The Day When We First Met

*****Edited. A few contents have been deleted because they are no longer bother anymore.

Dated: As above
Written on: Thursday, February 15th, 2007
Approved: Friday, February 16th, 2007

Yesterday it was raining non-stop since dawn towards the night. As for today, it has been snowing slightly in the morning and sekarang pun still snowing tapi sikit-sikit jek. Angin? Lagilah dahsyat. Semalam satu hari angin bertiup kuat betul-betul menghala ke arah depan rumah nih. Malam tadi pun tak lena tidur sebab asyik terjaga. Mana taknyer, bising sangat. Kesian rumah saya dihentam-hentam oleh angin itu dan seterusnya menyebabkan saya merasakan rumah saya vibrate jugaklah sikit-sikit. Sekarang pun sama jugak. Menyebabkan saya kesejukan yang amat sangat. Semalam bangun pagi siap boleh cakap dekat hubby lagi suruh dia ponteng kerja sebabnyer saya sangat kesejukan. Eheh apakah kaitan? Supaya boleh tidur bersama-sama lah so taklah sejuk sangat =P

I thought it will not be snowing anymore. Sebelum-sebelum ni pun lagi sejuk tapi hujan yang turun. Kenapakah? Sebabnyer cuaca pun macam dah makin menaik sikit dan weather forecast pun macam cakap lain je dengan keadaan sebenar. Lantaklah. Maybe sebab dah nak masuk Spring kot. Selalunya macam ni lah angin kuat dan hujan semacam je kalau dah tiba perubahan musim. Kat Komagane siap ada ribut sampai bumbung terbang. Mintak-mintaklah tak sampai ke sini.

This entry also same case la dengan entry yang sebelum ni. Nak jugak reserve tarikh 14th February 2007 tuh sebab…ouhhh no-no bukan sebab sempena V Day lah. Kebetulan sahaja peristiwa seperti yang dinyatakan di atas berlaku pada tarikh yang sama. Sebenarnya bila fikir-fikir balik malas lah pulak nak tulis kat sini. Tapi..entahlah daripada haritu lagi asyik teringat-ingat pasal ni mungkin sebab sana-sini asyik sebut pasal V Day je kot. Kenapa nak tulis? Entahlah..sekadar hendak meluahkan perasaan sebagaimana yang tergambar dihati. Itu sahaja dan tiada maksud lain. Full stop.

Saturday, 14th February 2004 was the first time when we met each other after about 3 months being in a relationship. Before that, we just kept emailing, messaging, calling and seeing each other through the webcam. That pretty tells already how did we know each other, internet was the medium between the two worlds of course. But to be exact is, he was my best friend’s acquaintance and I already knew about him long before that. So to cut the story short, every time people asked I would always say that we knew each other from our friend.

He got back to KL from Japan on the 13th February 2004 and so that was why we met on the tomorrow of the day. I still remember doing some homework like mixing, matching and even trying out the clothes with the help of my housemates on the night before that. I even slept early and just right before I got into my beauty sleep, my roommate who was also lying next to me turned to me and asked about my feeling and what I was thinking about going to meet him tomorrow. I told her that I was scared and I got everything mixed up in my mind.

I got up early on the Saturday morning, had my breakfast and readied myself. My housemates helped me to get ready and even sent me to the door with all the good luck wishes and advices. We promised to meet at KLCC since that was the easiest place to go from both of our places. I told him to wait for me in front of the Kinokuniya at 10.30 a.m. I was wearing beige colored tudung, blue jeans, long-sleeved soft green and turquoise stripy shirt and black shoe. I reached KLCC at about 10.45 a.m but I went straight to the restroom first and did whatever I need to do plus of course the main mission was to calm myself a bit. My heart was throbbing very fast and started to sweat already. I even felt so thirsty, hungry, my ears felt hot and numb and all. Easy to say I had zillionth of butterflies in my stomach.

I received a phone from him asking where I was then I told him I was coming. I used the middle escalator near the lift and once I reached the top floor I straightly got into Kinokuniya through the back door. I kept turning around my head and my eyes searching high and low for him. Actually I was scared if I might bump into him. I walked, not so fast but not so slow and headed towards the chic-lit and fiction story books sections. Through the glass wall in front of me, that was when I suddenly caught the sight of this one particular guy, looking down at the centre court, being right in front of Kinokuniya’s front door and also being alone. From the first sight I already knew that it was him. He was wearing blue jeans, brown boots, long-sleeved red and white stripy shirt. He got yellowish bleached wavy hair of Japanese style and a red rose in his hand.

Just when I was about to exit the front door, I saw him looking at his watch and walked away towards the telephone booth. I knew that he wanted to call me because I was already a bit late. I followed him from his back but then I stopped next to the exit door. I saw him putting the red rose on the phone booth and tried to take out his wallet. I got out from my hiding and saw him caught a glimpse of me so I ran back to where I was. I got everything raced in my mind and thought whether he had seen me or not. I went again for the second time and that was when he really saw me clearly but then still I ran back to my original place. Lastly, okay I knew he saw me already and just when I wanted to turn back and walked towards him, he suddenly appeared from the exit door.

I was laughing and smiling all the way. I couldn’t see him right to his eyes. I was so shy, I must say and I even felt like wanted to go home straight away. He kept gazing at me without failed as if being surprised. He just smiled and kept walking towards me while I kept walking away from him. The looking of his face already told me how delighted he was for us to meet. Then he blurt out, “..Hi..ini bunga untuk awak..”. I took the flower and said, “..terima kasih..”. That’s all. We were unable to blurt any more words. He led me to the centre and we looked at the center court together. Only after that we got controlled our nervousness and being calm and decided to have brunch at the Picnic.

It was a strange moment for me because even we have been like knowing each other already long before that but then still we were like falling in love for the first time during the moment we met. Still until now I couldn’t’ believe what had happened. Right after I look straight at his eyes, I just got this kind of feeling in my heart and thought, “..this is the end of everything..I’m not going to see him anymore..”. Why I felt so? I didn’t know. I thought he was far so good for me. It is not that because he was my boyfriend and now he is my husband already that makes me want to brag about him. That is just non-sense and really not my thing.

What I had in my mind at that time was, he was too good for me in every aspect for such an average person like me. Okay I always consider myself as an average and very ordinary person in every aspect except for the brain part that sometimes I think I’m hmmm quite smart maybe =D =D =D (okay perasan la jugak kan tapi sesapa yang tak puas hati dan mahu menidakkan terpulanglah yer). Back to him, why I said so? Most people who got to know him first before me or even after I knew him always said he was han*some, g**d l**king, sm*rt, st*lo and so on. He got girls or even guys??? secret admirers. Conversely though, unfortunately for him the girls he used to admire a lot always rejected him in return hahaha! =P

Before that, every time I went out and walked with my friends; no one would turn back to see us. Not like when every time I walked with him in the malls, at the park, ate in the restaurants and so on; I couldn’t deny it that I could obviously realized why so many people looking at us? Okay, that might just be a co-incidence right? How if I say, when we stood at the cashier in order to pay our buying; why the cashier would always look at him right at the face for a few times but not at me? Okay, that might make me sound jealous right but actually I didn’t at all. How about when we were asking for advices or information from the promoter at the malls the promoter would always say something like, “ ni mix ke? nanti anak mesti cantik kan muka?..” or “..your partner is very g**d l**king, you are so lucky..(kata pakcik Jepun itu kepada saya)..” or “..m*nc*ng nyer hidung..nanti anak mesti cantik..” or “..muka c*ntik lah..(dia je ke c*ntik..saya?)..” or “..ouhhh awak h*ndsome patutlah kahwin cepat..(kata boss dia semasa interview keje..apakah? =P)..” or “dia ni h*ndsome tapi awak tak h*andsome hehehe..(kata boss dia kepada staff2 yang lain semasa introduce dia kepada ketua2 department)..” or “..kakoi ne Rati-san..(kata makcik Tomoko semasa tengok album kahwin)..”. Though actually bukanlah setiap kali kan, tapi selalulah jugak. Tetapi bagi saya dia tetap suami saya yang comot dan dia pun rasa itulah diri dia sebenarnya =D

One more thing was, I thought that he was so clever than me and even though I always thought I was quite clever too but then of course I felt ashamed a bit. I also didn’t know why. I thought he was too kind-hearted too. I knew that his upbringing was different than mine and I was scared if I couldn’t accept his way. Almost all of his entire family was very successful people and so I felt so tiny and not qualify for him. Also there were so many other things kept whirling in my mind and they were too complicated to be put into words here that made me thought that he deserved someone much better than me.

However still, the only one bad thing I could say about him was, he just got an average height which was diverse the type of my dream guy. I always like a very tall guy even though I always forgot I myself as a very short girl indeed =P =P =P All in all, I was so assured by him that he would never leave me and now he already proved it by marrying me. I always thought that he was too perfect for me but now I realized how he really needs me to compliment his imperfections and so I am towards him. I was so wrong. Now I understand that actually I should never judge everything with only from what I see with my eyes. Paham ke apa saya cakap ni? Tak paham sudah..janji saya sendiri paham hehehe (macam lah ada orang baca pun hahaha).

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