He Baked A Black Forest Cake For Me

How should I start for today’s rambles? Also where should I start first because there are so many things to jot down since it has been days already since my last entry. Okay, I decide to start from last night’s event.

Yesterday I didn’t do anything except running a few mundane chores. I got stuck in front of PC chit-chatting with my dear ex-primary schoolmate for hours. All topics were just kept deriving to others and I couldn’t simply stop even though I was trying hard (really? =P) to end up the conversation hehehe. Yesterday also was my ex-roommate cum ex-housemate during university years’ birthday, so I called her on the night before that to wish her happy birthday. She answered me immediately after the first ring okay! So I teased her about waiting phone call from someone special and then we laughed =D She was turning 25 years old. We talked for about 25 minutes or so and pretty updating about each other. Ouh gosh I miss her a lot. She was really like a sister to me. Even though I hardly showed my gratitude towards her but I told her once for the first time when I moved out from the house that she was the best sisterly companion I have ever had. She was one of the important people in my life and how I appreciate her presence and how much I felt so grateful to have her beside me. I felt some things missing once I officially moved out from the house; then I realized that time that I was going to miss to sleep beside her during the night, to have the midnight gossips under the blanket, arguing over the pillows and mattresses and the list went on. All the flashbacks were playing in my head when we were texting messages towards each other when I was waiting for my father-in-law to come and fetch me at the bus stop. So many sweet things happened that never can be forgotten.

In the evening, I hurriedly cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and already started cooking for dinner. I made chicken rice and Bie got back early too when I was about to finish cooking. He laughed at me and asked, “Kenapa hari ni masak awal sangat? (gelak-gelak sambil tersengih-sengih)”. I just replied, “Saje je la (gelak-gelak juga sambil tersengih-sengih)”. Then, after cooking and settling with all other routines, I said to him, “Okay, Rinny dah habis masak dah takde nak guna dapur. Kalau Abang ada nak guna dapur sila-sila kan lah. Ada nak guna dapur ke?”. Then he said, “Mana ada nak guna”. I replied back, “Ouh oklah kalau takde takpela, Rinny pun nk rehat2 nak duduk2 je tanak masuk dapur dah”. At last he said, “Yelah2 nak guna la ni huhhh (sambil buat2 nada and muka tanak ngaku tapi malu2)”. Hehehe =D

Well, actually during the weekend he unintentionally revealed that he wanted to make a cake for me. He also got the birthday candles and cream pencils (as he wished) when we went out to buy the groceries. So, last night immediately after preparing the dinner, he started to make a black forest cake for me. Of course I was being right beside him to monitor what he was doing. Well just to be safe, so that he won’t just tossed, stirred everything altogether in the bowl and baked them which he actually already decided to do. Man! (kalau tidak confirm kek tuh dah lama jadi lempeng black forest okay! hehehe). He was so concentrated making the cake, from the measuring part, mixing the ingredients, stirring the batter, baking the cake, washing all the utensils used, whipping the cream, writing my name on the cake and towards lighting all the 24 candles on the cake. Of course I did assist him with a few tasks which he didn’t know how to do them such as separating the yolks and eggs’ whites, spreading the cream on the cake, decorating the cake with grated chocolate and of course finding the best spot to take pictures hehehe =D

There was times when I unintentionally kept commenting on the way he was working on the cakes that made him sulked and wanted to change place with me. But then, I did coax him back to continue on doing it. We started making the cake at 7.00 p.m but only able to complete everything right at 12.00 a.m. It was because the black forest cake actually needed two chocolate cakes and each cake already took 60 minutes from preparing the batter until done with the baking. Plus, we have dinner and I took bath during in the meantime too.

The cake has a “Happy Birthday Darling Rinny” written on it. The “Happy Birthday” was written with pink color cream while the “Darling Rinny” with brown color cream. The cake covered with white whipped cream and got 8 rosettes on it. I decorated the cake’s side with grated chocolate which I grated myself and sprinkled some on the top. The cake consisted of 2 layers and there were peaches, syrups and cream in the middle. He put on 24 colorful birthday candles on top of the cake around the wordings too. He was the one who kept insisting to put on all the 24 candles as to show my age turning to 24 years old. So, I just let him be and worked on his way on the cake! =D Well, he was being cute without he realized it.

Once done decorating the cake, we changed our clothes just to be a little bit decent and I arranged the hall a bit nicely. I still getting myself ready when suddenly it was already 12.00 a.m sharp and he came to me to wish a very happy 24th birthday XOXOXO =D He also sang the birthday song for me both in Malay and English. Although his voice wasn’t qualify enough to sing yet definitely beautiful enough to make me touched and nearly cried okay (of course I did control myself not to cry okay and shhh don’t tell him!). I thanked him too for being such a darling by putting the efforts to make the black forest cake all by himself just for me. It was so lovely to see him so eager and enthusiast from the beginning until the end. If could, he was like wanted to do the things all by himself and so fussy to ensure the cake would be perfect without any flaws.

As for others, might be the cake looked ugly, but as for me it was splendid enough and there is no other place where I can find the one of its kind with the same taste, look, shape and design. There will never ever be the other perfectly the same Black Forest Cake, and that one was the first and the last time specially made just for me. As for more, it was made with full of love, by the hands of my loved one. It might be boring for you, but it was so much meaningful for me.

Only after that we managed to sit down on the couch. He lightened the candles together with 4 other scented candles and turned off the lamp. The dim light atmosphere was so romantic. Then he wished me again and we started taking pictures. He also took a short video of me making wishes and blowing the candles. It was funny since the candles were burning fast but we still wanted to take more pictures hehehe. I blew off all the candles right before it got nearly same level to the rosettes. But still the rosettes were a bit melted then.

We shared a big slice together in one plate hurriedly since it was nearly to 1.00 a.m and both of us were already sleepy especially Bie, since he was the one doing all the works. Furthermore, he was already tired with the days work at the company and has to get up early again today in the morning. Ouhhh the cake was so yummy! =D

After that, I helped keeping, arranging and cleaning everything back while Bie prepared himself to sleep. I continued to surf the net and looking back at the pictures we took =D. Bie’s snore pretty told how exhausted he was and I myself dozed off soundly only at about 2.00 a.m. Actually I knew Bie did read my entry regarding how I want my birthday to be and what I want on my birthday but he pretended he didn’t read it. I also pretended as like I didn’t see him reading it huhuhu =P. Anyway, I valued your sincerity, mmuaxxx! Love you to the bits =D.

Today in the morning, everything went on smoothly as usual. I got warm wishes from beloved families and dear friends. Some of them actually already wished me days before today hehehe (tak aci! =P). Nothing that I could ask for more except that I really cherish and feel thankful for all the sincere warm prayers and wishes from all of you. I am touched to read those wishes and prayers! Mmuahhh to you! (no need to mention who =D).

In order to put my prayer in the shortest yet compact way, I would say;

I thank Allah for giving me the healthiness and the chance to breath until today,
I thank Him for giving me all the happiness and completing my life with so much love,
I thank Him for showering me with all the prosperity, blessings and guides,
And so I pray everything will continue as they always seem to be and will even be more better from day to day,
May I be a better person in every aspects someday,
Thus may my faith towards Him and the happiness I receive will always grow during the lives until hereafter, eternally,
So, I think that’s all for today’s January 23rd, 2007 entry. Right at this moment, I am already 24 years, 11 hours and 50 minutes old since I was born at 6.05 a.m according to Malaysia time. Ouh I actually feel like I’m still sweet 18 instead of 24 years old. Can’t deny the fact and have to believe the number, 24 already okay! =P. Well, till then; Happy Birthday to myself.

Here are the pictures we took last night =D.

7 Replies to “He Baked A Black Forest Cake For Me”

  1. awwww… nak nangis bleh tak?? iena, kita doakan awak yg terbaik ajer. kuatkan hati awak selalu ye. kowang berdua sgtlah loving terhadap satu sama lain sammpai i rasa terharu nak nangis tau. plus dia tak segan utk kiss ur cheek in public (kan? ;p).. uwaa… kite terharu nieh~ sob sob

  2. ala…shuweetnyer hubby dia….

    nway,epi bufday to ina!!
    may all ur dreams come true!
    cpt dpt baby….bley?huhuhu…

    nape gamto tu tak kuar kat PC kiter…mennnncciiinyeeee…!!mau tgk itu gambar….

    ina…add me as ur frens list ek…
    YM or MSN…buley?

    sweetkelate@yahoo.com(jgn gelak kan id itu okay…!!id tu dh guna selama 8 tahun okay!)

    hasmaliza2607@hotmail.com tuk msn yer sayang…

    buleh cite panjang….huhu…pos kek skit.mau rasa itu kek.huhu…

    muahhhh.epi 24th bufday to budak yg perasan 18 tahun ni…eheh…

  3. Syana: Awwwwwww Syana jgnla nangis. Kang Cik Yoi marah kiter plak wat Syana nangis huhu. Syana pun sama kiter doakan yg terbaik utk korang. Korang pn very loving towards each other on ur own way kan. Yup dia tak malu nk kiss my cheek but in front of org2 yg dikenali especially family mebbe segan jugak la kot huhu =P

    Kas As: Thanks for the wish Kak As. Baby? InsyaAllah bila dh ready nanti in time to come. Doa2kan la hehehe. Nak kek? Amik jela kat gambar tuh copy paste jer. Kalo tak cukup enlarge ler bagi besar muahaha! ;D

  4. happy belated birthday rina….sowi baru je on balik tenet nih..hehe..best la ada org buatkan kek…romantik abis…:D

  5. Aan: Tq! Alaa gedik2 je lebih tu Aan hehe ;D. Terpaksa la buat sbb kalau nk beli susah nk carik yang halal. Rasanyer if kt Mesia dh lama dia beli aje hehe

  6. Can I post a comment in English? =)
    Your hubby is so sweet Ina. You are one lucky girl..as he is one lucky guy to have you.
    Hey, I have had Malaysian friends during mu university years in Japan. I am missing them now, actually.

  7. Hye Grace! Yup sure u can post comment in English. By the way excuse my English okay (lack of practise, but I’m working on it) =P! Ouh really u got Malaysian friends too? There are many Malaysian students in Japan. My hubby was in Ritsumeikan Univ, Shiga-ken (2002-2005). At here we do have a few Philipines acquaintances too =D

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