Nothing Unordinary

As usual, nothing much happened today in fact much more less than ordinary. I sat in front of PC once I got up from sleep until now. Yup of course there were a few common agendas in between, no need to mention them. Early in the morning after the Dawn prayer, Bie went to the trainees’ house when the atmosphere was still in solid dark and the day hasn’t yet begun. The environment was still quiet, slightly raining that hasn’t stopped since last night and overwhelmed by dreadfully thick fog. Even the day was already bright at 8.00 a.m, I could see the thick fog that nearly erased the visibility towards the neighbor’s house in front of mine. That was my first time seeing the real thick fog of winter.

Anyway, Bie has to follow Namiki-san to Nagoya since the trainees have already finished their 6 months training and would be going back today. There were 7 of them, but 4 others would remain here since they haven’t completed the 6 months training yet. At the same time, 7 other new trainees arrived today’s morning, which departed last night from Malaysia. So, from sending the 7 previous trainees and fetching the 7 new ones, they came back to Nagano and arrived here at the noon. Bie didn’t come back for lunch since he got to settle the trainees’ immigration matters, applied alien registration card for them, got them settled at the trainees’ houses, taught them these and that, went to office, waited for the new bed and so on and so forth. He didn’t call me at all that made me call him after Maghrib. Hishhh!

Well, I wasted the whole day configuring my shout box HTML codes in fact I could only do that for less than 15 minutes or even less than that! Arghhh! Last time when I installed the shout box, I kept the HTML codes in the PC. After noticing Eleena’s message that told me my shout box got something wrong with it so I decided to open the HTML codes file to copy and paste in order to replace the old one. I thought, might be the codes were accidentally changed that made it functioned wrongly. Every time I did the copy and paste things, some of the codes would be gone, didn’t appear, slightly changed and bla bla bla and I kept doing the same thing again and again. I even examined the codes lines and wrote them back wherever they came out wrong. The efforts were no to avail. At last, I decided to try installing the new one by generating the new codes all over again according to the step by step instructions. Once got it, I copied-pasted and the shout box functioned without any hassle at all. Warghhhhhhhh! (Siapakah yang tidak bijak di sini??? Jawabla sendiri ye!)

Hmmm Bie has already asleep now. He said he only wants to sleep for a while since he is so worn out but he end up can’t get awake. He hasn’t had his dinner and brushed his teeth yet. Why he always like this haaa? I always told him not to sleep yet if he hasn’t performed Isya’ prayer, brushed his teeth and had his dinner. I don’t really mind about the dinner but not for the first and second matters! Aiya! Luckily he already settled with the prayers. Ahhh but still I want him to brush his teeth too! Yup I am so disciplined within this matter and I can’t skip all the routines that should be done daily. It is such a big problem to me if I don’t do all these daily routine things ESPECIALLY brushing teeth before sleep at night! Bie found me boring in this perspective, he even said, “..ala takyah la strict sgt..macam wajib plak..macam sekolah asrama..bla bla bla..“, but brushing teeth before sleep is so damn important in my life and he as my sleeping partner is COMPULSORY to take serious about this matter =P =P =P.

I don’t like to wake him up because I think this is the hardest task to do in my life ever huhu~. I tried to wake him up just now but as usual he would mumble out all the crappy things. Sometimes, it turned out to be very funny though and I even would talk and ask more without him realizing whatever he was talking about. Then on the tomorrow, I would tell him all the crappy things he said and he would laugh over himself =D. Okay, need to try to wake him up again. Good night huwargh! (…yawning…).

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  1. – hahaha…aku tau sapa yg bijak kat sini..tentulah aku…stakat buat benda tu…hmmm..malas laa aku nk cong…benda basic jek tu..
    – opssss..dah dua mlm aku tak ingat nk gosok gigi..minggu lepas, langsung aku tak gosok na ekk..bley qada’ balik tak???? berkat ker tido aku????

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