More Times To Get Snug Together!

After 10th times looking at the previous template I used, I thought it was horrible and now I have successfully changed the template and it is green! Save the earth! Green is good for the eyes you know. Maybe by looking at my blog frequently, I can cure my eyesight then hohoho. Non-sense! Okay among the tons blog skins available I chose this skin directly after I saw it. Actually I have seen this skin before and I liked it, so I didn’t want to waste my time so just chose this one. I made few changes with the template arrangements and quite satisfy with them now. Only for the picture on the top right side I didn’t know how to make it center and for comment pop out page I didn’t know how to change the skin geeeee! Is there anyone who can help me and tell me how? =D =D =D

Anyway today is the coldest day and it is sooo windy since the dawn time! Bie said it was snowing slightly in the afternoon. But the snow immediately melted once it touched the ground. So, it is really going to start snowing this time. I’m expecting more snow in coming days. Well, it won’t be snowing like in the Hokkaido. It has been snowing for so long already in there and I saw in tv the snow got mounted everywhere covering the house and the cars hehehe. Poor they have to shovel the snow from time to time. But still, so much fun though with all the snow surrounded regardless of the coldness! Ouh, I saw in tv yesterday a farmer who has an apple farm in Hokkaido has to screw and support his apple trees in order to avoid the trees from cracking because of the coldness. I felt funny because I never thought about trees also could be drilled and attached by bolts like the building! New discovery huhuhu =P

Hmmm Bie isn’t at home now, as I said before he is out for Year End Party. Most probably he will be coming home very late tonight like may be at 2.00 a.m to 3.00 a.m or may be later than that arghhh! Haihhh I wonder how many places will they go tonight? Poor Bie has to join them too until late at night but still he could eat all the delicious foods mehhh! I’m sure Bie will have good times with them even though there would be many things he couldn’t eat and do. As for me, I just ate rice with seaweed and tuna. I didn’t want to roll them into sushi because previously my sushi rolls were ugly and I even needed looong time just to make 1 suhi roll heh. My hands got fully stick with rice and everything was messed all over the pantry. So, what I did just now, I just scooped a few rice into a bowl and mixed it with a pinch of salt. Put in a few tuna with mayonnaise and then I cut a piece of seaweed into smaller stripe pieces and tossed them on the rice! So that was my dinner tonight prepared in only 5 minutes!

*****Phone ringing…..

Okay, it was Bie and he said he will be coming back very late maybe at 3.00 a.m. I told him to be careful while walking back home from the train station and don’t forget to use the torchlight. Yup, torchlight okay!

*****Phone ringing again…..after 10 minutes…..

Okay, Bie called again just now and he said it was snowing and told me to look outside. I opened the sliding door and brrrrr the freezing cold air blown right to my face! I couldn’t see anything because it is pitch dark outside and the area of our village is lack with road-side lamps okay! My grandmother’s village is much better than this place duh~~~. Well, I did feel something falling to my face and hey it was snow! Yeah, it is snowing very very slightly outside and I barely could see them. Geeeee I just went out for 5 minutes and my hands are still feeling numb because of the coldness. I will try to go outside at the balcony again after this. Of course Bie is in Iida and I’m now in Matsukawa, 2 different places. Maybe it is more snow falling in Iida. Geeeee I’m talking like a monkey who never eat banana duh~~~

By the way, Bie will start with his year end’s holiday tomorrow until next weekend. At first we planned to go to Tokyo to renew Bie’s passport and go to Disneyland, but now it seems like we have to postpone the plan. The passport can’t be renewed now and has to wait until at least 6 months before the passport expire, so maybe we will be going to Tokyo on August 2007. Hmmm isk isk, there goes my Disneyland dream tour huhuhu. So, what are we going to do this holiday besides having more times to get snug together? =D huhuhu

On this weekend maybe the trainees will want to held a small Hari Raya Aidil Adha Celebration party at their house. If the plan is confirmed, I will have to bake something to bring there. So, I’m thinking of making Coffee Cake, Apple Strudels Muffin (Regene said it was delicious) and also fruit pudding maybe. So… that’s all for today’s entry.

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