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* * * Edited Friday, December 8th, 2006

Actually I have no mood to write anything today though as usual I have many things wandering in my mind. The heater ran out of gas this morning and of course Bie didn’t have much time to fill in the tank first before going to work. I am holding on myself until now and too bad having been born with Malaysian skin I have to struggle harder to combat the coldness. See, Allah create each and every thing on earth with reason lies behind it. For a very simple example, look at our skin!

To make it more clear, let’s us ponder for a while, why in certain area on earth almost all people in that place been born with very brown skin color? Nature has selected for people with darker skin in tropical latitudes, especially in non-forested regions where ultraviolet from the sun is usually the most intense. Having darker skin means, the more melanin pigment we have in our epidermis. Melanin acts as a protective biological shield against ultraviolet radiotion. By doing this, it helps to prevent sunburn damage that could result in DNA changes and, subsequently, melanoma; that is a cancer of the skin. Those at highest risk are European Americans. They have a 10 times highest risk than African Americans. For more detail information, check out this link http://anthro.palomar.edu/adapt/adapt_4.htm

Okay another thing is, why camel is always understood by many people on earth, been originated from the dessert and hot country like the Middle East countries? Because camel has loooggg eye-lashes to avoid dessert sand from entering the eyes and a hump to store water that is very scarce to be found in dessert. So, I don’t think camel is actually suitable to live in Hokkaido, a place which is always having cold weather all year round.

Well, last but not least why Arabian’s nose is always somewhat like a Roman-shaped nose or Greek-shaped nose, (saya tak sure sangat betul ke tak okay tapi kenapa mesti masuk dalam category Roman or Greek dan bukan hidong Arab, hidong Melayu-Jawa, hidong Melayu-Siam ke hape ke ekkk itu saya tatau. Think about the relationship of Ottoman Empire, bukan Ultraman yer kengkawan, Byzantine Empire whatsoever tu lah. Ini sumer saintis punyer keje ye classify2 hidong-hidongan manusia ni so saya cuma tahu baca dan tgk gambar dan compare dgn hidong sendiri ajek yer. Ouhhh jenis-jenis hidong yang kepelikan itu mmg tak tersenarai yer) like my hubby’s and why mine is like a mixture of Snub-shaped nose and Celestial-shaped nose? The answers are I myself not so sure but I knew there must be the reasons lie behind there too.

As for myself I would always tease him saying that his nose is like that because as the same as the camel’s situation that is to prevent dessert sand and dust from entering his nose hohoho~. By the way he has the pure or strong Yemeni’s-Arabic ancestry on his mother’s side. As for myself, mixture of Sumatera, Chinese, Hindi and Siamese but I happened to be known as Malay??? Weird is it.

In my opinion, Malay in Malaysia is actually a mixture of many races and I myself don’t have the idea where, how and what Malay actually is. THINK BACK, PEOPLE! All in all I am a Malaysian, and how I feel so much lucky I am now living in other country instead of being in Malaysia. BUT, still Malaysia will always be deep at heart and everyday I will always dream of myself going back to the homeland that I LOVE for good. Miss ya zillionth mmmuaxxx! (not everything is good here…sigh…).

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  1. Kat Malawi, Africa tempat mama stay ni, tidaklah panas sangat. Panas hanya about 2 bulan je, the rest, cuacanya nyaman je…and I just love the weather here.

  2. Ouh yeke mama. That means tak semua tempat di Afrika panas la. Hehe dah ada sket salah tulis..nasib baik mama gtau. So dah buat small research n dah edit balik entry. Kali ni lebih tepat. Tq yer ;D

  3. – syukur alhamdulillah..setiap kejadian/ penciptaan oleh-NYA, ada kegunaannya..

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