It is maybe about -3 degrees Celsius by now or more than that. It stated in the weather forecast that it was -5 degrees Celsius at 9.00 a.m just now and at 12.00 p.m it will be 1 degree Celsius. So now, it is already 10.00 a.m sharp so that’s why I assume I should take the middle number.

Actually I have just done with the laundry job and now my fingers and toes are aching. First, I got the problem to open the sliding door and was about to call Bie to angrily ask him what has he done with the sliding door (since he broke something at the sliding door the other day) and already about to climb the cupboard in order to get out. Fortunately after a while I managed to open it. Only then I realized it got stuck by hard frozen snow or I should call it ice already? Secondly, the slipper got glued with the ice on the floor but I managed to pull it finally. Thirdly, during the second wash; the washing machine suddenly got problem to distribute the clothes evenly thus making it keep rinsing and spinning for a few times. In fact, I set it all with the minimum functions in order not to over wash the woolen-made clothes. So, it was already over-washed, great! Fourthly, I have to get my front-covered shoes because my toes were crazily aching while hanging the clothes outside (I was only wearing the slippers…but I was wearing socks too okay). Fifth…errr I think that’s all. Well, just feel like to mention them here but they were all actually just common fiddly situations right =D

Today Bie has started to work as usual. During the holidays we have spent most of our times with watching movies. Of course there were few other things too but not that interesting to be mentioned here (boring ones). On last Sunday it was snowing since the night before that until the Monday morning. The peak was during the Sunday morning until afternoon when the snow was falling heavily. I asked Bie to get out during the afternoon but he insisted to wait until the evening and that was when the heavily snowing has already came to a stop =P At first, we played with the snow inside the house. I grabbed some snows from outside the window and from the balcony and threw them to Bie. He fought back by putting some iced-snow into my shirt okay! It was fun that we ran and raced towards each other in our little house and at the same time trying to mind our steps not to be too loud. Ouh of course there were a few slights screaming and Bie who was the one being over-excited okay! =P Still, we went out after Asar prayers to the suppas down the hill and the one nearest to the house. We really enjoyed our evening walk despite the extremely cold environment. It was all white, fresh, slippery, gloomy, foggy, grey and white environments along the path. It was snowing slightly all the time and we played by throwing snows towards each other during walking. Bie enjoyed slipping (or should I say skating?…erm maybe no) himself with his boots by walking on the iced-snow while I myself enjoy crashing the soft untouched snow with my footsteps hehehe =D We also took pictures and enjoyed the scenery from above the hill side. Well, that was the peak snowing day at our place and the snow got about over 30 cm heights.

We went to Smile and Kiraya and bought a few baking utensils and groceries and headed back towards home along the same path. We stopped at the bridge and played with the snows on the stairs. Luckily not many people got out on that day so we managed to play happily like kids without being shy. I love to play okay. Even until now if my younger brother asked me to play hide-and-seek or run-and-catch, I would play and be the one who is over-excited =P Well, then we reached home and after Maghrib prayer we went out again to the A-Coop to buy some more groceries. Again, we headed home after that to keep the groceries we bought then we went out again and this time heading to the trainees’ house. It was funny that there was a big ugly snowman in their compound but still I got a picture with it though =P We got to know that they played with the snow during in the morning when it was snowing heavily. Geeeee that must be a lot more fun! We had a bowl of mung bean porridge there and got off after a while. Only after that we went home again and played with the snow at the back of our mansion building. Actually there is an NDK Company small parking area at the back of our mansion, so we played there. Funnily, every time a car passing by, we would hurriedly stand still and stopped playing hahaha =P Seems like the area wasn’t touched at all and we really did play like rolling and falling ourselves on the wide snow bed, including making human butterflies until all my joints, toes and hands aching. Only after that we got into the house and ran towards the heater. I got my hips and toes itchy and reddish. Honestly, Bie actually didn’t really want to play with the snow but since I really wanted to play so he has to accompany me. He did it all for the sake of me =P Thanks by the way, but still I will want to play again if its going to snowing again ;D It was a very wet and tiring day but still, very fun to me =D

On the Monday, we didn’t go anywhere. My legs and backs were still aching. Might be all the joints and veins were shocked with the coldness of the day before that. I just bake a cheesecake but unfortunately the inpatient me straightly turned the cake onto a plate once it was still hot and got out from the oven. Then, we thought that it should be put back on the baking tin so Bie turned it back onto the tin and at last tadaa! It has already penyek okay! Hahaha there went my cheesecake =P I have read that in order to have a marvelous cheesecake, we have to leave the cheesecake 1 hour in the oven after baking with the pane slightly open in order to smoothly cool it down. Then, we need to keep the cheesecake in the fridge for the best of 24 hours before serving it. I thought the steps weren’t necessary but now it seems like a BIG MUST step to be considered while baking cheesecake. Of course maybe I shouldn’t have to wait until 24 hours before I can eat it right =D The cake was delicious only that I put in so much lemon juice that made it tasted quite sourly. The recipe said to put juice of 1 lemon. Might be the lemon I used was big or very sour. So, may be next time I just need to put in juice of 1/2 lemon. Hmmm…

Lastly, on yesterday I made chilled blueberry cheesecake and it is still in the fridge now. I will wait until after 8.00 p.m tonight then only I will have a slice of it and see how it taste like. I think this one I should keep it in the freezer for a while before eating it. You will know why. Should be yummy after all the hassles taken! Perhaps!

Okay, that’s all. I will update with the pictures of the beautiful grey and white village sceneries I took and the cakes later. There is a problem now and I can’t transfer the pictures from the camera. So, have a good time to all and myself.


My balcony.

In front of my house, when the ice starts to melt.

The village scenery from above the hill. My house is on the hill or should I say mountain foot???

My penyek cheesecake =P

Still edible tho. Taste delicious eaten together with pear and strawberry.

4 Replies to “Brrrrrrrrrr!”

  1. Hi YOU!!
    How are you?? Im now at work having nothing to do but internet-surfing,so Im having a look at your blog!
    It looks so cold in your place Rina.I’m sure you are enjoying the snow experience over there. Nara isnt that cold yet. We have no snow at the moment, so its not that bad I guess. The kuih that you made look sooo yummy! I used to bake a lot but lately I have no time to do it..anyway, I will email you later k.
    Keep warm, kirim salam to ur hubby ok!
    Assalamualaikum mariko

  2. Waalaikumussalam. Hye Mariko I’m fine here! Happy new year to you and how was your holiday or should I say trip? to HK, NZ and where else? Surely it was great right =D Anyway, yup it is so cold here but still I really enjoy the weather despite of all the fiddly circumstances…brrrrr ;P. I have had enough being in hot and humid environments for 23 years. (I’m from Malaysia remember? hehehe ;D). So I better enjoy the somber cold winter while I still can ;P. That’s why laaa Mariko..if we live near to each other surely I can bake something for you tauuu. Nevermind, I will bake and eat them for you lah okay ;). Do take care always. I look forward to hear from you soon. All best wishes to you =D. Wassalam.

  3. hye there, i blog hopped fr Kak Naddy’s page and realized i’ve been here before!

    cheesecake is my ultimate weakness. kalau merajuk/marah, hand me a slice and i’m good to go! ur cake looks tempting tho..yum yum!

  4. Hye Naya, I have been to ur blog too before tau ;D

    Yup cheesecake tuh sedap sgt walaupun ugly huhu. Seems like I have to practice making more cheesecakes lorrr ;P

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