New Lame Colors ;)

See..I have changed the background color, the font’s colors and also use smaller font size. It looks quite plain, boring, pale and etc. but I like it more this way. Rather than the previous colors, it looked cheerful, interesting, highlighted and etc. but I didn’t like it. I’m sorry if anyone reading this will find it difficult and a bit uncomfortable to read since I have slightly shrank the font’s size. Use a magnifying glass then if you need to do so, that will help =D =D =D. Nahhh…it is just a plain ordinary individual blog, there are lots more interesting reads you can find so no need to make hard of yourself just to read my non-sense babbles hehehe.

So, it is really a wet and gloomy day today, since the dawn until now. I thought of hanging the clothes outside again because since yesterday they didn’t completely dry yet but they end up hanging in the house now. I was hardly dragged myself out of bed in the morning since my head felt very heavy like it made of stone, I dreadfully forced my eyes to open and my body felt restless too. After hubby went to work I slipped under the futon and curled myself to sleep again. It must be from yesterday and last night’s little project. I didn’t rest yesterday since I got many things to run and I even made cookies last night. Bie gave a big help too and he even missed his animes session because he fell asleep on the couch. Poor him, but he looked cute though geeeee 😉 He slept still and been deeply into the snooze land last night. He was already tired when he got home after work but still gave out hands though. As for me I ended up sleeping at 1.00 a.m since I have to wait for the cookies to cool down before keeping them into the plastic cookies container. I found that baking cake was easier and faster than making cookies. However, we satisfied with the result came out of the oven! Both chocolaty enthusiasts did enjoy the cookies this morning. Crunchy and sweet! =) What cookies that I made? Will post it up together with the cake that I’m going to give a try tonight!

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  1. – aku rasa2 laaa… ko makin raBun laa.. yek laa, dh br tuKau spekmAta katakan.. tu kena tukau tulisan blog ko ekkk.. tak yah kata org lain ada mslh nk baca laa.. ckp ko jek yg ada mslh nk baca blog sendiri.. huaahauuaaa..
    – ko dh tak buat kueh keria lg ker?? klu buat, bg laa sket kat rika tu..:p

  2. Teo: Shut up la you! Tak habis2 kuih keria =P =P =P

  3. hi ina..hows japan? thinking of going there la..but no fulusssss..waaaa

    hehe..neway the font just fine..(my eyes lainyer tatau la..hee)

    neway are u using trebuchet normal size? hee cam familiar jer…

    p/s: ada sesapa nk try HL tak? Ehe.

  4. ho ho ho..
    ina marah…ina marah..
    aku ske..aku ske..skenya aku ina marah..
    marah lg ina..biar cepat tua..tak dpt cucu lg dh jadik tua….ho ho ho…

  5. Mrs Imran: Hi! I’m fine here n now at my place it starts to snow. Brrrr sejuksss! Takper..u kan sekarang nih dh jadi tauke HL jugak mcm Iza nnt sure leh dapat byk fulusssss. At tat time u terbang je memana u nak ehehehe. Huwaaa tula I arituh dh nak beli dh HL kt Iza. Tetiba byk plak hal remeh-temeh yg menyusahkan usaha nk beli HL tuh. I tade akaun Maybank. Akaun BCB takleh pakai plak sbb tade TAC code. Nk pinjam duit parents ehek mmg tamau ler sbb dh ada laki kan. Nak pos duit mmg boleh tp leceh n service cost je dh mahal. So I rasa maybe balik Mesia br I beli. Instead of beli skrg pastuh stop. Better I beli nnt pastuh consume berterusan. Beli banyak2 terus muahaha. Tapi tatau ler bila nk balik nyer tuh huhu cedih! Ha’ah I guna Trebuchet. Pastinya familar gitu kok dimana2 pc pun bisa ada ini font loh. Kidding! I guna smaller size kot. Font kiter sama kan??? 😉

    Teo: Elehhh buang karan je marah kau. Apalah sgt setakat nk marah ko tuh. Kehadiran ko umpama lalat2 yg berterbangan ajek. Yang dtg tak dijemput. Pergi tak berhantar. Ahahaha kutukan yg ganas. Lawak jela. Jangan merajuk plak ek. ;P

  6. oh ok…hmm kalau overseas ni mmg susah sket la…hehe..hey nnt mana tahu i gi Jepun..i bawak satu kontena HL supply utk u okkkk…u sediakan wang sahaja..i do accept payment in yen..ehehe

    neway kengkawan u lain tanak try HL? and trebuchet tu..entahla..i tkpernah tahu sebelum i jumpa dia kt blogger tu ha..hehe

    i cuma tahu trebuchet yg main perang2 kat AOE…err hubby u main AOE tak?

  7. Hubby I tak layan game la. Ouh thank God for that! PS2 kat umah nih pun dah melapuk usang berabuk jek. Nway mmg I slealu promote HL kt kwn2 I eventhough I tade kaitan dgn HL hoho. If I know anyone yg mmg nak I will let u know okay. Tapi komisyen nya kok jgn dilupa dong hehe ;P

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