Okie-dokie…what to ramble about for today’s entry? Honestly, nothing interesting happened today and everything just went on commonly. We didn’t go out in the evening since the weather seems gloomy and so windy. To tell the truth, today is the coldest day in my life. I have never experienced a winter before so this is going to be for the first time ever. It is going to be much colder than this and I’m really had to get through this patiently. In fact, actually I feel so excited to see snow and touch it once the snow starts falling though I have to suffer to be in coldness. I really hope there will be snow falling into my balcony so that I can play and make little snowman too! Shhh I haven’t told Bie about this so that he won’t tease me about seeing snow for the first time.
Bie has got his racket from Orga in the evening. Orga said her son borrowed her handset so that’s why she kept silent. Well, not a good excuse though. Anyway, as long as Bie got his racket back, it’s already good enough and we better be caution with Orga next time. Well, I have an issue or something that I keep pondering all the time but I don’t really have the courage to type. Due to both hands and mind being freezing, I have got into the hibernation mode and my body can’t function efficient enough. Easy to say, I am lazy when it is so cold!
Anyway, I have something, a small issue that happened previously towards my friend. Hmmm I have got to know that one of my good friends, Ms. * * * * has broken up with her boyfriend. The reason was actually just small but has turned everything topsy-turvy and complicated enough. I was so shocked, furious, and also feeling weird towards the cause of the break up when I first got the news from her. I tried to help her by giving advices and opinions and deep in my heart I really hope they could save the relationship. They were being in love like forever for 2 years and have even planned to get engaged after Hari Raya Aidilfitri! All the families for both sides have even known their relationship, but when this happened, of course it has stirred the happiness and feelings for both families too. Well, now it already happened and breaking up was the best way. Anyway, after few hours chatting with her and hearing the stories, I do agree that she has done the right decision. They weren’t meant to be together. Might be they are not suitable enough for each other and my dear friend even deserve much more better guy than him. All I can say is, love requires us HUGE other things besides only loving our partner. Complicated right? Yet still people take the risk, just for the sake to love and to be loved. Everything around us is all far beyond our thinking and happened as fated by Him, The Almighty. I hope my dear friend Ms. * * * * can get through this. Sometimes He makes us to suffer first in the challenges He gave us so that we will learn to cherish and appreciate the preciousness we will get in the future. All in all, everything happens by a reason. By being patient enough, hope that He may shower us with much more blessings in the future InsyaAllah.

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  1. – pergh….kesiannya kawan ko tu ekkk..kem saLam sayang penuh rindu kat dia ekk..
    – kata kat dia..jgn risau..Esok Masih Ada…Aku Ada Kerana Kau Ada..Pakai Kanta Mata Cinta..Aduhai Saleha..ha3..dia masih lg dicintai maa..dicintai oleh pencinta sejati yg menciptanya..itu lah cinta hakiki..bknnya mcm Pencinta Wanita..adapun CINTA juga adlh satu nama filem yg ditayangkan pd 30 Nov ’06 di meSia…

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