An Attempt To Write A Shorter Entry

Hahaha what a lame title I have there. However, DO wish me luck upon the small BIG mission I’m having here okay. Seriously it has been an identified crucial matter to me since 14 years back, when I first introduced to ‘Writing’ or ‘Penulisan’ and caused my hands and fingers cramp every time right after the exams. For today’s entry; I’m going to start with the weather first. Lately, the weather seems to be less cold during the day but not at night. Due to the weather forecast, it will be a little bit colder by next week because of I-don’t-know-what and it caused a few places slightly snowing including mine. Might be because of the cold wind moving and blowing from where to where bla bla bla. Sometimes I think this global warming thing caused the weather to be weird and funny. Haritu masa winter macam tak cukup sejuk. Salji tak nak turun habis2. Sekarang dah masuk spring kejap2 nak sejuk pulak. Tetiba gedik pulak ada salji.

Anyway, I kind of love the nice weather now because it has not been so cold and that made me be able to sleep nicely without the needs to curl myself every now and then. However I kind of ermmm sad because the day is getting longer and I found the sun rising earlier, made the day brighter at an earlier time. FYI, I like darkness more than brightness. But longer day is good for out-door activities and outings right? Kesimpulannya janganlah banyak cekadak nak komen2 macam2 yer. Ouhhh last 2 days I watched the program in tv regarding the ice is melting in the North Pole and South Pole and caused the penguins endangered. They are moving from place to place in order to find colder places but yet many of them died along the way. I felt so pity to see those cute and hairy penguins’ chicks and made me felt like wanted to adopt one and nearly ask my hubby this silly question (as usual), “Nak bela penguin boleh tak?”. Usually I would ask, “Nak bela polar bear lah” or “Jom bela beruang nak?” or “Nak bela baby harimau lah boleh?” bla bla bla and last but not least, “Jom lah bela kucinggg!”. Of course the last one sounds rational and he didn’t feel menyampah to answer though hehehe =P

Actually yesterday I have prepared slideshows of a few pictures I have snapped all the while before this. First and foremost presenting to you, tadaa!

Only later when I told him about the shoes. Then he simply said why didn’t I just take that one since the price was just slightly expensive only. Heeeee di kala itu aku menyesal okeh! Hahaha itulah bagusnyer suamiku ini (bagus bagi isteri yang suka mengambil kesempatan macam saya ni la =P) Kalau harga sesuatu benda tu mahal sikit je tapi macam lagi suka yang itu, so amik je lah. Macam tu lah jugak kalau beli barang2 dapur. Kalau satu barang takpe gak. Kalau sepuluh barang tambah2 dah berapa? Pastuh bila nak bayar dia marah sebab kena bayar banyak padahal beli sikit je. Last2 dia pun pelik. Sebab tu lah misi nak berjimat-cermat selalu gagal disebabkan prinsip dia tu. Tapi sekarang dia dah sedar hahaha! I use the snicker as an in-door shoe to play badminton in the hall. Memang agak mahal sekadar untuk dijadikan in-door shoe padahal sebelum tu cakap kat dia, “Alah nak beli kasut yang longgok2 je sebab nak buat in-door shoe je”. Itulah dia perempuan =D

Nevertheless, here are the pictures of all the foods that I have tried to make or bake. Look yummy aren’t they? Feast your eyes!

Simple Own-Made Fast Food or Simple Black Pepper Steak

(A) The Steak


BBQ sliced red meats or chicken
Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
Soy sauce


  1. Dash a few drops of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce on the BBQ sliced meats.
  2. Put in some sweet soy sauce.
  3. Marinate the meats for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Place the meats nicely on the griller and place the baking pan under it. Grill the meats for about 20 – 25 minutes at 300 degrees C in the oven.

Note: Usually I would buy the ready to cook BBQ sliced red meats, defrosted them naturally from the fridge a few hours before marinating and marinated the meats for more than an hour. As in the picture, I substituted with BBQ chicken he brought back from the trainees’ house.

(B) My Simple Coleslaw and Salad


Hot Water
Lemon juice


  1. Wash the frozen mixed-vegetables with hot water for 2 – 3 minutes.
  2. In a bowl, add in mayonnaise and stir them. Now it is ready to serve.
  3. You can also add in a few slices of tomatoes, salad and some lemon juices in small bowl.

Note: I prefer to make this kind of coleslaw because it is less the hassle. But I have yet to try the real coleslaw using cabbage and carrot someday.

(C) The Black Pepper Sauce


A little oil
2 cloves garlic ~ chopped
1/2 yellow onion ~ chopped
2 tablespoons Knorr’s Demi-Glace Sauce powder
1 1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons honey
1 1/2 tablespoons course black pepper powder


  1. Saute garlic and onion until fragrant.
  2. In a cup, stir the Knorr’s Demi-Glace Sauce powder with the water.
  3. Pour into the pan; add in the honey and black pepper.
  4. Let boiled until the sauce become thick. Ready to serve.

(D) The Mashed Potatoes


2 potatoes ~ peeled and cut into cubes
2 or more tablespoons butter
1/2 cup milk
1/2 tablespoon course black pepper
Salt to taste


  1. Boil the potatoes until soft, take them out from water and mashed the potatoes using fork or spoon.
  2. In a hot pan, add in butter, mashed potatoes, black pepper, milk and salt.
  3. Stir until well mixed and let until the mashed potatoes boiled or become thick. Ready to serve.

(E) The Fries


Potatoes ~ peeled and sliced thinly
1 cup cold water
1 egg ~ lightly beaten


  1. Mix the flour with water and stir but don’t over-mix them. Slightly stir in the beaten egg.
  2. Cover the potatoes with the flour mixture and fry the potatoes in hot oil until golden.

Note: The flour mixture has to be used quickly. Sometimes I covered the fries with breadcrumbs after covering them with the flour mixture. Usually I would only fry the instant fries or fry the sprinkled with some salt sliced potatoes.
Pizza – Saya dah maju dah bab buat pizza neh. Sekejapan je dah siap muahaha! (Riak sekejap =P). Click here for the recipe.

Tomato Rice – I was so craved for tomato rice so that’s why I made it. I made it based on my MIL’s recipe and altered a bit based on what I have left in my fridge.

Moist Chocolate Cake – I’m gonna make it again soon because it was just sooo delicious okay! I got the recipe from Mama FaMi Fotopages and she got it from someone else’s. Anyway thanks to them for sharing a very lovely recipe. Ouhhh I just love chocolate! Still, I have to improve making my chocolate coating and as usual the representation. What else?! ;P

Chocolate Moist Cake – Noor’s (Mama FaMi Fotopages)


2 eggs ~ separate whites and yolks
175 g flour
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda
37 g cocoa powder
168 g margarine
168 g water
220 g castor sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence


200 g cooking chocolate ~ melted
1 tablespoon oil or margarine


  1. Beat egg white till stiff
  2. Cream margarine and sugar till fluffy. Add egg yolk one at a time. Add vanilla essence.
  3. Add in the whites bit by bit, using medium speed.
  4. Fold in sifted flour alternately with water.
  5. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 190 degrees C for about 40 – 45 minutes.

Note: I lessen the sugar by 10 g. Melt the chocolate using double boiling technique. Put it on the cake fast before the chocolate harden.

Hotdog Bun – This was my second attempt trying to bake a bun. Luckily it turned out to be successful and the bun was so soft and tasty, I tell you. Actually, I didn’t know how to shape the dough but based on the pictures, I decided to braid the dough instead. It should be looked well-shaped and much nicer if only I got my oven and the baking tray themselves much bigger =D Again, I got this recipe from Zack’s Fotopages, Mama FaMi Fotopages and Hanieliza Fotopages. Thanks a lot to them for making my life much more ‘delicious’ nyum-nyum!

Basic Bread Recipe (Mama FaMi Fotopages)


500 g bread flour/ high protein flour
100 g sugar
1 teaspoon salt
30 g milk powder
1 teaspoon bread improver (optional)
1 teaspoon bread softener (optional)
4 teaspoon instant dry yeast

250 ml water
1 egg (lightly beaten)

40 g butter
40 g shortening


  1. Mix well all ingredients in (A).
  2. Add (B) into (A) and Knead until smooth.
  3. Add (C) and continue kneading until smooth and shiny and the dough doesn’t stick to your hand.
  4. Leave to prove for 30 – 40 minutes.
  5. Punch down the dough to let the air out.
  6. Divide the dough according to the weight you wish. Make into balls and leave to rest for 10 minutes.
  7. Shape accordingly.
  8. Leave to prove for 40 minutes to 1 hour.
  9. Bake till golden brown.

Note: To make the sausage mix vegetable bun, I divided the dough to 70 g each according to Mama FaMi’s. Shaped it and then sprinkled some mixed-vegetables on top. Placed a few cut sausages and piped some mayonnaise and chillies sauce. For ingredient (C), you can also use 80 g margarine or 80 g shortening, instead of using 40 g butter and 40 g shortening.

Hot and Spicy Lemon Grass Chicken Porridge – What a very catchy name isn’t it? I made up that name myself hahaha. Actually I first tried this porridge at MIL’s house and decided to learn myself without asking her and Walla! It turned out marvelous just like hers. I made this whenever I felt like lazy to cook. Very simple and easy recipe to try and also very delicious too, I guarantee you =D

Hot and Spicy Lemon Grass Chicken Porridge

Ingredients: (for 2 persons)

2 cloves garlic ~ chopped
1 cup rice ~ washed
3 to 5 cups water
Chicken meat or read meat ~ thinly sliced or minced
1 or 2 lemon grass ~ bruised
1 carrot ~ sliced
White pepper
Potatoes ~ cut into cubes
Chives ~ chopped
Anchovies ~ fried
Fried onions


  1. In a large pot, sauté garlic until fragrant.
  2. Add in water and rice.
  3. Add in the chicken meat or red meat.
  4. Cover the pot and let the rice boiled on a medium fire until the rice starts to break down.
  5. Add in lemon grass and some more water. Leave for 10 minutes.
  6. Stir the rice frequently so that it won’t stick on the pot bottom and the rice would turn to viscous white porridge faster.
  7. Slow the fire; add in carrots, potatoes and pepper. Boil until the potatoes become soft.
  8. Add in salt, chives and some more water and stir the porridge. Turn off fire.
  9. Serve with fried anchovies and fried onions.

Sweet and Spicy Soy Sauce Fried Anchovies Sambal


Some oil
Green chillies ~ thinly sliced or chopped
Onion ~ thinly sliced
Sweet soy sauce


  1. In a frying add in some oil and fry the anchovies until crispy. Leave on a little oil on the frying pan.
  2. Put the anchovies aside. Fry the onion and chillies until fragrant and it turns to brown color on a medium fire.
  3. Turn into slow fire, add in the fried anchovies back into the pan and pour some sweet soy sauce until the sambal turn black in color.
  4. Stir a little bit and ready to serve.

Note: FYI, the porridge is also delicious to be eaten without the entire optional ingredients and the sambal. Usually I would prepare the porridge using cooked rice from the rice cooker and would usually add in only the important ingredients because I was so LAZY and wanted to finish cooking faster. Originally, the porridge should be tasted very hot because of the pepper (you should add in much white pepper) and have the taste of lemon grass and chicken chunks. Use 2 lemon grasses if your lemon grass is small.

Chilled Blueberry Cheesecake – As for this one, it turned out to be having a very tempting look. However it was too cheesy for chocolaty enthusiasts like us. It was my first time trying to make it and I admit there must be mistakes I made somewhere. I recommend this recipe for those who loves cheese and ice-cream despite of its’ quite easiness to make. As for us, we prefer the baked cheese cake more but still, I’ll give myself a one more try on this recipe someday. I’m not going to put this recipe because I did it very wrongly. Refer Hanieliza Fotopages for the recipe.

I think that’s all for today’s entry. I’m going to upload a few of the recipes later when I feel not lazy to do so okay.

Anyway, is this entry shorter enough than usual (minus the recipes that I’ll put later)??? I’m not doing so well, am I? Huuuuuuuuuu =P I better try again in my next entry, yeah!

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