (annoyed)”. We woke up early on the Saturday morning. First, he had to bring a trainee to the dentist while I prepared myself by having breakfast, arranging my accessories, make-ups and handbag on the table, ironed my clothes and cleaned up the house a little bit. We went out in the afternoon and even though I prepared all my stuffs and tried to make myself hurriedly, still I couldn’t fully got myself ready. So, I tossed all my stuffs in the handbag instead hmmm =P

Once reached there, we walked down the hill from the station to the town. We went to Avail first and at last I only got myself a sling bag which I can use for a long trip. I can give it to him if I don’t like it later since the bag is kind of unisex too. Also, I got A TOP for myself. Yup only one, even though we spent like 3 hours walking around the whole department for dozens times. Yup, I could be SUPER fussy sometimes. In fact, most of the times =P. He kept complaining he was tired following my back around the same sections and extremely hungry already. Until at one time, I caught him squatting for a while hahaha (a very nice squatting okay) because his back and head were aching. Poor him okay, my bad. He even long lost the interest to do his own shopping too hehehe. Then, only after final trying in the fitting room; I decided for him to pay the two stuffs already. Sorry dear, but it was a good walking exercise too you know, plus bringing the red basket for me heeee =D

Then, only we went to eat sushi. It was about 4.oo p.m already and not many people there. I intentionally planned earlier not to go there during lunch time so that we could enjoy eating slowly, silently and more comfortably. He finished up about 12 plates of sushis, a slice of cheesecake, a slice of white cake and a fruit pudding. As for me, I only managed to stuff my tummy with about 6 plates of sushis, a fruit pudding and lots of ginger pickles. I love the ginger pickles the most hehehe. After that, we walked towards an electric and electronic superstore, Yamada Denki and only been there for about 10 minutes. I was nagging him to go back and then he complained that it was not fair since he could wait for me with the clothes but I couldn’t wait him enjoying the gadgets =P

Here are the pictures that we took on that day =D

We went back to the station up the hill since I didn’t want to walk beside the busy roads towards the other station. I hate to walk near the roads. So that’s why I dared to climb the hill furthermore, we only needed to walk in the housing area; so it was much safer. It was tiring and at times, he supported my back hahaha. Okay, I was extremely panting and we bought a bottle of green tea once we reached up the hill. Well, next time; may be I have to re-consider whether to walked up the hill or just go to the other station. We reached the station about 45 minutes earlier, so we dated and enjoyed each other’s company there. We talked. We looked at the scenery around us. We complained over the cold wind. We teased each other. We played riddles. We laughed. The beautiful sun, set. The dusk approached. The lights lighted. Few more people waiting. The train came. We got in. We sit. We got out…

...and we walked home holding hands in the dark….. =)

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