My Hari Raya Celebration

Okay it has been a while since I last post my first entry, now actually I want to recap back everything that had happened for the whole last one week:

1. First of all though it is kinda late, Happy Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to all muslims out there. May this Syawal will bring more blessings and guides from Allah amin.. It is the first time for me celebrating Hari Raya far away from my family and as for Bie this is the fourth year celebrating Hari Raya abroad. I didn’t feel that sad tho, it was just that there was nothing to be enjoyed so much, but I did make some efforts to light up the Hari Raya mood so that the day won’t be too common as every other day. On that night, we watched Malaysian tv channel via internet since it was full with Hari Raya song and takbir. Takbir is the most important thing after all that really brings the trademark of Hari Raya so it was compulsory to turn the volume loud so that we could follow the takbir together hehe. I cooked custard cocktail pudding for the 1st Syawal Hari Raya Night Party then we slept early.

2. On the 1st Syawal we woke up a little bit late and Bie even missed the Sunat Hari Raya prayer (it was nearly to 10.00 am) and as for me I have to postpone my plan to clean the house so I just arranged and put everything nicely. We had breakfast, called families at homes and asked for forgiveness, took shower and have lunch and start preparing for the party on that night. I made kuih keria for about 60++ pieces all by myself while Bie was gone to the trainees’ house and helped preparing for the party. I finished cooking at 5.30 pm, got myself ready, and off to the trainees’ house with Bie at 7.00 pm. The party was quite lil bit boring but at the same time it was quite enjoyable too for me since I haven’t met anyone else for about 2 months time. It was boring because almost all people were guys (the trainees), I couldn’t really help myself to eat (because other people keep chatting with each other so I didn’t want to be the only person who kept eating), I didn’t really know what to talk about with others (due to age gap between us and nothing in common to share), I didn’t understand Nihongo (there was Tomoko-san with her daughter and they was trying to chat with me but of course there was nothing much to be talked about tho I have Bie as translator), the guys were smoking, it was quite cold in their house and I couldn’t stop thinking to go to the loo. Ouh yeah the worst thing was we forgot to take pictures during the party. Thus, we took pictures of ourselves in the house when we reached home duh! Ouh by the way, I wore a pair of jeans, white jeans jacket, white longs-sleeves t-shirt, pink spaghetti blouse and white tudung while Bie wore his t-shirt, black jeans jacket and a pair of jeans – as our baju raya on 1st Syawal 2006 🙂

3. On last Saturday we went to apple picking! It was fun! We went with Tomoko-san and Teiko-san together with three other trainees. The apple farm is owned by Tomoko-san’s friend. Once we arrived there, I saw a small horse, I think it is a kuda padi, a sheep and a barn full with cute rabbits. I felt so joyful and wanted to go and pat the animals’ heads but it was seems like others weren’t that excited as me so, I only managed to say to Bie.. “Bie..comel la kuda tu..mmm” that was it. At first, we have a cup of coffee and apple juice in the cafeteria then only we headed to the farm. There were so many apple trees with riping red apples and striking green apples. Aihh if only my skin is just like those apples, no wrinkles and no blemishes, just fine! We have a great time there taking pictures with trees and apples besides crunching all those crunchy texture apples. The taste was so yummy, so juicy, not so sweet, not so sour, just nice and most importantly fresh from the tree! Actually there were many kinds of apples and it was the first time I got to see the smallest apple on earth. It looks like cherry I didn’t try to taste it tho because I wasn’t sure whether it was allowed to be plucked or not.

Hmmm okay..I think thats all for today. I have got many other things to tell but I have other things need to be done too. So jya ne!

3 Replies to “My Hari Raya Celebration”

  1. ader ker bgn LIWAT…cam na korang ni..nasib baik raya klu tak..TUT(terpaksa ditapis)..

    dah laa raya pakai laa kebaya pakai seluar JIN..nasib baik laa diorang kena rantai..tapi..kesian gak…pagi2 raya kan geng2 JIN tu nak dibebaskan..dah ko ambik seluar dia..terpaksa dia dok lagi dlm jail tu..ko dh bg bali ker blum seluar JIN tu..???

  2. yg no 2 ni aku tak caya..aku tak caya..mcm mana ko kata ko bley masak kueh keria tu…padahal ko beli kat kedai selang dua lorong dr rumah ko..brader tu bitau aku..

    cam na ko tau ko buat 70 biji?? ko kira ker time buat tu? mak aku tak penah kirapun klu buat kueh….besa2 klu tau jumlah kueh nie..sbb dia beli..yer laa..”bang, kueh ni seringgit brapa biji?”..”5 seringget dik”..jwb abg yg jual kueh keria tu..”bg saya 15 ringget bang..nak bwk pi jamuan raya” kata ina..singget = 5 biji, 15 ringget = 75 biji..lagi 5 biji ko dah mkn ngan laki ko seblm pi jamuan..tu sebab ko dah tau ada 70 biji..kan..kan..kan..ko tak bley nk tipu aku..ha ha ha ha

  3. Teo: Mulala tuh asyik mengarut jek tah pape huh =P Yela2 aku dgr la ko mengarut sian ko tade sapa nk dgr kan hehehe

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