The Chill Is On Air!

Wah it is so cold! Obviously the winter is coming very soon and the days have been raining lately that showed the signs of season changing. The air is becoming nippier and as for now the sky looks cloudy even though there was sun light appearing once in a while in the morning. Today it is quite windy too, and that is the other sign that tomorrow it is going to rain as stated in the weather forecast. Ouh no, surely the chill air is going to crawl onto my neck more worse than now since it usually will be colder after raining. (I’m wearing my socks in the house! Can’t stand the weather anymore).
Actually, I have no special issue to highlight today so I intend to only report whatever has been going on since my last post. Well, it was an earthquake struck far away in Northen Japan late last night, so tsunami alert and evacuation process was being held at those infected area. However, nothing major destruction occurred or lives killed I heard. Besides that I found myself keep browsing for winter jacket every now and then since morning. This is because I think I need to survey the winter jacket fashion first, in order to spot one that similar to my liking before buying one this weekend. I think I want to go for a white or a light pink which has hood and fur hehe! I kept mentioning to Bie that I want winter jacket that has fur like the black one of his. Actually I already have a blue winter jacket, blue down winter coat, black velvet coat, light brown coat, jackets and etc etc etc. But I don’t have the one with fur so I want one to be worn during this coming winter!
Hmm I’m feeling not very good today actually. My stomach is cramping but I don’t want to sleep because I have very enough sleep already. PMS is not always a good thing to be tolerated with. Ouh but I love going out while having my PMS. Why? It makes things easier in many matters :D. What else? Ouh last night I cooked satay, nasi impit and kuah kacang for dinner! It turned out to be successful and delicious too yummy! hehe. But of course that weren’t that marvelous, however I was satisfied due to the difficulty of preparing the dishes. Of course my satay didn’t look like the ordinary satay that can be found in Malaysia because I fried my satay with a little bit of oil instead of threading the seasoned meat with sticks and grilling it since I don’t have an oven yet. Despite of all the obstacles faced, I’m sure you will ask for more if you try my owned-made satay. How about the taste? Not less than other ordinary satay, perhaps much more delicious maybe? ;D
Well last but not least, the day before yesterday I happened to be a little bit broke down; not really to admit it but that was what really happened. Okay, might be I was being too emotional and sensitive due to hormones changes during the pre-PMS phase. Once Bie came back, I kept following his ass and kept babbling about what I was doing the whole day and right after that I happened to sit on his legs and forced him to hear towards whatever I was going to babble about. Then the last thing was, I kept folding his t-shirt up and down, pulling his zipper up and down, folding his sleeves up and down, digging his navel, pulling his stomach hair, blowing and wiping my nose with his t-shirt, pinching him here and there and etc. etc. etc. with hot tears running down my cheeks! Well obviously I was crying all of sudden while babbling to him. I wasn’t intend at all to cry but might be because I was so furious and felt like shit thus made the bombshell to explode. What was the cause? Nothing major, I just felt annoyed with particular people who was being SO BITCHY!. Sometimes people just doesn’t realize that he/she tend to make people hurt unintentionally. Obviously this people was lack of common-sense and insensitive AT ALL, SO-S*****D bluweeekkkk =P =P =P. But then why I cried because of only small things? I was having pre-PMS remember? Fortunately it wasn’t the real PMS yet. (Anyway suka hati akula nak nangis ke nak hape ke kan tul tak?). Anyway my dear-bucuk-hunnie-Bie was being SOOO SCHWEEET towards me. Mmmuuuaaahhhxxx =D

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  1. hehe.. TOTALLY understand… teringat ade sekali kite PMS tu… ade ke kite menangis2 sambil muncung2 sambil marah2 kat hubby sebab kite baca berita yang Israel letak kanak2 Palestine sekeliling kereta kebal sbb tamau org palestine serang diorang. cheh, isu tu pun boleh jadi sebab ;p

    ~ agaknye ape2 hal pun boleh jadi sebab asalkan boleh menyebabkan dia bagi perhatian ~ teori kite ;p


  2. Yup thats rite apa2 sebab pun boleh! hehe.. At that time actually mmg tgh hangin la kan tapi dh sbb tade org lain tmpt utk meluahkan perasaan so terpaksala jugak2 dia yg menjadi mangsa kan hehe..

  3. PMS tu apa??
    sejenis kueh mcm tart ke??
    ko buat laa topic PMS..nmpk mcm melankolik jugak

  4. Yolah tu Teo =P

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