Small House Dilemma

Last time, about months ago, we have once discussed about changing our fridge with a bigger one. Near to our home, there is MaMa, a second-hand shop that sells second-hand electrical appliances, furniture, clothes, kitchen utensils and so on and so forth. Actually, not all things are second-hand; there are a few things which are […]

It Was FUN!

* * * It supposedly be yesterday’s entry. Sunday, December 10th, 2006. Wah what a very superb day! The sun shone very bright, the sky was a clear blue sky, the wind blowing very smoothly and of course totally different compared to yesterday, the day was gloomy, cold, wet, and been raining since the dawn […]


Okie-dokie…what to ramble about for today’s entry? Honestly, nothing interesting happened today and everything just went on commonly. We didn’t go out in the evening since the weather seems gloomy and so windy. To tell the truth, today is the coldest day in my life. I have never experienced a winter before so this is […]

Crazy Mode!

When it comes to ‘What I love to do most?’, the best answer will be ‘Shopping and dancing’. As for shopping, I believe everybody on earth with money regardless either you are actually rich or poor; both know what is the meaning of it. Unfortunately it already has been months since I last did my […]