It WAS…Snowing? Not Yet

When I woke up this morning at 7.30 am, I saw Bie who apparently woke up a few seconds earlier than me looking outside through the sliding door glass twice. Okay, that was so unordinary. Right from there I knew there must be snow outside. Damn it I’m right! I’m his wife remember? I can READ him in and out. I straightly out of bed and with my messy hair, I went to prepare his breakfast in the kitchen without first looking outside while he taking his bath. Being EGOISTIC. After that, he got himself readied and had breakfast, I hanged his t-shirt, prepared his stuffs and waited for him finishing the breakfast. Lastly, he put on his shoes, we changed pecks on both cheeks, and I uttered a short, fast and in tiny voiced, “take care“. Before that, we didn’t utter any word or tiny sound at all, just SILENT overwhelmed between us. Okay, that was ordinary. As usual, I was being sulk with him and am still now!

Well, back to the story, I looked at the outside to see the snow but I found out that it wasn’t snowing anymore and the day will be very fine and sunny today. I saw a very slight powdery white thing on the neighbors’ compounds in front of my house, including on the car roof and a very little on a few houses’ roofs. It must be snowing earlier during the dawn time since I checked the weather forecast, the weather was between -4 to -2 degrees Celsius but it wasn’t raining. That means, actually it wasn’t snowing last night but because of cold weather, the air was frosted. No wonder I could see icy leaves on the ground, but still it was snow for me =D. Due to that discovery, I didn’t feel satisfied yet and so overjoyed to see snow for the first time in my life (senang kata jakun la sekejap kan), so I decided to go outside at the balcony and find any remaining of the snow to be touched. So, with my messy hair, without wearing tudung, with my socks on and wearing a light sweater, I waited for no cars passing the road beside my house, found the right moment, then I ducked myself outside so that nobody could see me since I didn’t wear tudung. Once outside, I spotted a few white spots on the balcony wall then I touched them. Unfortunately they happened to be spilt paint. Then I found one icy-like-object sticked on the balcony glass, so I touched it but it was also paint stain. DISAPPOINTED! However, still I could see the mist from my breath yippee! After a few no to avail efforts, I gave up and checked the weather forecast again. It is forecasted it might be raining on Thursday so I wish it will be snowing on that day. (If only Bie knew what I did just now, mesti dia akan cakap dalam hati alahai sampai macam tu sekali? Kesian bini aku tak penah tengok snow hohoho~. Alah suka hati la!).

Anyway, I found myself in front of the pc now and just had my breakfast, chocolate cake and Nescafe. I didn’t get back to sleep so that means I got up early today =D. Well, actually last night I made a pizza for dinner and a moist chocolate cake. Both didn’t turn out to be as I expected at all! (bengang!!!). For the moist chocolate cake, I wrote the correct measurements and all but I falsely read my own hand writing and put in too much soda bicarbonate powder according to the measurement for cocoa powder. That was a HUGE mistake. Actually I just need to put in half teaspoon of it instead of tossing in 37 grams and that was really big difference between those measurements. So, my cake end up being too fluffy and after 10 times biting it, there was a bit bitter taste deep in my throat. I didn’t put on moist chocolate since the cake itself didn’t turn out right. Actually I thought of inviting Regene to come today after a few time failed to do so because of non-avoidable circumstances. Seems like it still not going to happen today too haihhh~. There were few other mistakes too while preparing the batter, but enough only mentioning the huge one.

As for the pizza, I added too much salt and pepper in the sauce so the taste didn’t really splendid, just okay and of course edible. I don’t know why I have the habit of adding more and more salt into my cooking’s even I have already put in right amount earlier (maybe disebabkan sikap tamak haloba atau selalu rasa tak puas hati kot). The HUGE mistake was, I put the pizza on a plate and put the plate on the baking tray while baking it. At first I have decided to just put the pizza on the baking tray but Bie said he thought it SHOULD be placed on the plate. I didn’t have the aluminum plate so I was in vague and didn’t really have much idea about baking pizza. Once the pizza is readied with the toppings, Bie said, “Ouh, don’t you think the pizza will rise?”. Damn he was right and I just forgot about it! All I knew was I wanted to finish up everything fast and went to sleep. So I said back, “So, how should I pick it without spilling the sauce and toppings? Never mind la just bake it! I don’t care anymore“. So he baked it. At last, the pizza rose and spilt onto the tray, the spilt portions baked crusty while the portions on plate turned out fluffy like bun, sticked on plate, including wet and soft in the middle. It was like a swamp since the water didn’t vaporized enough because the pizza just depended on the heat transferred to the plate duh!!!.

Well, I don’t think cooking while having a bad mood is a good combination at all. Did I mention I was being sulked towards him? The reason was nothing big at all (bongek-bongek je) and I wonder whether he actually knew the cause or not. I always tend to make him guess and having headache. But he ignored me last night so, served him right…and served ME right to hahaha! =P. Now he is also being sulk with me haihhh~ (jadi saper yang nak pujuk saper nih?). Wasted all the efforts with the baking. I hate it. Anyway I am a SUPER moody person and will EASILY sulk…but only with him and closest ones like families okay. These are the phrases he used to say all the time, “Rinny ni nasib baikla dengan Abang tau. Takleh bayangkanla kalau orang lain la kan agaknyer dah lama dah lari.” or “Patutla kan orang lain kalau dapat makwe macam Rinny rasanyer dah lama lari, tataula apa jadi takleh la bayangkan.” But he didn’t leave me though, CURIOUS, so that’s why HE GOT MOI, BECAUSE HE LOVES MOI and he happened not to be OTHER people! Right dear? So there are actually something wrong with your phrases there HUNNIE-BUCUK =D. As my mother always said, “Hmm elokla tuh, sorang sabar sorang perengus“, of course the latter is me. My MIL also known about me, last time before we left to Japan she said, “…ha siapa cepat naik angin?…“. He replied, “…dia ni ha (pointing to me)…”. Then she said, “…tak kisah la apa2 pun kena la pandai2 pakat…kalau sorang merajuk sorang kena pujuk…“. My brother who happened to be there too interrupted and said to him, “…ala kalau dia merajuk buat bodoh je hahaha!…“. I was just mumbling myself and making faces hearing to them =P. Anyway, no big deal, this is how I am. Hey, I think I am improving though! He should learn MORE how to deal with me. Marriage is full with challenges. So commit since you decided to COMMIT! =D =D =D

Before I forgot, this is his other favorite phrase, “Haihhh cukupla bini aku sorang. Sorang macam ni pun aku dah tak larattt dah…“. I LURVE that phrase and will always bear in mind…(kalau ulang cakap juta2 kali pun aku sukerrr muahaha!~~~).

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  1. – hmmmmm…best cite ni..byk yg bley dirasai oleh diriku…ceh..
    – yek laaa…mmg bestkan..satu hari..bgn drp tido..mandi..pastu tgk2 sarapan dh sedia..pi keje…balik keje.. ada pizza plak..(“,”)..yg aku buat skang..bangun..masak air..mandi..buat air..kuar rumah..beli kueh ker..nasi lemak yg RM 1..pastu balik umah..sarapan..pastu pi keje..balik keje..buat air sendiri lg..pastu baru pk nk makan apa…arghhhhhhhhhh…………..
    – kurang2 ko beruntung jugak dpt tgk dan “rasa” salji dh..aku?? penah tgk dlm tv jek..nk rasa ntah bila..harap2 panjang laa umur aku..kumpul duit dulu…baru bley nk pi sana…..
    – k…tlg sentuh salji untuk aku ekk..

  2. Haaa tula cepat2 la kawin yer. Takyah ko susah payah nk beli nasik lemak RM 1 dah nnt hohoho =P

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