Okay at last I got myself some times to update this bloggie. It is 9.25 a.m of Saturday morning and I am awake! It just that I hold myself not to sleep back after Bie went to work. Yup, he is working today okay. I was misheard him the other day and I thought his holiday would last until tomorrow, Sunday. But the fact is, he started to work back yesterday and today and will be holidaying again tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. The Monday is because the company will be holidaying, whereas for the Tuesday will be the holiday regarding his birthday. His birthday is actually on July 9th, and this coming Tuesday is January 9th so that will be 6 months sharp towards his real birth date. It happens that the company gives everyone 2 birthday holidays and they can take any day on the 2 particular weeks as holidays. So, as the 6 months earlier pre-birthday holiday, Bie will be taking this coming Tuesday off. Confused right? At first it sounds ridiculous or weird to me. I knew about the birthday holiday but I didn’t know about the birthday holiday not on the exact birthday date. But whatever! Who doesn’t loves holidays right? ;D anyway the company is always being different than other companies. Or maybe each company has its own weirdness or should I call it specialties?

Well, it is snowing heavily like crazy outside okay and I hope it will be heavier and continuing until the night! But………….why there isn’t any trace of snow at all in the balcony arghhh huhuhu =( So how do I want to play with the snow? Bie is at work and I’m scared by the time he got back in the evening the snow will melt or stop snowing already. I want to be in the snow rain okay. Anyway I told Bie just now in the morning let’s go play with the snow tonight. I hope he won’t forget. Hope the snow blanket will be very thick too hehehe. For your information, we are living in an apartment house. In Japanese it is called apatto. But the one we are living in is usually called mansion. Okay the latter sounds wealthy right? =P This one we are living is seems like having a condominium concept which usually the maintenance and all being well taken care by the landlord. Mansion is also a new concept of apatto which is more modern in many aspects. This building is built with electric-driven house concept. By simple words, everything in the house is control by electric and we also have electric panel in the house which we can use to set the water temperature and so on (I don’t really know about this since we rarely use it but I know it can do many things). Since mansion is usually a new building, it is more stable in many aspects and stronger to stand on the earthquake jolts since it is also built with earthquake-proof technology. Almost all buildings in Japan are built with earthquake-proof technology but of course the latter built building, the newest technology it used and the stronger it would be.

Back to the main story, this building has 3 stories and each story has 2 units of house. The stair is in the middle and the houses will be on the left and right. Ours’ is in the middle floor and on the left, beside the road. Our mansion is a small unit house built specially for only 1 or 2 persons to stay in or I can say that it is not actually a family house okay. It just like the ones you can always see in the Japanese movie. We only have 1 living room cum bedroom cum dining room, a kitchen, a toilet, a dry washing area, a bathroom and a balcony. Each area divided by a door (even the house is small but we have many doors in the house okay hohoho). Actually, the main point I want to highlight here is there is none kids living in this mansion and all other units lived by single mans who I even hardly seen their faces except from peeking through the door hole okay. So, there would be no kids playing with snow in the car park and so that means I would look extremely over-excited if I play alone or even with hubby in the car park area duh~~~ So again, that’s why I asked him to play with me during the night =D Ouhhh I am hoping we will be moving to a bigger house with at least small compound area =P

Ah enough with the snow crap. During the holidays we didn’t go anywhere in fact we really did get snug together in the futon all the times watching movies non-stop after one another on the couch. Full stop. Okay of course besides being sulked with him again and all duh~~~ Last night out of a sudden we got into a husband-and-wife heart-to-heart talk. So, I did burst out everything to him. Well you know, woman talks a lot right? As usual, man chose to speak out the main points and being silent all the times. At last, it just ended hanging on the air because he already tired with the hearing and also I was already tired with the talking =P Okay whatever, at least we let everything out from the heart. Consequently, it lessens the pain in the ass. Whose ass by the way? hehehe =P Ouhhh OF COURSE we love each other so much so that’s why we did so =D =P Don’t get me wrong. Still loves each other to the bits and will always do ;D

Ouhhh it already has stopped snowing! Why so fasttt? Geeeee…worst! It is actually raining now okay! There goes my snow blanket, melting. Well, still I hope it won’t disappoint me and will be enough snow for us to play tonight though huhuhu. =( =( =( Okay, I think I better update my recipes later as soon as possible before it really gets piled up and do something more serious and needs more concentration today. What is it? Ah I don’t like to say it out =P =P =P

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