What To Write About?

Actually even I have so many things to ramble about in here but I feel lazy to update my dear bloggie during these previously days including today. But still, I’m trying to update now and going to make it a short one. Hope it is going to be the real short one, seriously okay hehe. Not the at-last-it-became-a-very-long short ones like I have been posting on previous posts huhuhu.

Previously, I felt uneasy with my daily routines that make me considering to make schedule for myself. As I have said a few times before, I do have many things to do such as all the important-s, unimportant-s, immediately-ies and non-immediately-ies haihhh! Seems like the LAZINESS virus has got full control on me already. So, I really going to make it since I can see it is going to give me more goods then. Another thing is, lately I’m thinking about ***** a lot. Not really a lot actually. But, I think I will have to prepare myself towards it before I really am going to give myself a try. Hey, what are you thinking huh? Don’t make a wild guess okay? But I am definitely so sure I will say ‘no’, ‘wrong’, or ‘false’ to your first guess hehehe. Why am I so confident? Well..whatever. Also, there are a few things that keep twisting in my mind and almost all of them make me keeps staring at the calendar or planner frequently. What are they? Hmmm…

Anyway, I have tried a few recipes too but still not going to update about them yet. Later..when I will be in the right mood to do it, I will complete all the entries with recipes label. Now, regarding my bloggie’s template. Can I say that I am a little bit boring with the template already? huhuhu. But still I’m not going to change it since it will cost me a lot of times just to play with the coding. Then maybe I’m going to change it again someday right? Though I took IT but even simple programming could already drive me crazy. I scored that subject the least compared to other subjects I took like Operating System, Networking, Decision Support System, Graphical Information System and so on. Geee I hate programming though actually it was really fun if I managed to make the program running! Sometimes I realized that it wasn’t that hard. All I can say, maybe I am lacked of practice and actually was lacked of experience before I got into the IT world.

To make it more rational, I was from PURE SCIENCE stream and I should be taking Biology (my favorite subject and always scored better than other subjects) or Chemistry (also my favorite subjects but I was scared to do all the experiments that required me to handle and work with all the stinky and smelly chemicals that have the possibilities to explode) or Mathematics (ouhhh I love the most-people-hate Calculus) or Physics (though I always being fuzzy in this subject) instead of taking freaking IT. Not that it was too hard or difficult but I didn’t know..might be my mind wasn’t able to quench all the IT knowledge. How should I say it? It is the matter of type of mind, interest and ability. Might be I am more suitable to study the Pure Science streams instead of IT. In the matter of fact, IT is actually derived from Physical Science stream. So, actually I did switch my route instead of following my should be extended-route. To make the regret to the most, I should be taking medicine in the private college which I was so definitely sure would be accepted to get into but I didn’t even fill in my application form though my parents kept urging me to. Why? What I was thinking on that time? I didn’t do anything until the closing date passed me by. Ahhh complicated! Everything got mixed up! Geee I miss biology when to remember about this. Biology is fun, really!

Well, let bygone be bygone. Though I cried of blood now, I won’t be able to turn back the times right? Everything happens for reasons. Even though I have been focusing towards the cons but still the pros are more to be seen. Semua yang terjadi ada hikmah disebaliknya. Berusahalah untuk sentiasa buat yang terbaik dalam hidup kita. Semoga kita sentiasa diberikan petunjuk dan diberikan rahmat olehNya dikemudian hari, InsyaAllah. Well, just to motivate myself and there is where Believe in Al-Qadr can really HELPS! =D

Ouh, don’t get me wrong. I love IT okay except that programming part. Still, IT does make my world go round! =D

8 Replies to “What To Write About?”

  1. ape yg tanda ***** tu??nak tau…of coz la wild guess nih.huhuhuhu…cam lucah je.haha.acah ma labu jer…

  2. Cehhh Kak As nih..Otak 18SX betullahhh..Kena suruh tunang dia ajak kawin cepat nih hahaha =P

    Takde kaitan lah dgn benda tuh sumer. Sajer je wat cenggitu. Rasa mcm tak best kalo tulis. Tapi benda biasa jek kot. Cuba la teka kalau power muahaha ;D

  3. ekekkek…nak kawen la nih.haha.

    urm…alemak…nak teka.tp xde idea lain la.yg tu jer.haha.ok.ok.
    erm…maybe ina nak balik dok mesia.hahahhahaha….tinggalkan asben kat sana.pastu..erm…erm….

    ok,dh kalah.xtau nak teka ape.hahaha….

  4. Panjang benauuu jawapan. Jawapannyer nak keje la. Keje sambilan kt kilang suamiku. Kalo keje tetap susah jugak. Karang org suh wat benda lain kiter g buat benda lain. Tak ke haru? Boss dia pn dok asyik ajak suh keje situ jek. Risau benauuu boss tuh dgn haku hahaha. Tapi tula kena la pandai cakap Jepun dulu. Itula yg payah sekali nak buat. Kalo suh baca buku univ yg tebal2 tu okla jugak daripada kena baca buku nipis tapi tulisan belit2 mcm cacing. Haku pening okay. Dulu mmgla suka sgt n minat sumer pasal Jepun nih. Tapi sejak dah dok sini dah jadi macam dah tak larat okay. Dulu penah blaja Spanish lagi seronot huhuhu. Muy facil! Kak As doakanla haku inih supaya rajin pandai n senang blaja Jepung tuh. Supaya sekali baca dah terus masuk kepala otak hehehe ;P

  5. iena, kita yg g kelas nie pun sampai sekarang tak pandai converse in nihongo. tapi bile tgk tv or dgr org cakap, sikit2 fahamler.
    iena, kite tadek lagi emel iena, apsal ek? kite rasa mcm ade.. add kita ek syana140700@yahoo.com 😉

  6. nihongo kan best? i tot so la..dulu i mcm leh cakap sket2 in nihoggo sbb rajin giler belajar..skang ni I cuma ingat kirei..and aishiteru jer..hohoh

  7. ekekkee…bagus tu.keje la.dr dok saja je kan.at least dpt experience skit.blk mesia nnt mestu sume company berebut nak amik Ina keje ,muahaha…..so,kena la blaja ckp jepun.lama2 nnt terer la tuh.memula je gagap.haha.

  8. Syana: Tula Syana, kiter mmg byk blaja through listening. Banyak tgk tv n dgr org ckp. Leh phm sket2 jela. Ckp sket2 yg basic2 n pendek2 tuh leh ler huhu. Kiter byk hafal tapi hafal tulisan tuh je asyik skip. Hmmm mcm mana ni? hehehe

    Mrs. Imran: Helluuu u mood ada ok ini hari? hehe. Ha’ah actually mmgla suka dgn Nihongo. Tapiiiii bila tang bab tulisan ler yg I tak tahan tuh. Actually part ni je yg I rasa maaaalas sket. So bila dh malas jadi susah la. Mebbe sbb I rasa tulisan dia byk kanji kan so mcm tak minat. Mcm blaja lukisan huhu. Agaknyer dulu kecik2 blaja ABC pun rasa mcm ni kot kan..

    Kak As: Baiklah. Nak kena rajin blaja ler nih ;P

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