Another Year Older Another Year Wiser, Alhamdulillah

It's my birthday!

Alhamdulillah another year older and perhaps another year wiser. It is my birthday today. The day started with close family members wishing me ‘Happy Birthday’ accompanied with special doa dedicated for me. Also myself not forgetting to take the chance thanking my parents for their sacrifices bringing me into this world and raising me to be who I am today.

Actually ever since I entered the age of 30ish, I have a different view about birthday. Rather than celebrating when the day comes, I prefer it to be a quite and private one. Although, it wasn’t that silent as I hoped for, still it was great feeling a little joyous too.

It's my birthday!
Happy birthday to me!

Last 3 years I put the Fb setting only myself can post on my wall. But today during the afternoon saja nak tengok apa jadi if I turned it back to allow other to post. Ingatkan dah petang takdelah orang perasan it was my birthday. But I was so wrong hahah!

Anyway thank you for the warm wishes and prayers. I really appreciate it. Semoga doa yang baik-baik diucapkan berbalik kembali kepada semua yang mendoakan. InsyaAllah amin. As the number grows, it also reminded me of how much time I left in this dunya.

Honestly, I’m grateful that during my birthday this year Allah had granted me kehidupan yang quite tenang compared to a couple of years back. To me birthday is a day for me to reflect hard on myself. Perhaps in years to come I would still be remembered, loved, appreciated and surrounded by many.

Birthday really a day untuk menginsafi diri, a day to count each and every blessing I get, to appreciate more of my loved ones, to rethink of my purpose and targets that I want to achieve, and of course to vow of doing more kindness and becoming a better Muslim yang disayangi insan and especially Allah.

As how I feel so grateful and relieve for still being given the chance to breath and cherish all the nikmat Allah around me, I do feel heavy in me. My heart pleading that Allah would bestow me with longevity, accompanied with good health and prosperity. So that I can do more ibadah and give more to the needy, insyaAllah.

Because there’s so much that I have yet to achieve (need to work harder) and l’m still far from being a good servant to Allah. Belum cukup membahagiakan mak ayah, keluarga dan belum cukup memberi manfaat kepada masyarakat. Dan of course sangat tak cukup lagi bekalan nak bawa.

Although sebenarnya Allah dah tetapkan pun panjang pendek umur kita. Sepatutnya tak boleh lupa minta moga Allah kurniakan keberkatan umur. Kan?

Husband said, wow imagine if I live up until 70 years old, now I have already reached half past of my hayat. To which I replied if only umur panjang akan hidup sampai 70 tahun lah kan.

Again, alhamdulillah for everything.

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