The Pictures Worth Thousand Words

Huhu okay I have been four days missing in actions but yet so many things happened and waiting to be updated!. Finally on last Sunday I managed to drag Bie to Shimamura that is the nearest clothes department store to get myself all the things that I wanted to buy. I didn’t really drag him actually but he kept insisting of taking me out in order to cool me off since after the Friday’s incident hehe ;D. Actually it was raining lightly on that whole day from the morning till evening but still we went out after Zohor prayer just by walking down the hill. Honestly it was quite lovely, you know..being under one the coldness..the calmness of this relax..holding hands..etc. etc. etc..together..wasn’t it so sweet? =D.

We reached Shimamura about after 10 minutes of walking and there were quite many people in there too. Everybody was taking chance to get themselves good bargains during this winter sales I saw. While being in there Bie was being so schweeet and as usual he was my best-cute-basket-carrier-man ever. Beside of that, Bie was being so understanding too since he kept being a good advisor and critics to me, accompanying me to the fitting room, following my ass here and there with the basket in his hand until his back aching due to tiredness and last but not least for paying them all *smooch-smooch*! hehe. He kept teasing me over my smiling face and good mood all the times since I was being hot-tempered towards him before that. As an over all I was quite satisfied with the shopping done since we managed to get many items with very reasonable total price. Ouh I am not really into designer brand kind of person although I admit it sometimes it is a must to get the one with particular designer brands for certain stuffs. Anyway all the things that we bought were very good made, smartly-tailored, got cute designs and colors, with high quality materials and of course really suit my likings too =D. We were there for about less than 2 hours and half before heading back home.

After performing Asar prayer at home we went out again to the A-Coop suppa or supermarket to buy groceries. We bought so many things and stopped by at the bakery to buy cheese cakes too. Then after that walking back home again in the downpour with each other’s both hands holding plastic bags full with groceries and of course this time with an umbrella for each one of us. Reached home in wet, tired, shivering but still happy =D

Oops before I forgot, I have tried cooking few dishes and I took the pictures of them. It seems like now I realize that I am becoming more and more interested towards cooking. Hmm might be a new hobby to me and Bie loves trying my cooking too.

Here are the pictures that I have taken on past few days. Enjoy seeing them okay =D.

The all time favorite spaghetti that I usually made. I don’t’ know what its’ real name but my MIL taught me how to make it =D: My-Mother-In-Law-Minced-Meat-In-Tomato-Sauce-Spaghetti
500 gram minced-meat or any other kind of meats ~ depends to your liking,
2 big red onions ~ chopped into cubes,
1 can tomato puree or 2 tomatoes ~chopped into cubes or both,
3/4 butter,
4 tablespoons blended chillies,
4 tablespoons tomato sauce,
2 tablespoons chillie sauce,
1 cup ready-made spaghetti sauce ~ optional
1 cup mixed-vegetables, carrots, mushrooms, capsicums or any other vegetables ~ depends to your liking,
1/2 tablespoons Italian herbs,
1/2 tablespoons Rosemary leaves,
1/2 tablespoons Oregano leaves,
2 tablespoons of sugar,
Pinch of salt to taste,
Corn starch ~ optional,
Kraft grated Parmesan cheese.
  1. Wash spaghetti and add into a pan, add in a pinch of salt and oil. Pour in water and boil spaghetti until soft.
  2. Once boiled, put spaghetti into a strainer.
  3. Melt butter in the pan then fry onions and chillies until fragrant.
  4. Add in tomatoes or tomato purees, tomato sauce, chillie sauce, ready-made spaghetti sauce, minced meat and a cup of water. Let until minced meat half cooked.
  5. Add in Italian herbs, Oregano leaves, Rosemary leaves and corn starch diluted with a little bit of water to thicken the sauce. Let the sauce on slow fire until minced meat well cooked and soft.
  6. Add in vegetables, salt and sugar. Turn off fire after the sauce boiled in 5 minutes or the carrots become soft.
  7. Put spaghetti into a bowl and pour the tomato sauce on top of it. Sprinkle some grated Parmesan cheese and ready to serve.
See the leaves turned red and gold in color. Autumn peak is going to end very soon.

The clothes that I bought: 1 long sleeves grayish green shirt, 1 cream white winter jacket and 1 cute cream white long sleeves knitted woolen blouse.

Bie’s stuffs: 1 pair of gloves and 1 snowcap.

My other stuffs: 1 pair of white pink flowered woolen gloves, 1 pair of brown and pink stripy socks, 1 pair of gray and black stripy thigh length socks, 1 pair of long sleeves thick undergarment shirt, 1 cute knitted pink woolen snowcap and pink stripy neck scarf.

1 pair of cute butterfly hair clips.

My first attempts making laksa. Marvelous! Bie said it tastes more delicious than my mom’s.. (Habisla mama merajuk haha).

Crab Meat Tomato Basil Spaghetti.
My first attempts making moist chocolate cake. It turned out to be a disaster but still the taste was marvelous! (I bake my cake in a frying pan since I don’t have an oven yettt! So, that’s why.. tak penah dibuat orang kan haha =D).

3 Replies to “The Pictures Worth Thousand Words”

  1. – Shimamura tu tpt ker atau nama pasaraya mcm Mydin, Parkson, The Store, Billion, I-Setan, Tesco, Giant, Macro, tak larat laa nak taip sume yg ada kat meSia..
    – ko dh bley buat hidangan lain selain kueh keria ekk? apa nama makaroni tu?? syabas..satu perkembangan yg menarik..
    – bley laa tayang Mrs Regene Wong asyik kueh keria jek..
    – ko dh ambik gambo brg2 yg ko dh, cuba ko ambik gambo kemara yg ko guna nk ambik gambo brg2 tu..bley tak..? pastikan guna kamera yg sama…har har har

  2. iena~ hahaha~ setelah berpenat lelah terperap dirumah.. best jugek jalan2 kan! 😉 chumil2 baju iena bli.. mesti iena prefer white over black kan kalu beli baju2. i hav this weird attachment dgn kaler black. make me comfortable..hehe~

    kita wat nasi ayam arini… hehe~ alter sket2 resepi iena. kita bakar ayam tu. mase marinade tu kita campur lada hitam, parsley n sikit serbuk stok ayam tuh. kite tak campur gule.. hehehe~ sedap! thank u for guiding me with the recipe.

    jap…. kite pun tadek oven… iena aja le wat kek frying pan tuh ;p

    ok ye iena, syg kite kat belakang dah sibuk berebut komputer… babai darl!!!

    btw, chumelllnya itu gloves!

  3. Teo~Shimamura tu pasaraya la tapi dia jual baju ajer. Ehh mestila aku leh masak selain drpd kuih keria cehhh kuang asam ko nih. Itu spaghetti kan nama dia ada kt situ. Ehh berminat nampak??? ;D Hohoho nnt aku cuba yek tangkap gmbr kamera aku. Berani yer cabar aku hehe

    Syana~Yup Syana I prefer white, cream and pink colors. Black not really but dependsla sumtimes certain other things I prefer black color. My mom once said I look ugly in black hohoho! Lagipun masa tu warna2 tuh je yg mmg nmpk cantik drpd warna2 lain yg ada. Ouh nnt kena try wat nasi ayam mcm Syana pulak la. Tukar rasa hehe. Yeke chomel that gloves hehe tq. Lega rasa ada org cakap chomel. Cz I kinda mcm mmm ok ke gloves ni huhu

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