Ordinary Saturday

Now I am still at home though actually I have planned to go out for sight-seeing earlier today. The plan is changed, Bie is out to buy and oven for me and after he comes back then only we will go out to the suppa. I want to buy a few cooking utensils like cake tin, oven proof bowl and plate and also a few other things like groceries. As for tomorrow, we will go out to Motoshima perhaps to the park so that I can have an autumn view. I hope there is actually a suitable and nice park in Motoshima for autumn viewing duh!
It is a very fine day today, so beautiful. The day is very sunny, the air is cold and at the same time the wind is just blowing so smoothly not like yesterday, it was soo windy since the early morning until night! So, the weather performs in a well combination today. I hope tomorrow the atmosphere will be just like today, so that I can settle with my laundry more efficiently from washing to drying and to hanging the clothes into the wardrobe =D. Ouh thinking of I should sleep early tonight because I have to get up early too. I am not a morning person, so it might be pretty hard *ishhh*!
Erm I’m thinking of to start with my own Fotopages account since I need to have my own recipe directory. I can link my page with my favorite cooking’s pages, keeping all the recipes for all the cooking that I have tried, it will be easy for me to refer the recipes back every time I want to prepare particular dishes, I don’t need to write manually into recipe book and I am lazy to do so instead, save my time, no more pieces of paper here and there on the table which Bie hate to look at, no risk of loosing the recipe book, I can display the pictures of each dishes that I try, easier to update and modify and it will make my life much easier too. Don’t you think so? hehe.. Okay will start to work on it very soon. Actually I already have one but I didn’t really updating it from time to time. But now I can see the benefits of Fotopages towards me soon =D.
Ouh it seems like Bie has come back…
*** 8 hours later
Yeay! Bie bought an oven for me already and it is soo handsome too! As I said earlier, we went out just after Bie got back and I bought moi wished cooking utensils from the suppa *woot-woot*! =D =D =D
Okay will update more about this later. Got to sleep now! Oyasumi nasai ;D

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  1. – suppa tu apa?? menatang ke nama tpt…tak penah dgr pon sepanjang 23 thn aku idup kat meSia…
    – x sesuai tajuk utk topic ni..ada ker ordinary saturday..bukan ko beli oben taip2 ari..klu ordinary saturday..maknanya..ko beli oben tiap2 satU-r-day laa
    – ko mmg suka paksa laki ko beli utk ko ekk…

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