I Am Alone

Okay this is going to be a quite short one. Can I make it short? We will see. Bie isn’t at home now since he went for a party with his department’s colleagues right after work. He went home to take a bath, change his clothes and pray. One of the colleagues in their department came back for 2 weeks holidays in Japan and will be going back to Malaysia on the December 24th. So, they are throwing out a party for him to celebrate his presence, kind like a re-union party to say the most. Then on next week there will be another party to be held called Year End Party to be exact. (I named it myself). Can’t they just combine them both? Still, today is already in the end month of the year. It doesn’t give any difference for me though between this week and next week. They are really party animal. The party is held in a restaurant in Iida City and Bie took a train to go there alone himself. His colleagues also didn’t drive and leave the car at home first. Why? Because they will be crazily drunk at the end of the party tonight so it won’t be safe to drive okay. Actually, Bie didn’t really want to go though but partying is a part of Japanese culture to celebrate special occasions, I must say. It won’t be nice and awkward if he refused to go since the bosses would be going too. Well, as for me I think it is a waste of money since he won’t be able to eat everything but still he will have to share the bill though. Of course they will order something different just for him okay. I reminded him to beware of the foods and don’t eat them if he feels suspicious. (Actually he already knew that). I just scared if any of the colleagues will play a prank on him like one of his friends once got.

Honestly to say, I can’t really think right now and my mind is in a very slow mode. Arghhh! I don’t know what to cook for tonight and I did search for some simple recipes from All Recipes but still nothing caught my attention. Even a few of them that I browsed which actually I found interesting required me to have a few ingredients that actually I don’t have by now. some are very simple indeed to prepare but still going to take time to bake them and Bie will be coming back late already then. Huh! So what to eat tonight? I forgot to take out the chicken from the fridge and I don’t know how to defrost it using the oven duh!!! So..I just plan of making tuna sushi and plum onigiri then but..there is still BUT okay, Bie doesn’t really like sushi. I mean I can only make tuna sushi okay so there will be no variety and he doesn’t really like the plum. Hmmm seems like I will have to cook fried rice for lunch tomorrow. Never mind, I will just make the onigiri and sushi for tonight since he must be full and tired already by the time he comes back. I did make a few changes in my blog and I think I just want to keep my recipes in here rather than in the Fotopages because I’m not zealous enough to update so many things everyday. Well, quite satisfied already with the look of my blog except for the comment page since I didn’t know yet how to change the layout.

Just now when I was in the toilet, right after about 1 hour Bie went out; somebody pushed the intercom. I was in the middle either wanted to go out or not. Actually, I didn’t want to okay, but still I went out slowly and looked at the intercom screen to see who it was. I managed to see if I’m not mistaken a lady with a short hair, wearing brown jacket and she said moshi-moshi though. She was already turned back when I saw her. So, first thought got into my mind was a police officer. Why? Because she was very smartly dressed and her hair was short plus I don’t think there is female colleague in Bie’s department though. If she really happened to be a police, I hate it okay. Don’t you have any other important things to do instead of asking me too much questions? I am not an illegal immigrant duh~~~ and I am so annoyed enough to entertain you bahhh~~~! What a very pathetic country. Well, actually there wasn’t any police came to my house yet before but there were some polices came to the trainees’ houses a few times to ask these and that to check whether they got in here legally or not. Yeah, the police wasn’t rude or whatsoever in fact they were being super-duper friendly but still.. I am hoping that they won’t come to my house. I feel annoyed already imagining the questions. Please, go and do other important works okay. Well, may be now I am thinking and assuming too much already. But, might be it wasn’t a police right? (Deyyyyy apesalll suka pening2 kan kepala sendiri??? Adehhh sakit la macam ni dowh! Cepat tua la mcm ni! Cepat berkedut-kerepot la jawabnyer!) Hah~~~ really really really not in the mood and not eager to do anything at all. Why? I also don’t know.

Ouh yeah before I forgot, in the morning when I was still asleep alone suddenly I was awaked by a sudden rapid shake. I wasn’t sure what it was because I was still in blur and shocked of course. At first I heard like something rumblings in the house, might be it was the tv, drawers, bookshelves or heater that moved. Then it followed by a sudden rapid shake that made me instantly woke up and sit! Actually, it was so fast but still I was so in shocked. My heart was thumping fast. At the first thought of course I thought it was earthquake. The clock showed it was already 11.00 a.m and I could continue to sleep if I want, but I didn’t. I took a sneak peek outside to see whether there was any people running for lives but still it was so calm outside. I checked the news if there was any announcement saying about earthquake even though I knew of course there weren’t any news yet if there was really an earthquake happened. (Menggelabah la kan.. sia-sia je buat keje mengarut meraban pagi2 heh!) So the conclusion was, might be it was just the common sudden short earthquake and if it really was; that was my first time. If it actually wasn’t, then there must be the huge lorry driver or trailer lorry driver who was driving like maniac!!! (My house is beside the road, and I could feel the vibration every time the gigantic lorry passing rapidly beside my house).

It isn’t short, is it? duh~~~~~

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  1. – pergg..giler laaa..klu cam ni ko kata short..yg long cam na plak..atau dlm bahasa meSia..”klu cenggini ko mem”blog” dgn pendeknya..klu yg panjang cam na plak ekk”…aaa..tak nak pk…
    – hmm..ZEALOUS tu apa ekk?? tak paham aku..tu bahasa mesia ke..bahasa omputih??? ker bahasa omputih yg org meSia yg dok kat jepun guna…..
    – ko penah minum sake???

  2. Teo: Aku malas nak jawab. Ko pun dh tau kan jwpn2 dier. Kalau tatau carikla kat bawah tudung saji ke sure ada hehehe 😛

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