When My Baby Refusing Solid Foods & Hate To Be Spoon-Fed, Own Experience

Tips atasi baby refuse makanan pejal bayi.

Lately my baby refuses to eat solids and spoon-fed. All this while I cooked about 6 tablespoons rice mixed with fish and veges, or with fruits etc before finally blending them. Usually there would be only about 3 to 5 tablespoons of leftover at the end of the day. But since previously I think he ate only about 5 tablespoons of solids the most. It has been a week and this is really frustrating and definitely I’m not happy.

Although most of the times he looked hungry, licking his lips and salivating when he sees foods, but the result isn’t consistent at all with the act. I continue to feed him as usual but it’s quite a struggle every time! Sometimes he opens his mouth and eats without fuss for a few tablespoons of solids before starting to spray, spit and wriggle to free himself from the Bumbo seat.

But sometimes he refuses to open his mouth at all once he saw the spoon nearing his lips or pushes the spoon away with his tongue. Even if I tried to slowly shove the spoon into his mouth but wow he really know how to clamp his mouth. Sometimes if I managed to get some solids into his mouth, he will start gagging even the solids only just touched the tip of his tongue (over nyer)! And sometimes at one point he will continue gagging until he throw up!



Why Is My Baby Being Very Picky?


I really don’t understand why?! At first I thought there’s a new bud coming out but when I checked there’s none. Then I thought maybe he’s boring with the taste although I always change the ingredients. So I tried to add some new foods to create new taste. I tasted the solids myself and I think all tasted delicious but bland of course. OR, maybe he thinks that they are not tasty enough? Besides that I also tried to wait until he’s really hungry before offering him solids.

However despite of all my efforts, they are no to avail. Fortunately, he still demands for milk as usual and even more towards the extent of pacifying himself especially during night sleep. That’s tiring for me because I can’t sleep in a comfortable position. He also likes drinking plain water as normally he does. And although he refuses to eat solids specially prepared for him, he seems very interested and excited to try our foods when we are eating in front of him, to the extent that he cries when he can’t get some!

So I feed him real foods using my fingers. Sometimes I just scatter the foods in small pieces onto his highchair table then he will pick the foods and feed himself using his fingers. But still he won’t eat much of those foods. He still gags and keep choking plus it takes long times for him to chew, what with having only 2 teeth. That’s obviously a hard work!

I think he spits out almost all foods we offer him. Except, he will finish up senbei dipped in water and orange without much hassle. He must be really like them. Anyway, sometimes he survives the day with only about 1 table spoon of solids.


Keep Calm And Do Some Reading!


At first, I was worried and still am today. I feel tensed and frustrated too. But now it has been going on for a week, I’m starting to eventually adapt and follow with the flow. Especially after doing some reading, obviously it’s just one of the phases I need to face while taking care of a baby. This is apparently a common thing (very normal) for a baby between 8 and 10 months of age especially when he is entering toddler hood. There are actually a few reasons that leads baby to refuse solids or refuse to be spoon-fed:

  • He is picky eater
  • Feeling ill
  • Teething
  • Tiredness
  • Simply too busy exploring his own world and get quite miffed when I set him to eat
  • Asserting independency – he’s becoming aware of himself and what he wants thus making his own decision – prefers to eat like parents do and real foods

Of all the factors given, I’m not sure but I really hope it’s not because of no. 1. I think Ihsan is just fine but the last 2 points looked like quite answering our situation. It seems like there’s nothing that I can really do until he passes the phase himself. Although it’s quite upsetting seeing him refuses to eat but somehow I better assist him to eat. This is to ensure that he gets at least enough energy and balanced nutrition for his development.

Here I share the list of the links I referred all regarding solid foods. You can refer to the links if you want to know more:

Introducing Solids To 8 – 10 Months Old Baby
Is My Baby A Picky Eater
Refuse To Be Spoon-fed
Why Introduction Of Solid Foods Feeding Has Changed


Be Patient & Be Creative!


Additional Info! 

I just got to know actually I should be more creative too in order to encourage my baby get to eat more food. I can make them into smoothie especially for the green vegetables and fruits that my baby would freak out already if I offer them in their original look. Here I share with you How To Make Vegetables Smoothies Your Kids Will Love!. And also this informative easy to follow article that can guide you step by step How To Make Perfect Fruit and Veggie Smoothie For Breakfast. But of course for baby you have to make sure that you already introduced each vegetable and fruit that you are going to use together beforehand to ensure your baby is okay with them.

Anyway, I know I shouldn’t be worried because he demands for his milk very regularly and he gets all complete nutrition from the breast milk. But since he’s already long started on solids. I think somehow he should eat orderly as well. So, I’ve studied about finger foods, all the tips and I shall browse more recipes of finger foods too later. And now, the next steps or important points I should remember:

  • Be patience and relaxed while watching him to eat because it might take years for him to finish eating
  • Let him enjoy feeding himself using his fingers or utensils and play with his foods
  • Be creative while preparing and serving his foods in order to instill the thought ‘Food is yummy’ and ‘Eating is fun!’ to him
  • Never let him eats or sits in his highchair unattended to avoid choking and falling
  • Again… be patience and take it easy while looking at the mess and just clean them up with open heart
  • Always remember not to worry on how much he eats even if it’s only little that gets into his stomach as long as he does eat – (hard to do!)
  • Try to ensure that he gets to eat all the important nutrients without bothering how much he eats each – (also hard to do!)

Although it seems late to feed him with fully finger foods but he was introduced to solids with Step 1 solids (runny, thin, smooth) at 7 months of age. So I’m still feeding him Step 2 solids (thick, small, lumpy, finely mashed or chopped) until very recently. But it seems like he’s ready to take the next step and eat Step 3 solids (finger foods – small pieces). Actually I already planned to prepare more finger foods for him but I haven’t thought that he would suddenly refuse to eat.

I’m ready for him to take the next step of eating finger foods but hoping that soon he will eventually starts to eat regularly (the expected amount according to his age) again. Although I always have to expect and bear in mind that eating finger foods means he will have the tendency to eat less compared to when he eats Stage 1 or Step 2 solids. Because the amount of food eaten appears smaller. Especially that he’s very busy nowadays exploring the world around him. Definitely he needs extra energy to keep his activeness to the optimum.

Since he has started spraying and spitting again, I couldn’t take it anymore feeding him on his Bumbo seat in the living room. Too many distractions there with the toys and TV and it’s annoying seeing him grumpy and yelling while trying to get himself out from the seat. So I told hubby that we needed to find a highchair. I have my criteria on highchair that I wanted. I wished to have the one with the removable tray so that I can wash the tray every time after feeding.

But anyway, story cut short, I didn’t get the one I imagined. I decided to take a Katoji wooden highchair from Amazon.jp since it’s in our budget (and no way I would spend much on a high chair anyway) and it met some of my criteria. Now it’s much easier for me to clean up the mess. The mess he makes is much more from the amount that gets into his tummy. Sigh… of course I’m aware that the most important thing is he stays healthy. But honestly I think I’m much happier to see him eat orderly and get enough foods.

Is there any mom who’s reading this has encountered the same experience? Cate to share some tips on how you handle the situation? Anyway, thanks in advance! 🙂 Sigh… Ihsan… macam2 la kamu ni.

11 Replies to “When My Baby Refusing Solid Foods & Hate To Be Spoon-Fed, Own Experience”

  1. Emy rasa nak bagi Haikal solid food awal sikit la.. hehe.. Nanti dah terbiasa susu aje, sampai dia taknak benda lain..

  2. ye.. pendapat lain.. aku pun baca macam tu jugak.. tengoklah macam mana nanti.. hehe

  3. Ina,
    rafiqh dulu pernah alami perangai refused to eat ni masa dia setahun lbh.doc kata it’s ok,normal utk budak2,kita tak boleh tumpu pd pengambilan foods dia each time tp kena tgk secara purata in a week,sbb kdg2 budak2 ni mkn bykkkkk giler in 1 day,but refused to eat even a spoon rice on the next day,haa pelik kan,haha.fith rasa ihsan cuma perlukan masa je tu,keep feeding him,insyaAllah nanti dia back to his eating mode.

  4. em ina, selalunyer kalau arissa refused to eat itu namanyer die nak tumbuh gigi atau sakit la.. tak pernah lagi la tolak makanan depan mata, sekarang bubur blend kasar pun makan, nasi punnnn makan.. bila sakit la die memang refuse makan, lebih lebih lagi kalau batuk, tapi sebaik saja sihat die akan terjah semua makanan dan makan dengan banyak sekali. Takpe teruskan ajer bagi makan tuh, ihsan nak manja lebih sket dgn ina..

  5. Fith,
    Tq Fith. InsyaAllah will keep feeding him. Cuma kdg2 tu smpi rasa malas je nk prepare foods dia sbb sudahnya kiter yg mkn. Tp dok buat gak la. Dia nk real foods. So layan kan aje. Tp nyer bape butir sgt la yg masuk perut. Selebihnya sedekah kt lantai. Bagusss practice jd ‘pemurah’ 😛

    Tq Aina. Tula dok bg jugak dia mkn walaupun resultnyer upsetting isk isk! Hihi yeke nk manja lebih ni Ihsan? Ihsan ni dh makin independent (dia rasa dia dh bsr sgt kot hihi) xnk Mama suap dh. Dia nk suap sndiri. Certain foods yg dia suka je yg kalau kiter suap dia nk. Kalau dia xsuka dia reject! Mesti suap pakai tgn kalau sudu dia xnk. 2 3 hari ni la plg teruk sket sgt dia mkn. Hopefully xlama la dia buat pangai mcm ni.

  6. i faced the same prob too when rayyan was at ihsan’s age..actually,to tell the truth,mai jarang bg rayyan mkn dr dia start on solid(6months) sampai la maid mai balik indon(2years++).hehehe…masa gi nihon for 2months tu,baru la mai fully fed him.masa tu dia genap setahun.mmg rasa dugaan betul sbb dia xmoh makan food dia.tp bila kita mkn,laju jer dia mkn food kita…sepah jgn cite laa…kalau maid mai tu,rajin la nk layan dia mkn berjam2…mai pulak jenis yg,kalau dia xnak,malas nk paksa2 sbb nnti end up dia luek balik…huhuhu. kesimpulannya,mmg kena byk sabar la na.

  7. Mai,
    Yeke Mai. Aah Ihsan foods utk dia xmau mkn. Tp bila kiter mkn sibuk nk sama. So time mkn tu kiter pulun hulur kt dia nasi. Seb baik tekak org Melayu nk mkn nasi. Tp dia memilih sgt2. By this week dh xbuat dh foods khas utk dia sbb end up xsentuh pn. Bab sabar tu InsyaAllah xde masalah kot. Tp bab risau n terpk2 xpe ke? cukup zat ke bdk ni? n so on tu la yg xlarat tu. Tambah2 plak berat dia menurun ada la. Dh la mmg sedia kecik. Xtau dh nk wat cmner. Ke layan kan je asalkan dia sihat? Rasa mcm nk jmpa doc je.

  8. dear..
    congrats for your new baby.. just knew about it, sorry. have a great time dear…

  9. Ummumishkah,
    Tq Kak. Congrats too on ur new baby. Sedap nama dia. Anak2 akak semua nama sedap2 😀

  10. situasi yang sama jadi pada anak saya yang nak masuk 10 bulan. it has been almost 2weeks now. Dia punya katup bibir tu Allahu kena sabar yang sangat sabar 😫. Mudah-mudahan cuma temporary phase. Risau kadang tengok dia makan sikit sangat. Btw, sis boleh sy share di fb sy. Mana tau berguna untuk sesetengah mommies yang lain.

    1. Silakan share Sis Faridah. Semoga bermanfaat. Ya memang kejadian macam ni fasa biasa perkembangan anak-anak. Kita jelah mak-mak kena tahan sabar lebih hehe. I feel you. Gambatte!

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