At Last! Phewww…

Hurray! Congratulations to myself for officially having a personal blog again! Yes.. this is not the first time I have created a blog for myself since the last two attempts have been left dead half-way. The first one was on friendster whereas the second one was on blogdrive and finally this is the third one on blogspot. There will be no more new blog after this since I wish to determinely maintains this one everyday until the blogspot is ripped or hacked or whatsoever. Actually I have started creating this blog since last week but only today I start to post my first entry. Why so late? Yes.. I have been busy editing the template and get every each corner and section in this blog completed so that I will feel comfortable to create an entry. By the way, I am a perfectionist. I won’t start my work until only after all the equipments are ready and complete. Yes.. call me cute Mrs. Fussy.
Ouh actually I have looadddsss of things to write about but I have already lost to keep tracks on those previous matters. However since now everybody is so eagerly to celebrate coming Aidil Fitri celebration so, I will ramble something about this. Well, this is the first time in my life I will be celebrating Aidil Fitri in a foreign country as a foreigner, far away from my family, as a wife and with a husband. See, there are four situations so very new to me. Honestly what to be revealed is, deep in heart I feel so sad inside tho at the same time I’m putting a smiling face and carrying a strong soul. Actually, I don’t want to be so sensitive and too get away with my feelings. Because if once I do, I will broke, and once I broke I will be a cry baby, and it leads to misery, thus I will not be happy, vanished all the good moods, and will be saaaddd and cryyy and saaaddd and cryyy and saaaddd and cryyy for rivers duhhh!
Hurmmm.. I miss my mom and dad so much. Usually at this time, 2 to 3 days before the Aidil Fitri we will be very busy preparing the special delicious delights especially cookies and traditional cooking, going out shopping for clothes and shoes, going back to grandparent’s house and reunited with all the relatives and etc. etc. My brothers will also play their parts and turn the atmosphere into more hectic. I miss the Ramadhan atmosphere too back in Malaysia especially the night market and Bazar Ramadhan. Arghhh I miss the glorious foods and stray cats in Malaysia. I barely encountered A CAT here in Japan. I miss my best friends too. h sigh.. There are so many things that I miss like hell back in the hometown. Okay enough about that, actually I don’t really want to talk about all-the-back-at-home things.
Anyway, there was something cute.. or maybe I can call it strange too that happened quite a fortnight ago. It was on the weekend, we were have just finished performing the Asar prayer and I was folding my telekung and Bie was folding the sejadah when suddenly we were disturbed by a very sweet and SO familiar melody. We both kept silent and looked at each other and despite my weird thought and feeling I said to him:
Me: Alaa Bie ni itukan bunyi recorder. Budak rumah depan tu kot yang main. Takkan la itu pun pelik sangat lerhhh. (In heart I was still feeling weird).
Bie: Eh ha’ah kan.
Me: Eh tapi nape lagu dia macam familiar? Eh lagu raya larh! Macam mana anak Jepun tu tau lagu raya tu???
(Both puzzled).
Bie: Eh tapikan bunyi tu mcm slow sangat dekat sini.
(We both tried to find where the sound came from. He looked at the cupboard and tried to move the pile of newspaper and when suddenly…)
Me: Bie!!! Sampai hati simpan kad raya yang Rinny bagi last year kat timbunan newspaper yang nak dibuang???
Bie: (Giggle) Takdela dulu masa kemas nak pindah rumah tak perasan terletak kat sini. Sorry la. (He then kept it in the box full with cards that I gave him).
Me: Aihhh kad ni macam tau2 je orang nak beraya jauh2. Tapi macam mana dia boleh bunyi sendiri?
(Both felt weird and puzzled).
Yup I think it was really weird since it is only a music greeting card and it hidden under pile of newspapers. But how the button can be pressed? Earthquake? I didn’t feel anything though. Weird huh? But after all it reminded me of the warm Aidil Fitri celebration with family back at home.. haih! I wonder what are they doing now?

2 Replies to “At Last! Phewww…”

  1. hmmm…not bad..
    dah masuk trial kali ke-3 buat blog..harap2 lg byk pengalaman kan..kan..

    well..aku acctually slalu gak baca blog ko kat, tak komen laa…klu nak komen..bersepah..kang ko kena bukak blog baru plak..lagi

    lagi satu, aku malas komen sbb..aku pun bkn best sgt pon..huk3..
    k..gud luck..

  2. Hehehe eleh baik la pulak tulis kat sini. Yelah sila la visit blog aku slalu yer =D

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