I’m Pissed Off!!!

Arghhh!..Well the title itself already tells how annoyed I am right now. This is what actually happened, a few days ago I have came across a one-of-a-kind website that I have been dreaming of day and night. I was so dreadfully excited once I browsed this my dream-became-reality website that I have found (okay I’m just exaggerating). It was actually a diet and fitness website which contains all the information that really could cater my needs! It is different from any other website that I have found since it has the diet plans information, recipes, the graphics are very nice, the arrangements and fonts used are standard, etc etc and most important after all there are workouts section which actually not only contains the explanations of the workouts and so on but also the slides which shows how to do the exercises plus there are workouts modules that can be downloaded too! BUT the problem now is I can’t browse the page and WHY??? I want to see the slides and start doing the exercises today since my body parts have already become puffy+spongy+cellulite communities+my joints ached every time after I cleaned the house and made me couldn’t walk properly . So, these sound soo much like a nenek-to-be to me. I don’t want to be like a nenek yettt. Aihhh fortunately I did download the fitness modules but it weren’t complete so that’s why I need to refer to the website. This must be something has been done with the configuration setting of the pc. (Of course Bie is the only person who should be blame aihhh). I hate problems regarding with pc and internet the most. Ahhh no use to be an IT graduate (me buwekkk). Okay will try to settle with it tonight.

Ouh yeah by the way its getting colder from day to day. This week is the coldest compared to previous weeks. So bad that I can’t really stand the weather, it justs make me become lazier, sleepier, sleep alot, less moving, eat a lot and bla bla bla. Well thinking of dinner tonight, it makes me feel lazy to cook. Yesterday I made my own rendang for the first time and it turned out to be marvelous yippie! =) Last previously days I managed to make mee Jawa/ mee kuah/ Jawa noodle and Bie said it was delicious. However it wasn’t that successful and didn’t really meet my satisfaction so, I will try to make it again someday. For tonight, I need to check my favorite cooking websites first then only I will decide.
By the way the parcel that my parents sent all the way from home arrived yesterday. It contained full with Raya cookies yeay! I couldn’t help myself to stop eating the Almond London cookies and I have eaten half of them ouh no! hehe..So here comes weekend, Mr. Saturday and Mr. Sunday..what are the plans waiting for me? Hope the weekend will be interesting =)

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  1. iena!! hehe… patutla lama tak blogging kat fs rupe2nyer bertapa kat sini… ;p
    kelas tu f.o.c for student`s family. master student yg ajar… 🙂 untung kan?? hehe
    btw, terbaca iena ske tgk resepi kat web kan. nie kita ada terjumpe wesite yg resepi sgt simple tapi sedap.. (kita dah cuba beberapa.. ;p)


  2. Hi Syana! Untungla Syana kelas tu f.o.c senang sgt la. Kt sini kg takde univ so tats y la sumer benda pn mcm leceh je.

    I will visit the URL that u gave hehe. Btw actually I have many other cooking websites. I have tried quite many too. Ouh by the way MamaFaMi Fotopages as in the favorite links is also one of them (and it linked to others too) 😉

  3. eleh…nak masak pun kena bukak laman web..mak aku yg tak tau komputerpun bley masak rileks jer..pakai campak campak..tentiba siap..bley makan..enak hingga menjilat jari…huk3..tak gitu NENEK INA… har har har

  4. Teo: Eleh ko ingat aku ingat ke sumer bahan2 tu..Sure la nk tgk balik resepi..Ntah2 mak ko pun ada buku resepi..Ko tu tau makan je mana tau pape kan =P

  5. tolong sket..jgn tgk kulit buku jek..aku dh 3 tahun buat part time kat cafe..skang ni pun stiil on part time jd tukang masak…moh dtg penang..tp..3 tahun tu still tak cukup pengalaman lg maa…janji aku bley masak utk diri aku dah..

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