Why I Couldn’t Sleep Last Night?

Hello dear bloggie! At last I’m here after a few days of missing in actions. As for today, until this time there is nothing interesting and I have nothing particular to do except for updating this blog. I woke up at 10.30 am, made the bed, took shower and after that cooked chicken soup and fried eggs for lunch. Nothing fancy since I was still feeling tired because of unsoundly sleep last night. Okay back to the title why I couldn’t sleep last night?
Well, yesterday in the morning after waving a bye and take care to my hubby before he left to work, I didn’t continue to sleep as how I used to on every previously days. Why? It was because and acquaintance of mine would be coming to the house and learn how to make kuih keria from me. She is Mrs. R.W in her early thirties, a Malaysian nationality who married a Japanese man and already has four children. In fact, she is the only female Malaysian friend I have here in Matsukawa, the small town that I am living in. I got to know her during last Hari Raya Party that held at the trainees’ house. The trainees invited her along and she came with her three younger children. As from what I heard, the trainees were buying their groceries at the supermarket and one of them was wearing Langkawi t-shirt when suddenly they heard a woman saying ‘…Selamat Hari Raya…’. Of course the trainees were surprised to hear a Japanese woman who was greeting them in Malay. Then, they asked her back in English about what did she just said and she replied back that she is Malaysian Chinese and she saw someone wearing the Langkawi t-shirt that made her wanted to approach. To make the story short, she is now already my friend hehe =D
Okay back to the main story, so R came yesterday at about 2.00++ pm with her youngest son. She brought along two bottles of bicarbonate drinks, Maggie chilli sauce and fresh Japanese chilies for us. I served her some kuih raya that my mother posted all the way from Malaysia and prawn fried kuetiau which finally I managed to make deliciously. In fact, the night before her coming I made kuih sago since I planned to serve her that kuih at first but unfortunately the result became really a disaster to me! Such a very simple and easy-peasy to make kuih but I didn’t actually succeed. It became so soft because I put in so much water and it became uglier once I cut them since it was so sticky and etc. etc. etc. But I serve her anyway. She said ‘…okaylah boleh makan..’, then I replied back ‘…ya lah memangla, tapi tak boleh jual tak laku…’.=P
When I started to make the kuih keria suddenly I realized that I didn’t’ boil the keledek yet. I told her over the phone that I’m going to boil the keledek first so that we could start making once she arrived. She also heard me and said okay, but still she will be bringing her keledek to replace mine. I even forced Bie to go out on the night before that in the cold and windy weather to buy some keledek for the yesterday’s occasion. Despite of all those statements, but still why didn’t clever me boil the keledek first??? The consequences of that, I hurriedly boiled the keledek but didn’t wait until it became soft enough to be mashed, I mashed the keledek with hands but didn’t mashed it well enough for it to be fried and I added in too much wheat flour without estimating the weight and size of the keledek used. Thanks to my self for being sooo clever huhhh =P =P =P 
As the results, we just managed to finish making the kuih only a few minutes before 5.00 pm. In fact my hubby has already told me to settle everything before he came back. R has to wait long too for the kuih to be done even though at last the kuih didn’t be that satisfying since the texture was not soft and sweet enough because of the over-added flour. Not only that, I was running out of idea what else to talk about since I am not a bubbly person but I managed to overcome that, what a HUGE effort to me. Besides, I didn’t get time to rest and I was late to make dinner. Lastly, 2 years old baby T was becoming so hyper but still I managed to smile and laugh towards his actions even though I was actually feeling sorry towards my hubby in the inside. Unbelievably, he splashed the sweet Calpis water onto the floor and carpet, he kept jumping once he arrived, he kept turning on and off the tv’s button and the main power of the PC making the PC turned off unexpectedly, he kept sitting on Bie’s new multi-functioned beloved keyboard, he kept hitting the table with Bie’s new laser beloved mouse, he climbed the PC’s table and jumped like a superman landed into the comfortable bed, his saliva kept dropping on the keyboard too, he banged the hall door until it came out of it’s upper socket!!! (Errr is it socket? By the way R managed to save the door and attach it back) and last but not least he dropped down my hubby’s beloved home theater speaker waaa!!! (I was already scared that time and felt very very poor to Bie hohoho). Poor baby speaker be treated violently. =D
However, I didn’t mind at all about baby T since he is only a kid and that was normal for a baby boy to behave like that. In fact I felt very fun to meet R and naughty baby T since I have been really rarely socializing with other people before. I wonder how my son will be like..hohoho =D Well, THE ONLY THING that made me FEELING BAD was I didn’t manage to make the kuih keria successfully. I felt so bad and poor to R thus that was why I couldn’t sleep last night. I told you I am a perfectionist, but when a perfectionist didn’t manage to make things perfectly it makes me feeling unforgivable and WORST. People said that I look at small matters very seriously and I need to take things easy sometimes. Yes, I know I keep worrying, concentrating and thinking over small matter too much and sometimes it is really unnecessary but all I need is just to let it go! Argh..I know this habit isn’t good and unhealthy too because it makes me unhappy, sad, worry, increase my heart beat and my blood pressure and of course I don’t want to end up getting high blood pressure or heart attack so soon! Plus, it wastes a lot of times and in fact at the same time maybe sometimes other people don’t really bother towards the flaws done. So, that’s why I woke up a little bit tired and seems restless. Thank God today I can at least overcome a little bit of the silly feeling. At least telling here about what happened helps me feeling better anyway.
After R and T went back in the evening, I slept for a while and poor Bie cooked for himself instant roti canai for dinner. Then after taking bath we watched the 3-D animated cartoon The Ant Bully before we both dozed-off. Ouh by the way, Bie have to work tomorrow, on Saturday since they have new machines coming and need to be installed. Mr. Boss asked Bie whether he could come to work and as for Bie being living at only 5 minutes away walking to the company, surely there would be no good excuse to give hohoho. So, poor me too have to stay at home only and can’t go out to see the view of autumn in the city haihhh. By the way, I’m planning to cook tomyam tomorrow and give some to R, so I will call her tomorrow and hope that she will be just free to come and take away the tomyam. Maybe I can feel much much better after that. Or maybe I just need to stop thinking over those stewpiddd things already by NOW!

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  1. ceh..balik2 kueh keria…balik2..kueh keria
    kueh keria..balik2…kueh keria..balik2..ko tak dak ilmu pengetahuan lain ker????…aku panggil ko ina keria laa plak…

  2. Suka hatila aku suka makan kuih keria. Ko sibuk nape? Nnt aku citer pasal fish n chips ke, spaghetti ke, steak ke ko kata aku blagak plak kan hehe =P

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