Tomorrow Is Saturday, Yeay!

Today is Friday again and tomorrow comes beloved weekend =D I haven’t done anything beneficial today because I have spent most of my times today typing pages of messages to reply one of my dear friend’s message. She sent me 1 email and I replied her 4 emails because I have reached the words quota (boleh gitu? hohoho). Aihhh still I have more friends to update to. Just wait okay my dearies, until I get back to you soon, perhaps! =D I am fasting today and yesterday. Actually I haven’t repaid my Ramadhan fasting yet, bad hah? I missed 8 days, so now I have 6 days left to repay. So, what to have for my breaking-fast tonight? I got the lamb defrosted already and I’m thinking of making a lamb soup. Just now suddenly I have this feeling or remembering the taste of a soup with dark-colored, which is obviously mixed with a bit of sweet soy sauce and spicy which must be the small green chilies (hoh sedap sehhh, meleleh air lior haku nih). Also, I can’t stop imagining the taste of air asam, sambal belacan and cencalok??? I don’t fancy cencalok because I don’t like it. But it seems like I feel I can finish it all one bottle in a few days if I there is really a bottle of cencalok in my kitchen now (sehingga menjilat jari sehhh…haih teruk dah nafsu makan nih…nasib baik tak gemuk hohoho). So, I think I will have to check the recipes first. Maybe I can make lamb soup, to be eaten together with, meehoon and air asam? or sambal kicap? ngehehe =P

Still, I haven’t cooked yet and there will be 45 minutes left to break-fast. I’ll eat whatever left in the kitchen first. Bie told me he probably will go party again tonight, gosh! It is because the guy who works in Malaysia branch came back here again since he got things to do in Matsukawa branch. So, Bie couldn’t have said no when everyone else said yes duh~~. More money will be gone! I told him to keep a big crab in his pocket and bring it back then for me to eat, can I? hehehe. I also want to eat the delicious sea foods dishes meh =P Well, after that he said he will bring me to eat sea foods someday. Ouh what do I have in mind? Crab, lobster, oyster, clam, fish, prawn, crab again and lots of crabs geeeee! Ouhhh I’m craving for sea foods help me! I told my mother once when I called her that the first thing I want to do once I get back to Malaysia someday is to eat sea food at sea food restaurant okay hahaha =P

This weekend I’m going to bake something since Regene sent me dozens of apples and 3 kg of wheat flour okay! I have listed down a few recipes and they are apple pie (I’m going to make it 2 times in order to finish up the shortening before it gets expired), black forest cake (in order to finish up the whipping cream), chocolate chip cookies (Yukimi likes it so much, that’s the reason why Regene gave me the wheat flour…well, glad that she liked it =D), peach cobbler, coffee cake and orange cake. So, I will have to select later which ones to do first for this weekend.

Is it because I’m fasting that makes me talks about foods so much or I really am a food freak? Never mind, as long as I know how to control my diet then that will be okay I guess ;P

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