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Hmmm, what a boring day huh? It is a very fine Saturday and the weather is very beautiful but unfortunately Bie has to work today. Actually I have set in mind to go out to make a new pair of spectacles for myself since the one I’m wearing actually broken. I glued the glass and just imagine how ugly I looked wearing it. Suddenly yesterday the boss told that the factory will function as usual and he asked who couldn’t come to work today. No one raised their hand so, Bie didn’t raise his hand too larrr! This year the company’s production has become low, so that’s why they struggle to inccrease their production to reach their target before the end of the year. Never mind, working on weekend means the salary will be doubled and so, more money will be earned right?

Well, yesterday I made foolish live drama of myself okay. Bie ordered speaker’s stands and the electric shop would send them by yesterday’s evening between 4.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m. Actually, they called earlier and Bie told them to come between 5.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m after he finished working. So to make the story short, they happened to come about 15 minutes before 5.00 p.m and so I have to take and pay to them. It was showed on the bill that I have to pay 15038 Yen, so I handed him 20000 Yen. Then if I’m not mistaken he asked me for might be some smaller Yens to pay for the 38 Yen part. Then the BLUR ME slumberly said no need to pay larrr for the 38 Yen because I was thinking like he was the one who supposed to give me the 38 Yen instead of me paying to him. What was I thinking?!!! I didn’t know that myself but all in all at last I managed to pay it and only realized about the SILLY act I made after Bie came back. I told him the whole story then he also confused of me by saying like what the heck happened to you?~~~ That was the time when I realized it. I was already annoyed earlier for being have to get into between-chicken-and-duck like conversation and so, hell of it I didn’t understand anything! All I could do was assuming and guessing. What a mental torched okay! Then I felt more like shit when I realized about the silliness of me and even worse when to think back what would the man thought of me. Okay even I do realize my mistake but how I could tell him by words anyway? So, the whole good mood was killed last night. I ended up calling my friends after that and feeling bit better though.

Duh~~~ when it comes to these kinds of things I will feel like ouhhh I have already lost my mind for letting myself stuck in this whole sucks life! I am rotting here, please safe me arghhh!!! Once in a month, it will be normal for me to have a rest after a month of being pretending to be cool, slumber, strong, relax and patient towards my everyday life. So, once in a month the tank will be loaded and burst and so, just like yesterday since I couldn’t bear them anymore. Actually, I do want to look my life with a positive perspective, but after all I am a human from other side of the world so there were sometimes so many uncommon things that tend to irritate me. So, I do feel tired and boring sometimes okay. Especially when the should be harmless teensy-weensy little thing also could turn into troublesome huge matter, that are what sicken me the most! Ouhhh I am a duck and I do quack!, and I hate chickens for their cuckoos!!!

Seriously I need a motivation and inspiration here. May be I should read more about positive mind thinking, laughter as best medicine =D, ignorance as best life principle =D, how to have a stoned-heart and being heartless =D =D =D and so on and so forth muahaha!

Okay enough about that. After awhile I’m thinking of changing my blog’s skin since now it is too perfectly arranged, schematic, neat and so on. So, I want to lessen those qualities hohoho. Well, will work on it after if I found a suitable skin and not lazy to make the changes though. Hmmm-hmmm okay ciao!

PS: Please.. no funny and annoying comment for this entry okay. Thanks!

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  1. – Rainning (nama lain bg rinny, dulu aku panggil ina jek)..aku tak paham tang PS: Please.. no funny and annoying comment for this entry okay. Thanks!!!
    – aku tak nak komen laa..nk kutuk jek..

  2. iena~ sangatlah faham ape iena rasakan. ” cube nak jadik kuat walhal sebenaunyer dalam hati Allah jer yang tahu”

    kite pun baru nak masuk 3 bulan kat sini and tinggal 3 bulan lebey kurang utk kite kat sini. tapi kadang2 rasa sunyi jugak. kawan? sure~ ade. kawan2 hubby kawan2 kite jugek. jiran2 tetangge pun berkawan2 jugek. but sometimes its tiring kan. rasa nak balik n just sembang2 dengan kawan2 lama yg kite sengih pun dia dah faham ape kite sengihkan. kite pun tabahkan hati tapi kadang2 bila sorang2 tak tahan jugak. ppl akan kate… “alahai sedih plak dia, at least u kat nihon deyy syana”. tapi cube diorang bayangkan pulak dok terperap kat umah. tatau nak sembang ngan sape, hubby sibuk (dont blame him sikit pun), tatau nak cakap jepon thus enjoyin tv show is out of text. hehe~ bleh depress kan? ;p tapi bila iena dah jumpe rentak hidup kat nihon mesti iena akan rasa lebih lapang dada~ u will someday soon 🙂

    kengkadang hubby kite pun terlupe agaknye yg kite tak paham bahase jepon. and ofkos iena pun musti cam kite yg tgh berkobar2 nak carik duit sendiri, nak jadik independent. jaki tgk kawan2 dah keje. hehe~ dah biasa aktif independent and bila sampai sini n terpakse jadi dependent.. huhu amatlah memerlukan kesabaran. nak tanye pasal barang kena suh hubby tanyekan. nak makan2 kat luar kena tgg hubby translatekan. nak sebut nama tempat tak betul.. huhu~ tensi! kalu kat mesia dah lama tanye sendirik. independent~ i miss my dependency towards nobody. huhu~

    bersama-sameler kita bawak bersabar ok. make the best out of anything n everything we have. Allah tak akan duga kita kalau Dia tahu kita tak mampu. ini jalan yg kita pilih and inilah dugaan yg akan menjadikan kita lebih kuat~

    *hugs for us both* ~ :)u are not alone.

  3. – mak aii, syana tulih komen mcm tulih blog plak…ko bg jek la dia buat blog plak kt blog ko..rasa2 blog dia tu dh abih space kot…hik3..jgn marah ekk…

  4. before i start, i want to say sorry if my comment here make you a little bit angry or what. but, i hope you take it as a motivation in yourlife.well, everybody need to be motivate right? so be tough!actually, i cant understand the 15000.038 Yen? i think you made another mistake, since the yen dont have any cent like others most currency. the japanese only count as 1 Yen which is write like 1 Yen only, not 0.01 Yen. This is quite simple lesson, but dont be fool by this simple basic knowledge. another thing is, you said that you not happy staying in japan which all is difficult for you. need somebody to help you to translate, need somebody to read, need somebody to write and you cannot do nothing? i tell you, why not u take a japanese class? i think the best way to stay in japan, is to know their language, their culture, and their living. you cannot ask the japanese to understand your languange, say like english. think this simple, if we want to stay in the comunity, we must learn and follow the comunity way. not the other way. there are so many ways to learn japanese. you can attend a japanese class while your husband go to work. i think you dont have any big responsibilty yet like having your own child or working part time. you have a plenty of time which can be fulfill with STUDY. if you say, yes im going to study japanese. but why dont you start it now? why need to stay and let the time goes after you? dont wait until tomorrow to do something good. it just a big waste. and dont make mistake and blame our own mistake to others. sometime we need so sacrifice, to blame the mistake to ourself. even do, it is difficult to accept, but we are just a human who cant run from making mistake. trust me, its not cute if we make mistake and point to other person. it just made us not only fool, but double fool. and i hope you accept my opinion as motivation for you to prepare yourself staying in japan. be tough and smart. do good be good. stay cute, and be motivated person. -smile-

  5. Syana: Thanks dear. We are in the same shoe! Lets make the best for ourselves. Hugs~~~

    Teo: Yeahhh you make my day too, bestfriend. Thanks zillionth to you duh~~~ =P =P =P =D hehehe

  6. -giler laa RIKA YUKI tu..tp ko lagi giler laa ina..reply komen mcm buat blog..aku punya laa nk paham apa korang berdua merepek..siap print lagi..ha ha ha.. mcm bodo jek.. tp tak da’ laa bodo.. bley jugak tahu sket2…(“,”)
    – aku ingatkn RIKA SUMANTO td..ho ho ho..
    – agak2 klu aku kutuk RIKA tu dia phm tak..? ala kutuk dlm bahasa meSia jek..aku grenti dia tak paham..

  7. Teo: Hehehe aku mmg suka tulis panjang2. Tak la suka pun tapi aku menaip laju n tau2 je dh panjang. Mmg tak reti pendek2. Cikgu BM masa darjah 6 pun takut aku tak sempat siap karangan UPSR hehehe. Ntahler lantak dia la Teo. Aku dh tulih panjang2 kalau tak paham mmg sangap la tuh. Tapi yang penting aku bukan la bodo sangap n bengap. Kadang2 kiter tak buat benda tu bukan maknanyer kiter tak amik tau, taktau or tak reti or tak pk panjang maybe ada sbb lain yg menghalang. Wat apa aku nak paksa diri..baik aku pelan2 je..bukannya aku nk kejar apa pun..dah la aku wat benda yg aku tak suka. Kadang2 apa yg kiter tulis tu tak cukup nk gambarkan keadaan sebenar. Jadi jangan sesenang sesuka teh o ais limau je nk mengadili seseorg. ;P hehehe

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