Crazy Mode!

When it comes to ‘What I love to do most?’, the best answer will be ‘Shopping and dancing’. As for shopping, I believe everybody on earth with money regardless either you are actually rich or poor; both know what is the meaning of it. Unfortunately it already has been months since I last did my shopping. Okay that sounds very worst but that’s it, so TRUE. However today in the evening Regene was so kind to come over bringing along three THICK catalogs which at first I thought those were magazines (catalogs ni macam cleo magazine or marie claire magazine tu ok bukan mcm catalog giant ke carrefour ke ikea ke hape ke ek). She said they were free and she took them for me from somewhere (I didn’t hear where she got them from). Once I browsed one of the catalogues, to my surprise, it is actually full with pictures of clothes for winter sales! The catalogs display all the winter clothes for ladies, kids and men, lingerie, shoes, handbags and accessories too. Ouh some of them are designer brands like Coach, Prada, Gucci, Bvlgari and etc. etc. etc. with good bargain price! Did I mention winter sales just now? =D Plus, the shopping can be done online too! (*woot-woot*!) If only I have all the money in the world! (panting..panting..) Okay.. okay cool down. I was already felt like half mad while just browsing each and every page of those catalogues. I am so sure if only all the shopaholic friends of mine would get the chance to grab this opportunity, they won’t regret it ever. Well, I think it will just be better if I don’t get myself too excited yet. Why? I will feel more despair if I will not get the things that I want. I already have got all the things that I should and I just want a few things more. So many choices mean so many desires too okay. I’m sure Bie will not be agree with me in fact he has warned me already once I shouted to him gleefully about the catalogs (so heartless!). Duh..enough about that (ok ada la merajuk sket td so mmg dh takde mood dh sebenarnya).
The second thing that makes me so happy today is because I have found another website which actually teaches people to keep fit by doing dancing workouts! Actually I haven’t danced for already ages by now but still I love dancing so much =D There are videos of the dances and there are even step-by-step moves video provided so that we can follow all the cool dancing moves (ouh they can be downloaded too!). I was so freaking excited and how I wish if only I could start dancing once I watched the videos. By the way, just to let you know that I can’t make noise since the below unit can hear my steps if I dance. Actually the floor is made of wood (tapi rumah aku bukan macam rumah papan macam kat kampung2 tu ok) So, I don’t want to hear anyone knocking my door or cursing through the intercom either ( lame la!). Ouh I miss my BRICKS home by now haihhh. Anyway here is the link of the website, It is actually provided by Nike and happens to be Nike website too okay so don’t ever underestimate the dance workout. Just click the link and watch yourself how exciting the workouts are. I can’t write any longer because my hands can’t stand the coldness anymore. It is 5 degree Celsius now, hmm no wonder.

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  1. – Ceh..tak abih2 psl baju yg dia nk beli tak beli2..ko tunggu jek laa..nnt aku pos skali ngan kueh keria..
    – apa beza umah umah papan ko ngan umah papan kat kg??? cam sama jek..elemen dia still lg papan…
    – ko mmg minat menari ekk??? cam tak caya jek..(b’kata dlm hati sambil mengutuk sket2 didpn komputer agar tidak didgr hazrina)
    – btul ke ORG kata pompuan = shopping???

  2. Teo >> Ala dh beli pun baju sukaaanyer wooot-wooot! Mmg la elemennyer sama tapi rmh aku nmpk mcm rumah batu n not everything guna papan. Haa ko amik architechture kan baik ko dtg sini kaji rumah2 Jepun. Malas la kan nk citer panjang2. Eleh suka hatila aku suka menari ke apa ke drpd ko suka mengutuk2 eee lagi tak baik tau. Im my opinion la, woman ada 9 nafsu 1 akal so thats y keinginan dia ada byk sgt kan. So bila byk sgt benda dia nk means hendak memiliki la kan. So kene la beli kalau nk dpt tol tak? huhu ;D Bestnyer jadi perempuan n bosannnnyerrr jadi lelaki =P

  3. yer laaa…(berkata dlm hati sambil mengutuk-ngutuk pompuan terutamanya yg nama hazrina..yg nama syana..x terlibat)..har har har

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