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Nowadays I have trouble to sleep during the night. It has been so hard for me to fall asleep. Sometimes I felt so recharged and even if I did struggle myself to sleep, I would stay wide awake for about 30 minutes to more than an hour before at last I would automatically fall asleep. Actually, this situation has been carried on since my student years. My productivity would reach the optimum level between 8.00 p.m until 2.00 a.m or 3.00 a.m thus I could work so concentrate and efficiently to finish my assignments, homework or do some studies. Sometimes I didn’t sleep at all until I managed to compile or bind my assignments or reports during the dawn and set them nicely on the table. Sounds very hardworking huh? ;D Proudly to say, I REALLY WAS ngeh ngeh ngeh =D =D =D (big grin). While as for the minimum productivity level, it would always be during the day times especially in the morning. Even though people always said that fresh morning environment is the best time for knowledge to be efficiently absorbed into the brain, but it was hard for me to work on that time.

However, I don’t need this phenomenon anymore since I am no longer studying. Well, actually I pretty got the answers for this situation. Sometimes I did over stay up during the night, and once I passed my actual sleepiness limit, it would be hard for me to sleep even though I have been feeling so sleepy. More worst, sometimes the sleepiness would just slipped away and I have to wait hours before I could feel sleepy again duh! So, when this habit of mine continued for 2 or 3 days, that have been enough to put me into this trouble that I mentioned earlier =P. There was one time I thought I have got insomniac syndrome. Of course I did think so since when I tried to sleep earlier than usual, I ended up couldn’t sleep at all and during in the morning I tried to wake up early with the hope I would feel sleepy and easy to put me to sleep during the night then. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even combat my sleepiness during in the morning and ended myself waking up very late!

It would be even more worst when sometimes I did pamper my sugar cravings in the middle of the night with cake and chocolates okay. Sweetmeats only did really ‘help’ me NOT to sleep okay, brilliant me =P. What else did I do? I have been blog-hopping, reading these and that, discovering these and that, browsing pages, scrolling ups and downs, watching videos and pictures, playing games and so on and so forth with the net. It seems like I am already glued to the PC huh. Sometimes when the light was off then only I would want to write and check important things. What did I do during the day? Chores of course, some studying, a few important these and that, errr taking pictures and doing crappies most of the times. But heyyy, sometimes (means many times too, uncountable okay) I did make use of my time wisely with some studying okay.

Ouhhh ouhhh (panting) this is not good. No one else to be blamed but me huhuhu. I have to obey and follow the time schedule, really! Really have to do something with this. No more sugary intake after dinner, no more caffeinated drinks after the sunset, don’t eat much during the night, brush teeth and wash face straightly after dinner, ready myself to sleep also after dinner, don’t go near to the PC after that since the pulling magnet power is too strong, go to sleep the latest at 12.00 a.m, directly have breakfast after Bie goes to work and sit in front of PC after that. I think, all of these steps will help me hehehe =P. Also, I will obey my daily schedule and don’t cheat it anymore so that I will do other ‘listed’ agendas more frequently too.

Ouh did I say taking pictures just now? I really like to take pictures and play with my camera but only lately I have just realized this habit of mine. I was trying to rearrange and edit the pictures and videos in the folders, and there were soooo many pictures of the same objects taken with only different angles and camera settings okay. Geee maybe someday Bie has to buy me a camera for beginner photographer right? Can be a birthday present too hehe. Oops everyday is a birthday hehehe =P.

Just now we have got the electricity bill for this month, dated December 22nd until January 22nd and the total is about 16,000 Yen erkkk. That is doubled our usual monthly electricity bill okay. I was shocked, so as Bie since he is the one who will be paying the bill. I’m sure that pretty enough to vanish his excitement since he got the salary slip before that in the morning wahaha! Poor him and me too =P. Because of that, I tried to remember back and counted my projects with the oven. Yup, good to be true; we did a lot of baking and grilling for the past one month. It was more than 10 times and also that means so many sweetmeats taken during the last 1 month period. Besides, this also means that we did spend a lot for food; more than necessary. Being penny-pinching? Well, sometimes when we have been over-spending; being stingy can be a good thing too okayyy =D. (Memangla bill tuh maybe tak tinggi sangat2. Tapi kalau dah macam 2 bulan nyer bill errr kena control2 jugak la kan. Kalau convert duit Mesia ada la dalam RM450, dah boleh beli tops Weekenders ke ELLE ke MNG ke 2 keping 3 keping ke kan? Agaknyer sebab asyik main convert2 ni lah yang buat haku jadi kedekot tahap gaban ni hahaha! Tak kisah ler, kena gak jimat-cermat. Banyak makan ngarut2 pun kang gemok pulak =P).

Lastly for today, I have decided not to update my bloggie with mundane stories anymore until I finish updating it with all my recipes. I will only update my bloggie with the recipes that I have tried before together with the pictures of them. (Kalau tak asyik delay ajer huh). Again, with the usual REMINDER; excuse the presentations of the foods okay. I’m not good at decorating or making the foods to look wonderful and tempting however I can assure you they are worth to be tried. Yummilicious! =D

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