Run For Your Life!

The title above pretty gives the clue what I’m going to talk about today except that the real scenario happened wasn’t that emergency enough to save own’s life. But still, might be something unwanted would happen if he didn’t actually run am I right? hehehe~ muahaha~ huhuhu~ =D

Yesterday I didn’t really do anything beneficial except for updating my planner a little bit. During these previously days both of us would always woke up late for our Subuh prayer. He set the alarm already but still we couldn’t hear it, proved that we really got into our deep sleep. As for Bie, he is the kind that not easy to wake up from sleep and also can so easily fall asleep. As for me, I am a very light sleeper but then I also found myself so hard to wake up in the morning now due to my habit of staying up until late.

So yesterday we got up for Subuh at about 6.30 a.m and the day was already bright, of course! After that, Bie checked on his torrent and decided not to sleep back or else he might doze off like a baby, got himself overslept and would be late for work. But then I was so sleepy and cold okay and I couldn’t find myself sleeping any more heavenly and comfortably except for having him glued skin-to-skin beside me and with my arm wrapped tight around his belly. Because of that, I pestered him to lie down with me, told him not to sleep and assured him that he surely could wake up even if he fell asleep.

Then, ………. just when I felt like started to dream again; I was shocked by him jumping off the bed! As fast as lightning he pulled off his trousers, threw it aside and shouted his lung out, “Sebab tu la aku kata aku tanak tido!”. Okay, I was agitated for a while, but still I felt like want to laugh but of course I didn’t! So, I helped him ready to go to work. During lunch time and in the evening after he got back from work, I just couldn’t stop laughing and kept teasing him to act back what happened in the morning muahaha! Of course he felt annoyed with me but still he couldn’t stop smiling asking me to shut up! =P

Anyway, after he got back from work and done with the prayers; he readied himself to go to the trainees’ house. He said he wanted to give video game to them. Then as usual, I would nag to him for always staying there for too long and only got back quite late already. I went on blabbering to him bla bla bla and at last I asked him what time he planned to come back. Then he said at 9.00 p.m. I agreed with him but added up telling him that actually usually 5 minutes before the promised time strikes, I have already started to sulk; if he wanted to know. Since he has promised me, I wouldn’t tolerate and if even I wanted to I just couldn’t; that I warned him. I knew myself as a SULK freak so I didn’t want myself to get into that mood again. If I feel bad, then he will feel bad too. So I myself don’t want him and myself to feel moody at the first place because of small petty reason!

So he went to their house and I got myself stuck with the Celebrity-Looks-Alikes thingy. Only at about 8.30 p.m I realized that I was already late and I needed to cook for dinner since Bie will be back at 9.00 p.m. I decided to call him straight away since I was sure I couldn’t finish cooking by the time he got back. Unfortunately, there it was his hand phone being charged right in front of me duh!. When I watched the clock was about 5 minutes to 9.00 p.m already, I was still rushing myself on cooking.

But suddenly I hear footsteps climbing the stairways and only after a few seconds there he was slamming the door behind him. He was err, sweating and panting as like he just got into marathon okay! Then, here was our conversation:

Me: Bie, kenapa ni? Abang lari ke? (Keep giggling).

Him: Yelah, lari lah! Nanti lambat Sayang merajuk plak huh! (Still panting and bending down him self).

Me: Ehehe yelah tu. Tipu la Abang tak caya la Abang lari ahaha!

Him: Betul lah! Sayang ni jahat tau! (Putting off his coat).

Me: (Saw sweats all over his face and I was astonished, but still giggling). Ahaha! Haaa betul ke? Meh sini Rinny nak dengar jantung.

I put my ear on his chest and OMG he wasn’t bluffing! His heart thumpting very fast and loud! He did run as fast as he could towards home all the way from the trainees’ house okay!!! I just couldn’t stop laughing okay! But still deep down in me I felt pity and cruel towards him though =P Bad me =P

Me: Waaa betul lah Abang lari. Alaaa penat ke? Cian Bucuk. Mmm cayang dia comel bucuk ehehe! Actually tadi Rinny baru je nak call Abang cakap suh balik lewat pun takpe. Tapi nape abang tinggal hand phone?

Him: Sayang jahat!

Me: Abang lari laju ke? Macam marathon ke pecut ke? Ke ada lari pelahan2 je? Ada orang nampak tak? Abang lari macam mana?

Him: (Lazily answered my questions and started ignoring me).

Me: Nah air sejuk. Alaaa comel la dia lari. (Handing him a mug of cold water).

Him: (Smiling and making baby faces) =P

So, because of that; he deserved to be rewarded with smooches on his cheeks. XXX*smooches*XXX. I love you la darling. You are so cute *meow-meow*. But you are still Mucuk lah! =D

Okay kepada sesapa yang ada terbaca and rasa nak termuntah ke dipersilakanlah berbuat demikian ehehe ;P Atau rasa meluat ke and rasa tak suka ke dengan entry nih silalah buat tatau or buat-buat tak nampak aje ok. Maka silalah klik mouse anda ke page lain. As easy as ABC ehehe =D. Alaaa, I’m sure la everybody pun also like this with their loved ones kan? Jangan tipu la okay =P ehehe!

By the way before I forgot, I have already made a few changes on my blog. As you can see for the comment page I’m not using blogger anymore but I have downloaded haloscan instead. So to those who found out their comments in my entries missing, I’m sorry okay. Ouh of course I didn’t delete them okay (I can still view them in my blogger account) but unfortunately they just can’t appear anymore since blogger and haloscan are two different sites and using different databases. One more thing is, I have linked up all the blogs that I have been visiting or actually stalking, as you can see there. So, I’m sorry since I haven’t asked for permission first, I thought I don’t have to anyway right? =D But if any of you actually don’t like me linking your blog with mine, do let me knows okay; then I will erase yours. Actually I finally decided to link all the URLs since Bie said the Bookmark is so loaded with only my favorite websites. Furthermore, I think it is better this way since I can easily straight away click to the pages I want to.

Okay that’s all my boring stories for today! ;P ;P ;P

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