Crazy Mode!

When it comes to ‘What I love to do most?’, the best answer will be ‘Shopping and dancing’. As for shopping, I believe everybody on earth with money regardless either you are actually rich or poor; both know what is the meaning of it. Unfortunately it already has been months since I last did my […]

I’m Freezing hands and feet are freezing even though I have the heater turned on. I’m so relieved today is very sunny instead of raining, if not I could imagine wrapping myself with the thick futon (blanket). Now the autumn is about towards the peak, as I read the Mainichi Daily News next week we can […]

I’m Pissed Off!!!

Arghhh!..Well the title itself already tells how annoyed I am right now. This is what actually happened, a few days ago I have came across a one-of-a-kind website that I have been dreaming of day and night. I was so dreadfully excited once I browsed this my dream-became-reality website that I have found (okay I’m […]

At Last! Phewww…

Hurray! Congratulations to myself for officially having a personal blog again! Yes.. this is not the first time I have created a blog for myself since the last two attempts have been left dead half-way. The first one was on friendster whereas the second one was on blogdrive and finally this is the third one […]