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Today we woke up very late at 12.00 pm for me and at 13.00 pm for Bie. What a very bad start for a very lovely and beautiful day. I don’t know why but I think it is because of the cold weather that lead to laziness after all. Ahhh~~~ Who else to be blamed? Point a finger to my own head 😛

Anyway yesterday after thinking for quite some times about what to cook for dinner, I got myself referring to quite a very long recipe for such a very simple meal. What elso if not Chicken Rice the most common favorite food to everyone! 😉 Mind you it is neither the rice for the chicken nor rice made of chicken okay! Even though it was the nth times for me cooking chicken rice but that was the most marvelous and successful chicken rice I have ever cooked. The last times was very delicious too but yesterday’s was the best, not only because of the tastes but also the smells, textures, and colors of each of the chicken rice’s portions. Thus, the combination of each portion really gave us a blast during the dinner time :D. I managed to prepare all the complete set within 1 hour. I believed I could make it less then that if the chicken legs were already cleaned and cut. I learned to make chicken rice from my mom and mom-in-law, and I did modify the recipe to suit my taste so now it is my-own-chicken-rice-recipe-to-be right? I’m not going to put the recipe here as for now I am soo lazy to write the long recipe. But if anyone wants it just message me later and I will make an effort to give it to you 😀 Ouh by the way you can also refer to other Malaysian food websites and I’m sure you will find the recipe for chicken rice (but of course it will not be the same as mine muahaha) ;).

So here are the pictures of my delicious Chicken Rice (ignore the ugly bowls, plates, and mugs used also the arrangements of the foods):
The complete set of chicken rice – Rice + chicken soup +
chicken + sweet chillie sauce + salad – yummy~~

The rice which smells pandan leaves ~~sniff sniff~~

The honey + dark soy sauce chicken..’Come closer..closer..and bite me =D…’

The carrot chicken soup ~~slurp~~

Okay enough with the chicken rice thing. Hurmm I can already browse the diet website that I mentioned yesterday. So happy but still I haven’t started with the exercises yet =D. Anyway got some things to do that I have been delaying since last 2 months ahhh~, why am I so lazy? The things are first I need to prepare the financial or account book in order to record every debit and credit transactions. We need to do this since I don’t want us to go over-spent again and again. Secondly, I need to rearrange my recipe book so that it will be easy for me to refer back without searching high and low, here and there every time when I want to cook something. Lastly, of course no other than to start learning the Nihongo arghhh haihhh ~~sigh~~ So that’s all for today. Enjoy the pictures of my tempting chicken rice above yeah! =)

***Updated on November 5, 2006

Chicken Rice Recipe
A) The Chicken and Soy Sauce:
1 chicken ~ cut to 4 pieces
5 garlics ~ pounded
3 inches fresh ginger ~ pounded
1 cinnamon stick
1 star anise
1 sup bunjut ~ optional
Salt to taste
2 ~ 4 tbsp Honey
1 tbsp Sugar ~ optional
4 tbsp Thick soy sauce ~ sweet soy sauce is more preferred
2 tbsp Oyster sauce
1. Pour in 1/2 tbsp cooking oil into a big pot. Add in garlic, ginger, cinnamon stick and star anise. Fry a little bit until fragrant.
2. Place the chicken pieces into the pot then add in water to cover the chicken. Add in salt and the sup bunjut then let it boil.
3. Once boiled, remove the pot from heat and remove the chicken.
4. Slice the chickens.
5. In a frying pan, marinade the chickens with honey, sugar, thick soy sauce and oyster sauce for at least half an hour.
6. Fry on slow heat to avoid the chicken from getting burnt, until the mixture of soy sauce becomes sticky.
7. Once fried, it is ready to be served.
Note: Actually I cooked the chicken soup using my grandmother’s recipe. She said be careful not to put many or big star anise, onions are not really needed, and put in many garlic. But still until now my chicken soup can’t really imitate her delicious chicken soup hehe. Ouh I served the chickens altogether with the soy sauce. Easier and save time too =D.

B) The Rice:

Chicken soup/ chicken stock from A)
1 inch fresh ginger ~ pounded
2 ~ 4 tbsp butter/ margarine ~ preferred to be melted first
1/2 ~ 1 tsp turmeric powder for coloring
2 Pandan/ screw pine leaves
A pinch of salt
1. Wash rice and put in a strainer.
2. Put the rice into the rice cooker pot.
3. Add in the chicken soup/ chicken stock.
4. Add in all other ingredients then stir the rice a little bit.
5. Let the rice cooked in the rice cooker.
6. Once cooked, stir the rice a bit so that it mixed well.
Note: As for me since I’m using Japanese rice, so I measure the water level first so that I won’t pour in chicken soup more than it should be.
C) The Chillie Sauce
The chicken soup/ chicken stock
Chillie sauce
2 ~ 3 fresh small red or green hot chillies ~ blended/ pounded/ chopped
A pinch of salt
1 tbsp vinegar ~ optional
1. Add in 1 cup of chicken soup into a bowl.
2. Add in all other ingredients and stir till well mixed.
3. Ready to be served.
Note: Actually what I did was I put all the ingredients into the blender and blended them until well mixed. Pour into a bowl and ready to be served. Easy heh? =D
D) The Soup
Left chicken soup in the pot
Carrots ~ sliced
Celery ~ sliced
Crispy fried onion
Salt to taste
1. Add carrot to the left chicken soup after preparing the A), B) and C) as above.
2. Add in some crispy fried onion and salt then boil until the carrots are soft enough.
3. Remove from heat. Add in celery and sprinkle some more crispy fried onions.
4. Ready to be served.
Note: I think by adding the fried onion, that made the soup more delicious.
E) The Salad
Note: I just served cucumber and tomatoes since I didn’t have any lettuce.

12 Replies to “Not Really In The Mood”

  1. The chicken rice looks yummy!!
    Can i get the recepie? 🙂
    I love chicken rice!

  2. i tried once (making nasi ayam) tapi finally tak berapa jadik. japan`s rice stickier than ours so camneh ekk? ayam terlebih marinate dengan ginger. hehehe. nak resepi bleh?? *wink wink* ;p

  3. Beckhamel & Syana:

    Erk does that means I have to write the recipe? isk isk.. Hehe.. Okay I will try to put the recipe soon and do tell me the result once you have tried it =D

    Yup Syana, Japanese rice is quite like glutanious rice. So as for me what I normally do is, I will be extra careful not to exceed the water limit if not it will easily become porridge. As for Malaysian rice it is still okay to exceed the usual water limit. Ouh I add in some butter so that the rice wont be sticky =D.

  4. Great!
    Put on the recepie soon will ya?!
    Btw, what are you doing in JP? Student there?

  5. That’s cool! I am supposed to fly after graduating from UPM but then I cancel the thoughts .. now rasa rugi pulak!
    Anyway, Tq for the recepie! Will try it!

  6. tgk ingredient macam boleh try. tgk aje daun pandan- huhuhu… mane nak carik? takpe2.. nanti kita try jugek. tq dear ;p

  7. Beckhamel: Even though u tak fly but now u r already working for good. Takpe nnt if ada chance lagi n ada rezeki boleh la u fly kan InsyaAllah =D As for me have to ikut hubby n now susah lor nk keje kt JP. Jauh from family plak tu isk isk..

    Syana: Ehh Syana tatau ek mana nk dapat those bahan2? My hubby selalu beli from Dia ni mcm Halal products importer in Japan. Sumer jenis daun pandan, daun limau purut, serai, daging n ayam halal, malaysian product’s n mcm2 lagila boleh dapat kat sini tau. Take a look at it now! =D

  8. aku tak nak resipi…aku nak yg original….ko dtg kat umah aku buat..baru aku caya…

    tapi..skali lagi aku takkan tertipu..ko beli kat kedai bawah tu kan..kan..kan..huk3

  9. wah wah…ina memasak! tiba2 perutku berbunyii plakk..

    oh when is lunch timmeeee!!?

    p/s: uiks, teo pon ada? teo 502 kah

  10. isk nampak sedap leee… rindu la nak mkn ayam.. isk2.. asik mkn sayur and ikan je.. huhu

  11. Teo: Ala ko jealous takde org nk masakkan chicken rice special untuk ko kan? hehehe..BTW thanks alot cz masa skoolah dulu slalu tlg belikan chicken rice utk aku walaupun terpaksa merempuh hujan..Auuww terharu =P

    Iza: Yeler aku memasak ler cik Iza. Welcome to my open blog! hehehe..Nk buat open house jauh sgt kan.. =D
    Haah cik Iza itula Teo 502 yg suka dengki dgn aku haihh =P

    Hanis: Takper2 nnt balik Mesia makan ayam byk2 yer..Me pun rindu ayam Mesia isk isk.. ;D

  12. ala..klu aku jelespun..ko bkn rugi apa2 pun..tak gitu..ko gumbira..akupun tumpang gumbira jugak..(“,”)

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