Falling In Love Again

It is the love at the first sight. I never expect it could be that fast. When I first saw his handsome and good looking face, my heart has already attracted to him. Well, it is not his outer side that makes me chose him, instead his voice that soothing my heart, his thought that always rational, and the companionship that he offered me that made my heart sank to him. We shared a lot in common, he was the most understanding, he gave the shoulder to cry on and ears to lend, and I could always pour my heart out to him, we have no secret in between. I was so comfortable with him. He has the masculine qualities that I dreamt of. Despite of that, he has a soft heart too and world full of loves to shower towards me. He has a very fair skin that makes my hands desperately wanted to touch and rub him with tenderness. I could hardly have other things in mind rather than thinking about him, thus making me dream of him every night when I fell asleep. When I first knew him, I thought I was the luckiest girl on earth and I thank God that I found him. Yet still at the same time my heart was so ached, thinking if I would ever lost him, my life would never be anymore brighter than that. After a while, I thank God for giving me the chance to fall in love again and thus gave me the chance for him to be mine. Alhamdulillah…..

After a while, now I am falling in love again…..with…..

…..my Mr. Oven! =D =D =D

Okay, introducing to you guys, this is my new oven that Bie bought on last weekend. Actually it is a combination of microwave and oven and its brand is Mitsubishi. In Japanese it is called something like ova rangie it means and oven which combined with microwave functionality. Might be it is a kind of technology too that called ova rangie. The price is about 32000Yen or RM1000 something. It is black, grey and silver in color. Besides, it is smart and compact in size despite of its functionality. Since it can be a microwave too so it can do baking, grilling, defrosting, preheating, heating and ALSO freezing, steaming and boiling. Not forgetting hybrid function that is a combination of steaming and grilling if I’m not mistaken (I’m not so sure since I can’t read the Japanese manual book duh~~. I just depend on Bie for setting the oven every time I want to use it). Ouh that means I can also make a cold ice-cream using moi OVEN. Isn’t that great!!! =D =D =D I called my mother on the Monday night and told her about my new oven. Here is how the conversation took place:

Me: Mama Kak Ina dah ada oven baru. Latif beli hehehe (sengih lebar2).

Yeke bape ringgit?

Me: Ntah seribu lebih hehehe (sengih lebar2 lagi).

Mama: Oyeke. Keje masak aje la nanti takde keje lain.

Me: Eleh apa pulak (buat muka). Tapi best mama oven ni boleh buat mcm microwave. Dia combination. Pastu boleh panaskan lauk, bakar kek, grill sumer2 boleh. Pastu boleh bekukan pun boleh. Boleh buat aiskrim hehehe (sengih lagi lebar).

Mama: Uishhh hebatnyer. Dah boleh panas boleh sejuk pulakkk (cakap dgn suara yang perli buat2 sangat terkejut walaupun tengah mengantuk since when I called her she was already asleep).

Hohoho okay that’s all for today’s update. By the way Bie hasn’t got his racket yet and Orga can’t be contacted too haihhh! Anyway before I forgot, the first paragraph is just nonsense rambles of me okay and it dedicated for my oven only and there is no other meaning behind that hehehe =D Bie deserves a much better wordings yet it is more that words can say, can’t be described by words, indescribable ;D (okayla yer sesi mengarut sudah habis =P).

2 Replies to “Falling In Love Again”

  1. – alhamdulillah..atas pertemuan jodoh ko..semoga berkekalan hingga akhir hayat..amin.
    – mahal giler oBen ko..mmg ko ske beli barang mahal2 ekk..? aku ada gak beli oben 3 bulan lepas..tp yg murah punya laa..nama pun tak pemes lg..oBen aku tu nama Aowa..aku beli guna duit mesia 600 jek…pastu dia bg blander free..tak lupa jugak dua biji gelas yg ada lambang Aowa…
    – aku beli oben tu bkn nya apa sgt..time tu tentiba duit banyak…ha3..

  2. – oppss..alang2 dh cite psl oBen ni..aku beli bkn sebab aku nk masak cm ko..tp aku nk buat “jagung manis” jek..nk beli kat kedai jagung manis tu mahal…secawan RM 2..tu skali beli..klu berkali2..kaya laa anak dara yg jual jagung tu..TAPI..pemerhatian aku..anak dara tu tak kaya2 pon..
    – so, stakat ni..aku just buat “jagung manis” jek ngan oben aku tu..lain drp tu..aku buat tpt letak brg2..
    – ko nak tak resepi “jagung manis” aku ni?? bkn sume org tau buat..

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