It Was FUN!

* * * It supposedly be yesterday’s entry. Sunday, December 10th, 2006.

Wah what a very superb day! The sun shone very bright, the sky was a clear blue sky, the wind blowing very smoothly and of course totally different compared to yesterday, the day was gloomy, cold, wet, and been raining since the dawn till midnight! Last night I was so worn out and gave up after updating few lines of this entry. Yet, I took a very long time for a very short paragraphs since my mental wasn’t able to function efficient enough and moving at a very slow pace duh~~~. Now I feel so refreshed like normally, after a very long sleep and just woke up only in the afternoon. Supposedly, I would be following Bie to his badminton tournament at 8.00 a.m but I didn’t go since I haven’t got enough rest yet. My back and joints were still aching due to yesterday’s outing. Poor Bie he hasn’t got enough rest, after going back from outing on yesterday’s evening, he went to play badminton during the night and went back late at about 10.30 p.m. Unfortunately for him, his cold got worse and had a rough sleep last night. He went out this morning with reddish eyes and nose. Well, actually I wanted to go too to see him play and take pictures of him. Not point to regret now. He only got back at 3.30 p.m and didn’t win the tournament. The tournament was between other badminton hall group in other area, but still within the Matsukawachuo if I’m not mistaken. The game was just for fun though but the winner would still got the trophy. Bie has already asleep after he had dinner and we finished watching Cinta.

I am loaded with updates to be told in here but it looks like I have to summarize everything into one and only highlighted the important ones. I was so busy with everyday chores, plus Regene came to my place, plus I have a few emails to be replied, plus I went out doing something interesting yesterday and only now I have the right time to update. That’s pretty do the summary =D and of course I will update the latter one. Yesterday, I went to see SNOW on the mountain in Komagane city. Komagane is a city where the Kiso mountains of Central Japanese Alps are situated. The mountain which is famous within this area that we went yesterday is named Mount Kiso Komagatake.

We both woke up early in the morning and after we got ourselves readied, we went to the trainees’ house to gather with other four trainees who will be joining us. Actually, we were the ones who joined them okay =P. These guys are working under the same department and since they will be going back within this month, the department decided to give them a treat before they go back to Malaysia. So, of course Bie eventually would be invited because he has to be the translator (besides working as an engineer in NSK Micro Precisions Co. Ltd. Japan, being a translator and facilitator for the trainees from NSK Company of Malaysia branch are also parts of his responsibilities). Whereas me, fortunately be invited too because all the bosses knew I am new to Japan. Well, they are very generous aren’t they? So on yesterday, the boss of their department, Mr. Matsushita, who brought us to Komagane. Unfortunately, it has been raining non-stop since early dawn until midnight.

We went there by Honda MPV of Mr. Matsushita, who fetched us at about 7.40 a.m in the morning. After about 30 minutes riding by car heading to Kamagone city, we stopped at Komagane station to take the bus rides towards the mid of Mt. Komagatoke. We met a few hikers too and have a very friendly talk with them. It took 55 minutes rides through a very narrow and steep route circling the mountain edge. Looking down the steep ravine through the bus window was enough to make me feeling the butterfly in my stomach. I was so worried but I didn’t let myself thinking something bad would happen. Funnily, I recited a few do’as and of course syahadah too hehehe. While being in the bus, being surrounded within the pine forest, I was so fascinated with the beautiful scenery outside. I could see few remaining gold and red leaves trees, greenish icy-cold water running swiftly down the stream and river, the round-shaped river rocks, the icy frozen leaves and sticks and the sad grayish dark environment.

At first from the mountain foot, the air was slightly misty but once we got into the route, the atmosphere was dark and the mist grew thicker too. Until at one point, might be we have got into the clouds since I barely could see down the slope anymore and the visibility was might be less than 20 meters. After a while, the atmosphere became brighter and I could clearly see the sun through the thin clouds. At that point, all I could see was only tall and huge pine trees all around us. Then, we reached the middle of Mount Komagatake that is at the level of 1662 meters of height and waited there for the cable car. We reached there early together with the staffs at about 8.45 a.m. Due to few technical problems, as the cable wire got iced and the cable car door didn’t want to open, at last we managed to get into the cable car at about 9.45 a.m and after 7 minutes we reached the top of Mount Komagatake at the height of 2612 m. We couldn’t see the mountainous view through the cable car window since it was snowing and raining heavily and the window was full with snow.

Actually, there weren’t any other visitor or tourist except the seven of us and one group of hikers who were going to start hiking, and other small groups who were just finished hiking. Most of them are in their 50’s and 60’s but still they are so much fit and healthy. Almost all Japanese elderly people are like that, they look very healthy and younger instead of their age. Once we reached there, we got outside and it was snowing heavily, the wind was so strong, the thick mist covered the view, the visibility was very low, the sky was gloomy and of course we just played with the snow near the exit door at the building. Actually people can play ice-ski and snowboard there too but we didn’t even dare to get lost within the area. Of course there weren’t any people skiing or snowboarding. As for the hikers, it was more challenging to them and yet gave them more pleasure hiking. The weather was so bad and we were scared too to go further than that since we barely could see anything around us. We got back inside and waited a while hoping that the weather would turn calm and in the meanwhile we drank coffee at the cafeteria. The cafeteria owner was so kind enough to serve us free coffee (it cost 450 Yen per cup and of course expensive than other place) and played a video for us showing the 4 seasons scenery of the mountain. Might be because it wasn’t any other people except us, obviously we were foreigner and he felt pity to us towards the bad weather so he decided to pay for us. Due to him, the place would receive peak visitor number during Spring and Fall since the scenery would be the most magnificent during those seasons. Usually tourists will climb the mountain towards the peak at the height of 2956 meters from that base and enjoy sight-seeing there.

After that, we went outside again to take pictures. It was so hard okay. The snow blown right to my face and all I could do, cover my face with both hands. At one time, unexpectedly the snow blown very strong while I was ready to pose, I screamed a bit and Bie ran towards me and covered my face with his body hahaha (seriously it was like Bollywood movie scene! Kelakar wehhh ingat2 balik). We took few more pictures with the help of others and also throwing ice balls to each other too. We kept going inside and outside since we couldn’t really see when the snow was blown heavily. Luckily there weren’t any other visitors so we weren’t feel shy to play with the snow. As the first-timers, you could imagine how it was like. Imagine a monkey got a banana for the first time in its’ life hahaha =P =P =P I played until all my face turned reddish and caught runny nose. I was the only person who could stand the coldness, didn’t feel dizzy and headache, might be because I was numbed all over my body until I barely could feel anything. Or was it because of I already have large amount of fats stored under my skin. Most probably true huh! =P We didn’t stay long there since the weather wasn’t changed at all, all of us were cold enough and almost everybody felt satisfied although actually we couldn’t fully enjoy the snow and scenery. My hubby and I bought a fridge magnet and a wood room thermometer which painted with the picture of mounted scenery and cable car. At 11.55 a.m we got into the cable car again to go down the mountain. Still there were nothing we could see, only the snow-blanket covered pine forest and frozen river because the weather was becoming worse at that time. From the pamphlet we took, supposedly we could see the whole Komagane city below down the mountain and other mountains in Japan including Mount Fuji.

During in the bus, I tried to take the picture of the scenery but I didn’t know how to capture a picture while the bus was moving at the same time. My camera lens also jammed because the snow got into the lens, and the camera wasn’t suitable to be in wet and very cold weather. Then after that, we went to Komagane City and have lunched at Bamiyan Chinese Restaurant. It was already 1.00 p.m at that time. We met Regene and her family having lunch in there too. Her husband was a tomodachi or classmate of Mr. Matsushita during school years. Both of them are pure Matsukawachuo local people. After that, we went into the mall situated next to Bamiyan but we didn’t buy anything there since we got limited time. It was a Christmas Sale and of course I would be excitedly crazy if I didn’t control myself. It was necessary for me not to get interested with all the things in front of me so that I wouldn’t regret later. But still now I feel a little bit unfortunate because I couldn’t enjoy the good bargain. One of the trainees, Rajen bought a snowcap since he lost Gobi‘s snow cap while playing with the snow. It was blown with snow together with one of his gloves hahaha. He kept been teased by others along the way back to Matsukawachuo.

Along the way back, everybody was already exhausted and didn’t talk much. The atmosphere was covered with thick mist and the visibility was low than 30 meters. We were about to hit a pick up lorry but fortunately Mr. Matsushita managed to avoid it. I couldn’t imagine if he droved very fast, of course something bad would happen. We reached home at 3.00 p.m, performed our prayers and rest. At night, Bie went to play badminton while me tried to update the blog. Well, honestly, I felt satisfied though the weather didn’t come out fine. As a first-timer, it was worth it to play with snow, and got my feet buried in the snow every time I tried to step forward, been showered by the heavy snow rain and of course captured the moments I enjoyed with Bie..again as usual =D.

Of course there were a few things that I didn’t feel happy about (banyak songel la haku nih ade je mende haku tak suka haihhh macam bagus sangat). Too many to list down and I knew even me myself did few mistakes and got a small fight with Bie then sulked towards him again. Obviously we didn’t show it to them okay. Well just to highlight a few, firstly I don’t like people who are not on time. We promised to get back to car on 2.30 p.m, so Mr. Matsushita and the rest of us went to the car at 2.20 p.m since we needed to wait for another two trainees who went to other shop. I got to know they left the shop only at 2.30 p.m. Can’t Malay please cast away that habit of not being on time? At least felt ashamed with the Japanese, who has been trained from childhood to be on time or before time! Secondly, I hate people who talks critically nonsense stuffs all the time no matter what even it is just for a joke. If you aware you are not educated enough at least please talk something that sounds polite, informative, beneficial or good. It is not that I say we need to be serious all the time okay. But I’m sure most of us have heard about the more you talk the more stupidity, faulty, sin and etc. etc. etc. that you will make. Thirdly, wherever we go especially when we happen to be at other people’s place and being the center of attention, please behave ourselves. Being as foreigner, consequently we will become the picture of our country and that will show the image of Malaysian towards others.
The important thing we have to remember is people on earth will always tend to stereotype and make fast conclusion towards other people. Have you ever heard about first expression? So, please mind yourself in whatever you are doing especially the attitude, behavior, manners, conversation, dressing and so on and so forth. Yup I knew we don’t have to change and be like other people but do you want to be known as people who are rude, dirty, disrespect other people, have no common-sense and so on and so forth? No right? Say thank you when other people has treated you very kindly, put a smile face and show interest when other people tried to be friendly to us, don’t do anything that is prohibited but do anything that is permitted to do and so on! There was one time, two of the trainees would like to take picture of them but they happened to cross the rope and got into the restricted area. It was so near to the steep slope and once the staff who was shoveling the snow in front of the exit door saw them, he had to shout his lung out towards them in order to warn them. Couldn’t they think the snow is very soft and even a small avalanche at that time could make them fall down! I hate that okay. I hate doing anything wrong. I felt ashamed too since I was part of them and ouh I’m a girl who couldn’t just forget small matter easily. I have been grown up to be disciplined. Okay, I knew I’m not perfect, of course I have disobeyed rules in my life but all I could say if only when I was sure I won’t be punished or warned or scolded. Of course sometimes I wasn’t so lucky. Please mind ourselves and don’t be too short thinking okay duh!~~~ Huh!!! (leganyer rasa setelah mencampakkan segala2 nyer keluar).

Well here are a few pictures that I have took. Not so beautiful though. Of course there are more pictures but I want to maintain to be low-profile in my own blog ;D

Okay obviously next time we shouldn’t bring shoulder bags but bring backpack or appropriate sling back. Umbrella is a big NO (kenapala pandai sgt kan wahahaha..habis rosak bengkok payung haku). =P

Shared Ebi Tenpura with Bie. (Kitorg mmg suka makan semangkuk and secawan. Slumber je bershare2 depan boss. Ntah2 dia jeles hahaha).

Snow got into my eyes, nose and mouth huh brrr!~~~ (Obviously next time I need to wear my hooded jacket, water-proof gloves and appropriate spectacles).

Ye kitorg mmg suka amik gambar pelik2. Ni kirer ok lagi sopan jek. Konon baik la ni. Aksi2 lain tu takyah la tunjuk wat malu je hahaha =P

In the cable car.

The gloomy scenery.

Okay that’s all for today’s entry. Hmmm erkkk why is it so long??? (Tak sangka la pulak panjang mcm ni. Bukannya citer amende sangat pun. Macam wat essay utk jawab exam la pulak lohhh. Pelikla aku nih). Time to sleep! Wow it is Monday already!

5 Replies to “It Was FUN!”

  1. dah snow? wahhh..bestnya…teringatlah plak citer winter sonata …hehe

  2. bestnyerrr!!!!!! ;p
    nak tgk gamba2 laen lagi.. *wink**wink*

    pstt.. iena. cukup ke 1 bowl n 1 cup ajer.. hehe. womantiknyer 🙂

  3. Aan: Tmpt aku lom snow lagi Aan. Ada sket2 je tu pn turun dh jadi air. Tu g atas gunung ada la snow. Cehhh gmbr winter sonata lagi cantik!

    Syana: Haha cukupla gmbr tu. Lgpn pemandangan tak lawa sbb tak nmpk hape. Ribut salji masa tu. Hehe kalau ada 2 bowls n 2 cups pn lagi best kitorg main tukar2. Sampaikan boss n bdk2 trainees pun pndg n tegur. Hoho mmg tak malu =P

  4. – perghhhhh…..apa ko merepek nie labu…panjang aku sebln klu cantum sume pon tak sepanjang yg ko tulih kali aku yg bulan 12 laaa..
    – tp..alhamdulillah..aku bley habiskan membacanya dgn penuh perasaan..pergh..giler laa..sampai menangis maaa…
    – bkn apa..ntah tentiba jadi syahdu plak…dok pk..bila laa aku nk sentuh salji tu…bila laa aku nk tgk gunung fuji..n..byk sgt laa bilaa laaa..
    -wat ever..tumpang gumbira atas kegembiraan ko..hik3.

  5. opsssss…oit..bila nk publish gambo kamera ko??? pastikan guna kamera yg sama…jgn kata rosak plak…

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