I’m Freezing

Yup..my hands and feet are freezing even though I have the heater turned on. I’m so relieved today is very sunny instead of raining, if not I could imagine wrapping myself with the thick futon (blanket). Now the autumn is about towards the peak, as I read the Mainichi Daily News next week we can see the trees turn really into gold and red color. I don’t know where is the nearest park we can enjoy the autumn scenery but still I urged Bie to take me out this coming weekend. Actually from the balcony of my house I can already seen the wide autumn scenery since there are three or more mountains surrounding the area. The mountains are so big and last time when we took a four hours train ride heading to Nagano-shi we could still see the mountains even though we have passed ten other cities. I can say that it seems like we are living in a huge valley which consists of a few towns and surrounded by the huge beautiful mountains. There was one time during the journey; I thought that I was so near enough to one of the mountain because I could see clearly the white-snow-topping peak of the mountain. But actually I was so wrong, the mountains indeed huge enough that I could feel the train like weren’t actually moving since I could still see the same mountain with the same peak, size and height from the same angle even after a few stations have passed. Ouh actually there is a small orchard in front of my house, so I can see one tree that has already turned totally into red and there is also the sakura tree that turned red too (I can see it from my balcony) beside the hospital which is situated beside the junctions. Both trees are my favorites and I used to see them changing gradually every season.
Besides that, I don’t think I can hold on the freezing cold weather anymore so I think I need more appropriate jacket. Not only that, I also need winter jacket with fur (I want it pink color and have fur at the collar hehe), gloves, cute pinky snow cap (to be worn during sleep to cover my ears..can I?), appropriate long-sleeves t-shirt, long john, socks and etc. But I’m not sure whether now it is the best time to buy those stuffs with good prices or not. Maybe in December there will be sales for Christmas but I can’t wait that long, can I? Or else I will totally be frozen at that time and too late for shopping already hehe. So, have to discuss with Bie first. Actually I have told him that I want to go out and go shopping this weekend so now he has 5 days for him to think, plan and decide =D. During lunch today I told him I want to go to Kyoto or Osaka to see autumn scenery then, he suggested to go to Disneyland and Tokyo hehe (dang! both wake up and stop dreaming). Haihhh whyyy we have to live so far away from big town and being stuck in the middle of plain village that barely has anything extraordinary at all. Okay that’s enough.
I got to know that due to global warming, the weather used to change not that very gradually or in other words drastically. It is already the end phase of autumn by now and yet still there will be less than a month for winter to start, but the weather seems to be very freezing cold and there are even snow starts to fall at certain places in northern Japan especially in high land area. What the heck, the mountain behind my house has already been topped with white-vanilla-sugar topping too. It looks yummy. Imagine chocolate ice-cream with vanilla-sugar topping hehe. Thus, because of this too there is why tornadoes and twisters were hitting Hokkaido. Back to this, I am so relieved living in this area because due to its’ stableness and free from natural disaster, InsyaAllah. Okay that’s all for today’s babble.

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  1. – hmm bestnya..aku btul2 nk tgk bunga sakura dpn mata aku…stakat tgk dlm para-para sakura..tak dak fell..
    – apa susah..ko beli jek baju kat mydin..tesco ker..nak kaler apa..hitam,.hijau..coklat..mcm2 ada..tak payah nk tunggu sale kristmas…

  2. Ala cian ko nk tgk sakura ek? Skrg ni Fall nk masuk Winter dh..Sakura masa Spring bln March – May. Nnt tahun depan aku tangkap gmbr sakura utk ko byk2 ek 😉

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