Running A Hectic Life! Really?

Hajimemashite! It means long time no see. Long time? Yup! I should be updating my bloggie everyday not only two to three times a week duh. Like Syana said in her blog, I have been busy with my cooking activities and shopping until I have forgot to update my blog hehe =D. Poor my bloggie, you are alone aren’t you? I think I need to manage my time wisely after this since I am becoming busier from day to day especially since I got the oven. I will need to introduce my oven next time. Since it is such a SUGOI (hebat) oven so it need to be honored with proper introduction okay hehe =D. Not only that, it seems like I will be having more and more other things to do everyday for example blogging and updating my recipes. Wow I feel like I am running a hectic life already huhu (poyo ajer la ye..perasan sendiri). Okay enough with the crap!

As I said before I wanted to go out for autumn viewing during the weekend. But already now I end up missing the magnificent red and gold view of autumn. The trees have given up on me too. They don’t want to wait for me anymore and letting themselves been blown by the cold strong handsome Mr. Wind. The wind then left the trees naked without their leaves. Poor Miss Trees will be cold during winter, won’t she? Okay that is so crap too. Well, here goes the story:

On the Saturday, November 25th, 2006:

Bie: Sayang, nak bangun kol bape ni? (It was already 7.00 am)

Me: Mmm ngantukla Rinny sakit kepala. Semalam tak dapat tido. Tula Bie ni kan orang kata nak tido cepat.

Bie: Yelah kol 8 la ek.

(Handset alarm ringing at 8.00 am…..9.00 am…..10.00 am……….11.00 am. He kept looking at the handset and me every time the alarm ringing)

Bie: Rinny..nak pegi ke tak ni? Abang dah bangun awal dah ni. Lepas Zohor la ek kiter pegi.

Me: Rinny tak larat.

Bie: Habis tu mcm mana ni? Rinny gak yang nak kuar.

Me: Mmm mmm mmm. Kalau nak kuar nak g mana?

Bie: Gi mana la pulak. Kan semalam dah cakap nak gi Motooshima beli oven pastu tengok pokok.

Me: Kalau beli oven camner nak bawak balik takde keta. Ala Rinny penat la ngantuk. Tula Abang lambat2 semalam. Rinny cakap dah nak tido awal. Nanti kalau keluar ngantuk pastu Rinny cepat penat pastu nanti Rinny cepat marah. Nanti Abang gak kena marah.

Bie: Aku pulak yang salah. Tido ajela pejam mata. Saper suruh tunggu.

(His phone ringing and he picked up)

Bie: Takpela Abang gi dgn kawanla. Rinny buat pape yang patut. Esok kiter kuar pagi2 tau.

Me: Mmm okay =D

On the Sunday, November 26th, 2006:

Bie: Sayang cepatla bangun dah kol 7.30 ni. Nanti lambat. Train kul 10.

Me: Bieee ngantukla. Kol 8.30 la.

Bie: Yelah.

(Handset alarm ringing at 8.30 am…..9.30 am…..10.00 am)

Bie: Rinny…

Me: Mmm Bie kiter gi lepas Zohor la kay.

Bie: Mana sempat kalau gi lepas Zohor. Ada nak carik barang lagi.

Me: Ala takpe sempatnyer kan???…..Ala Bie janganla marah.

Bie: Hmmm Abang tak kisah. Kalau tak dapat tgk pokok Rinny jangan marah kat Abang.

Okay that was it. At last on that day we went out to Iida City because Bie wanted to buy his badminton racket and he promised with Mrs. Orga to take him to the sports shop. Orga is Philipines and she was married to Japanese guy, but now already divorced with three children. I think she is about five years younger than my mother. We went out of the house after Zohor and I was really have to rush since we need not to miss the next train at 12.55 pm. Bie was a little bit angry with me since I took along time to get ready my self hehe =P. Anyway after we reached Iida, we walked to the small zoo and park since he promised Orga to fetch us there. I only manage to see the penguins and a few birds. We didn’t stop though because Orga was about to come and take us to the badminton hall.

At 2.00 pm Orga arrived and she brought us to join the others playing in the hall. Well, actually I was soo happy to meet other people and they were seems so nice. All of them can speak English and they were Philipines, New Zealands, American, Brazillian, Mexicans and Japanese. We played Frisbees together and after that badminton and volleyball. I even met one Japanese volunteer teacher named Junko-san and she invited me to attend free Japanese class for foreigner. I was so delighted and Bie took all the necessary information from her. The class is on every Sunday in the morning for one and half hour. Bie promised to take me to the class and I am so eager to have a flexible systematic Japanese class rather than learning myself (which actually I haven’t started yet and it is already three months now).

After that, Orga brought us to the sports shop and Bie bought himself a badminton racket and 1 pair of winter sports sweater and pants. Then she sent us to the train station since she couldn’t send us home and we shared a bowl of soba while waiting for the train. That was my first time eating soba and it was tasty! I liked it. On the way back home we stopped at the suppa too to buy some groceries. Reached home at 7.30 pm and was so dreadfully tired. Lastly, as Bie said, I didn’t get to see the autumn view at a park. Never mind, at least I saw it during in the train ride =P.

Okay that is the summary updates of my weekend and it just sounds common since I didn’t mention many other things that happened too. Well, Bie hasn’t got his racket yet from Orga and she supposed to send it yesterday. She can’t be reached by phone either until now and Bie has already worried. He tried to show an unworried face but still I can read his mind. Ouh..the racket has to be left there first so that they can put on the racket strings (I don’t know what is it actually called). I feel fishy about Orga too but I doubt it why would she do something like this anyway. The racket costs nearly RM400 and Bie bought it because he has to enter Badminton tournament on December 10th. The tournament will only be for fun but still the racket is quite expensive. Furthermore we have spent ALOT during this week and we have already finished up half of his salary for this month. In addition, he got the salary on the November 25th. Thinking of loosing a nearly RM400 racket for free makes my heart burning already. Well, might be Orga has some other things to do, she better gives a good explanation for this. Still, that is not a good attitude, she still can’t be reached and this is really sounds not good. At least she should have called Bie if she really has something mattered rather then be silent and leaving him unanswered. The, moral value from this is that we can’t really trust Orga anymore after this, so be caution with her hehe. Well, I am worried too.

Ouh by the way I have tried a few dishes too last night like ikan bakar with air asam and apple pie in order to test our new oven. I forgot to take the picture of my ikan bakar though but here are all the pictures that I have taken since last entry. Enjoy the piccas ;D

My nasi lemak.

My first attempts making popia goreng.

My first attempts making apple pie. It is not that splendid though but I am satisfied with the first try. By the way it tastes delicious and the pastry is very crusty too. Only the looks of it need to be improvised hehe =D

Variety of sizes and shapes hohoho =P

The yummy filling. I don’t have to buy apple pie from the McDonalds anymore ;D

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  1. – ina, rinny tu saper ekk? klu kat meSia ni..rinny tu nama anak ayam dh terbunuh dah 3 ari lepas..bkn dia bunuh ibu itik yg tak berhati perut menggigit dia…jap..aku bukan ada ibu ayam na plak buleh ada anak ayam??opssss..
    – mahal giler raket tu…400 duit meSia…klu ku guna utk makan..bley support selama 160 hari..tu klu aku ambik ayam goreng ngan kuah sayur kuning + papadom…pastu tak beli nescaffe…..

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