Last time, about months ago, we have once discussed about changing our fridge with a bigger one. Near to our home, there is MaMa, a second-hand shop that sells second-hand electrical appliances, furniture, clothes, kitchen utensils and so on and so forth. Actually, not all things are second-hand; there are a few things which are old stocks or items that couldn’t be sold from other shops too. So, Bie went to MaMa to check for a fridge but there weren’t any available at that time. Last month, when we went there again to search for a small cabinet to place our oven a.k.a microwave on it, the staff that already recognized us showed us a fridge which he actually reserved it for us. However, we didn’t interest to buy since the fridge was way too big and too tall. We used to put rice cooker, thermos and blender on our fridge since our kitchen is small and has no other spaces to put other things. Each time we made a renovation; new problems would arise and need to be solved. It just kept cycling like that non-stop.

On last Sunday Bie went to MaMa, since he wanted to look for a stand for his speakers and again the staff asked him whether he wanted the same fridge or not. Might be there weren’t any buyer interested with it. The price put was 11000 Yen but the staff could sell it to Bie for 6000 Yen if he wanted it. When Bie came back and told me, I said NO. Actually, we ourselves do have problems with our already existed fridge since it was too small and on every weekend I would be having problems re-arranging each and every items in it after buying the groceries. So, during lunch hour yesterday when Bie came back to have lunch and perform prayer, he kept talking about taking the huge fridge because the staff offered him a very cheap price. Bie said I can keep foods in there during the summer together with the frying pans and bowls if I want to, no more headaches over not enough space to keep fresh vegetables and fruits, its not easy to get any chance like this anymore and bla bla bla. When I asked him about the thermos, rice cooker and blender, he said why not put the oven on the fridge and the the other three things on the oven’s old place. I was like, “..what???... Then I said, “..tak nak lah! Dahla fridge tu tinggi. Macam mana kalau makanan panas2 jatuh timpa muka? Nak kena panjat2 lagi..Apakah peliknyer manusia letak oven atas fridge..Tak penah dibuat orang..pok pek pok pek pok pek..” That’s it, I was nagging okay! Yup it sounded too harsh and in fact it was quite like a shout yerrr kawan-kawan. Actually, I didn’t mean to talk harsh and be rude to him. Just unintentionally and all out of a sudden because I was shocked with the idea of putting the oven on the fridge! Then, he kept silent at that time and readied himself to go back to work. I kept saying sorry but he just ignored me. While he was putting on his shoes, I hold him and said sorry again then only he said, “ need to shout..just discussing okay..“. Full stop.

On the evening when he came back after work, I greeted him cheerfully and told him to buy the fridge as he wished to (sambil gediks sengih2 macam kerang busuk sebab takot kalau2 dia merajuk lagi ke kan hahaha). After performing Maghrib he went out since he has things to do and suddenly at 6.00 p.m he called and told me to clear the fridge and he will be back in 15 minutes. I was like, “..Haaa sekarang??? Apakah bagus betul lah!..“. I cleared the fridge and to make the story short, we got ourselves the very tall and big second-hand fridge. The condition is still tip-top like a new one, except for there is a long slightly scratch on the middle door. But still, it isn’t obvious unless we examine it carefully. Even if it was broken before surely it has been repaired. Or might be the previous owner sold it because he wanted to move out or buy a new one, I don’t know. Well, the brand is Fujitsu, grayish white in color, smart and even still looks like new. It consists of three main sections or levels which there are a door for each level. The lowest is for vegetables and fruits, the biggest part or the middle level is for beverages, cheeses, sauces and bla bla bla and the top level is to keep frozen foods. Okay actually no need to mention that, everybody knows that right? hahaha. The best part is, it is so BIG and TALL (15 cm shorter than the front door) indeed okay and Bie got to pay for only 4000 Yen! The staff sold it at 5000 Yen and pay 1000 Yen more for our previous fridge, since it was still in good condition so he bought it from us instead of we paid to him =D. So, very cheap huh! (untung nihhh leh lawan fridge LG mak mentua saya yang ada 2 pintu macam almari tu hehehe, tapi yang saya nyer kecik sket la kot tapi tinggi lagi la n takla secanggih mcm mak mentua saya nyer hohoho). Bie said I’m obviously too short than the fridge but still he can’t beat the fridge though (way far than a few more inches wahaha! ;P)

Ohhh last but not least, there was nothing we could do but to place our rice cooker in the hall, next to the cupboard of books and on top of another cupboard of books right next to the heater. Wahaha! What a small house dilemma =P (Next time I will tell more about our house).

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  1. Ina.. pindah ler cari umah besar sket.. ehehe.. rumah kat yani ni pun samalah.. dah 4 tahun dok umah kecik ni. Barang makin bertambah. Sekarang ni kalau nak beli barang kena fikir dulu nak letak kat mana.. memang susah hati betul.

    Sebelum husband akak pegi conference kat spore hari tu.. akak adalah cerita kat dia.. terasa nak beli stand mixer kitchenaid la bila dah balik msia nanti.. Apa dia jawab, baik beli sekarang tapi tunggu dia balik dr Spore dulu, pastu kita beli. Mana tahu kalau kat Msia nanti dah tak terbeli.. mahal sangat.

    Ohh.. nak kena fikirlah pulak nak letak kat mana bila benda alah tu dah beli nanti. Tak nak bagi dia belikan nanti dah tak akan dpt langsung..huwaaa

  2. Aan: Hehe jangan jeles Aan. Biasala mana2 tempat pun ada kelebihan n kekurangan dia. Tapi bestnyer kan kalau ada byk kedai2 2nd hand cmni kat Mesia. Ko wat la bisnes cmni Aan. Sure aku sokmo g kedai ko hahaha ;D

    Kak Yani: Mmg terpk nk pindah rmh tapi wat masa skrg ni dok berdua ok lg. Kalau dh bertambah ahli mmg takleh ler dok sini. Tempat nk letak pampers baby pn dah takde nih. Haihh kena wat family planning betul2 ni hohoho. Lgpn sini dkt sgt ngan tmpt keje 5 minit jln kaki sngla. Kalau nk pindah kene beli keta dulu. Wahhh duit lagi tu! Nasib baik kt sini leh bli keta 2nd hand murah2..

    Hahaha betulll tu Kak Yani. Kalau beli kat Mesia takut mahal sgt pulak tak termampu. Tapi kalau beli skrg tatau pulak mana nk simpan. Pening betul kan. Takpe Kak Yani ada byk masa lagi ni leh pk betul2 b4 dia balik. Yang penting kasik dapat apa yang dihajati. Amin. Doa tu wahaha ;D

  3. – nak beli peti sejuk pun gaduh…tgk aku rileks jek..beli oBen..rasa nk beli…beli, tak payah tanya sapa2..ari tu aku beli tv…tak tanya sapa2..aku beli nasi lemak tiap2 bagi..tak tanya sapa2..murah pon murah..RM 1 jek sebungkus…(“,”)
    – klu keadaan rasa x selesa sgt..pindah lerr..diskass leqlog ngan dia…kot2 pasni anggota keluarga nk bertambah ker…
    – klu nk beli umah..bley gak diskass ngan aku..ckp jek nak jenis mcm mana..nak renobet ker..cuma, rumah setinggan jek aku tak urus..
    – gambo peti tu???? peti tu ngan ko, mana lg tinggi?????

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